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Marijon one shots by CarlosMartinez921457
Marijon one shotsby Carlos Martinez
I read some stories about marinette x Jon Kent and I wanted to write something about the ship so here it is hope you all like it and I would like some feedback so help m...
The Fear of touching you  ( Damian X Jon)  by The-King-Of-Death
The Fear of touching you ( The-King-Of-Death
( aged up) they've been meeting in secret. when it's late and no one is around to catch them not even batman. their relationship is passionate and burning but what if...
The Immortal Maid by mikan-chan-the-one
The Immortal Maidby you can call me mikan but my...
The Wayne family need more personnel so they hired a new maid. With their secret they have to keep she in the dark at all time but she has a secret as well. warnings men...
All of a Sudden by NasXtea
All of a Suddenby NasXtea
A patrol gone wrong , and changes happen in Damian's life. Damian 15 y.o
Supersons Go To Ua by CrisRoc100
Supersons Go To Uaby C.R.
Robin and super boy travel to a different world where being a hero is a job(finished)
Meant to be more then this (Damijon) by DxmixnWxyne
Meant to be more then this ( DC_FAN
Damian Wayne(Robin) and Jon Kent(Superboy) have a secret that they and 2 others know of, will it be found out or will they reveal it to the other Heroes from Mount Justi...
✰𝚆ould You Be Interested In Talking To A Demon✰ -daminette- by ravenfrey
✰𝚆ould You Be Interested In FreddieF
"Heyy would u be interested in talking to a demon" "....." In which Marinette doesn't expect to get a message from a stranger about a demon. (Damine...
Land of the Free and Home of the Wayne by Zambie-Trashart
Land of the Free and Home of the Lemonade Sweets
The akuma class wins a trip to Gotham where they get to live with the Waynes for two weeks. Marinette meets two boys who make a plan to expose Lila and help her become f...
home *a MARIJON story* by Chakiboy321
home *a MARIJON story*by BenJCh2 BenJCh2
yup so we got more shit about Miraculous but with a twist first I need to clarify nothing in this story is mine except for the plot miraculous and dc are 2 different thi...
#SuperBug : Not So Secret Anymore by Jaykii1195
#SuperBug : Not So Secret Anymoreby
Superboy can't take it anymore. Once again Superman was treating him like a kid. He was ready for University and why his dad wasn't able to let him live his life was a...
Maybe More by Whitakerjaelyn
Maybe Moreby Whitakerjaelyn
"Why'd you leave me...?" "I'm sorry."
💙💛Jondami Oneshots💚❤️ by The_Wiccan653
💙💛Jondami Oneshots💚❤️by Wiccan653
A bunch of one-shots featuring Damian Wayne And Jon Kent (Jondami/damijon) Maybe some lemon 🍋 in the future 😬
Super Sons One-Shots by shapeshiftergirl5
Super Sons One-Shotsby Quinn
Lots of Damijon fluffiness 😋 Some angsty things too. Very little/no smut at the moment but that may or may not change :P This is my first time doing this sort of thing...
Superman's daughter (Damian Wayne fanfic) by Daoriginalgummybear
Superman's daughter (Damian Daoriginalgummybear
My name is kiara Kent... yes as in Clark Kent as in superman he's my dad. It's just been me him and my twin brother Jon. Our mom died giving birth to us I'm half human a...
The Wayne Twins (Damian Wayne's twin sister) by ShyWriterSadie
The Wayne Twins (Damian Wayne's XxSadiexX
What if Damian Wayne had a sister? A blood-related sister. Her name is Athena. And She was kicked out of the League of Assassins when she was eight. Athena is smart, ca...
DC x Reader by 1-800-fuck-y0u
DC x Readerby Space Girl
From birds to bats to supers! We've got it all. A collection of x reader stories written by me for you! (i don't own any of these characters and the cover art is not mi...
Sweet One by Letrah8301
Sweet Oneby Ava
"I must say, beloved," he wiped his wrist across his lip, messy and lust-eyed, but you supposed Damian could be as uncivilized as he allowed himself. Consideri...
Young Justice One Shots by 13-juuzou-07
Young Justice One Shotsby 13-juuzou-07
Hey Guys! So this is a Young Justice one shot book. It also features the bat boys and other members of the DC universe. I'm open to requests! It can be a fluff or a lemo...
My True Love by sunsetrose5
My True Loveby • 𝓪𝓵𝓲 •
Marinette Dupain-Cheng is in her senior year, she wins a class trip to Gotham. She thinks she still has feelings for Adrien but will she see a different kind of find lov...
A New Beginning- a MariJon story by sunshine4601
A New Beginning- a MariJon storyby Sunshine
Marinette has lost pretty much everything. No one believes her, save Chloe, Luka, and Kagami, but everyone seems to hate her. When hers parents send her over seas to her...