bare ass in love. JB by MissLiyah
bare ass in love. JBby ❝ʟɪʏᴀʜ❞
The woman's killing me. I'm not the kind of man who would normally even consider blurring the lines between landlord and tenant or boss and employee, but Summer is a wal...
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Neighbor Dearest • jb by turntlieber
Neighbor Dearest • jbby areej
After getting dumped, the last thing I needed was to move next door to someone who reminded me of my ex-boyfriend, Elec. Justin was a hotter version of my ex. The neighb...
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Love Handles. JB by MissLiyah
Love Handles. JBby ❝ʟɪʏᴀʜ❞
The world of fitness apparel isn't ready for Beverly Lewis. She hates the gym, is nice to everybody, and shops at Ross Dress for Less. When she's not teaching preschool...
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The Play Mate • jb by turntlieber
The Play Mate • jbby areej
His best friend's little sister is all grown up ... and ready to play in a whole new way. Justin Bieber has it all - he's smart, good-looking and loaded. But he remembe...
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Barred Love → j.b → spanish version by TraduccionesBieber
Barred Love → j.b → spanish versionby TraduccionesBieber
Ella se enamoró, pero lo hizo de la persona equivocada. Esa persona no era otra que el oficial Bieber. --- Esta historia no nos pertenece, solo la traducimos con el perm...
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Fast and Furious 9 (•She's Ours ,their mine's•) by Daniellelove_381
Fast and Furious 9 (•She's Ours ,t...by Call me Birdy🦄
What if Bryan O'Conner had a 17 year old daughter he didn't know about ? What if Dominic and Letty had a 18 year old son they kept in hiding to keep safe ? Read this st...
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Justin Bieber + Jason McCann Interracial Imagines ❤️ by Maloley_Johnson
Justin Bieber + Jason McCann Inter...by Maloley_Johnson
Because Justin Drew Bieber and Jason McCann
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The wedding planner -Justin Bieber- by escapehemmings
The wedding planner -Justin Bieber-by diana
Never let your high school enemy plan your wedding. Lake and Justin never got along in high school. After six years of not seeing each other, the two are reunited in...
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direct messages.  by kia0107
direct messages. by 🤯✨🏁
INTERRACIAL "I thought love was supposed to be a fairy tale, what the fuck is this?" "Whoever said love is a fairytale has never been in love."
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TOXIC (j.b)by قمر
when love and false comfort blinded the hazy truth. "he loves me. It's just the toxic, it fucked up his sanity. I know he loves me, and that's why I need to stay. P...
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Unconditionally loved - A Jelena love story | #wattys2016 by candybiebs1994
Unconditionally loved - A Jelena l...by JB♡Af
Justin Drew Bieber is the new kid at school. Secretly, the most dorkiest girl at his new high school, Selena Gomez finds him attractive and wants to make her move. The...
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Catfish by infiniteameezy
Catfishby Zo The Princess
[ COMPLETED ] Trinity has been dating a guy named Jay over the Internet, for almost 3 years. She's tried to meet up with him and even video chat with him, but he'd alwa...
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Regrets (A Justin Bieber Fanfiction) by shooqrauhl
Regrets (A Justin Bieber Fanfictio...by Sofia Marie
She's a simple girl. He's a famous popstar. She's happily married He feels suffocated and jailed. She's madly and deeply in love with him He's in love with Selena Gomez...
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[ O SYNDROME ] J.B by deanmoans
❝Te obsesionaste con la idea de amarla.❞ [ 18+ ] ©Fernanda M 2016. a. todos los derechos reservados. Editada.
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Texting • » KJ & JB by heyitsambxr
Texting • » KJ & JBby heyitsambxr
... 0800245629: heyyyyyy 0800245629: baby I lowve youuu 0800245629: send me soume pics 😘😘 Kylie: who are you ?!? 0800245629: Justin bieberrrr Kylie: lol yeah sure See...
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12:56 AM - Bieber Imagines Compilation  by emsemsboo
12:56 AM - Bieber Imagines Compila...by emsemsboo
A compilation of my own Justin Bieber imagines. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments. Enjoy! 😇
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Head over Heels (18+) COMPLETED by nvketrill
Head over Heels (18+) COMPLETEDby N X K E
*CENSORED* head•over•heels- to be madly in love/crazy over someone, to do anything and everything just for that one person. Adrian moves to California after getting int...
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Where Are You Now? J.D.B by 1800cestlavie
Where Are You Now? J.D.Bby leena :)
Lauren Marie Valentine. Best friends with Justin Bieber, you couldn't find a pair closer. That is until, he left for Atlanta. Let's bring it back to 2008. "...
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The Internship -Justin Bieber- by escapehemmings
The Internship -Justin Bieber-by diana
Ivory Bell moved all the way to New York for one thing only. To get an internship at Pattie Mallette's fashion studio. Even if that means she has to deal with asshole mo...
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