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Jondami, Damijon, batfamily images  by Kristinar10
Jondami, Damijon, batfamily images by Kristinar10
I didn't draw or make any of the images. I just ship jondami or Damijon.
Texting Jason | DC and Miraculous Ladybug Crossover by Melissastudios101
Texting Jason | DC and Melissa studios 101
Lila has almost won. Everyone now hates Mari and bully's her, well exept Chloe and Adrien. Mari and Adrein are dateing in secret and only there parents and Chloe now. Ad...
Sleepover (JonDami Fic) by CyrusLiam2
Sleepover (JonDami Fic)by Cyrus L2
"Believe Me When I Say This. I'm Here For You" - Jonathan Kent After defeating some bad guys, Damian got knocked out by one of them. Jon had to help Damian be...
The Bats and more! | One Shots | +Ships by LaurenKuro
The Bats and more! | One Shots | Lauren
A bunch of One shots With the Batfam, some JonDami and more! *On going* I hope you enjoy reading. Any kind comments to improve my writing are welcome. I hope you enjoy r...
el sacrificio del amor by mikaelasilva35
el sacrificio del amorby KobaJordan J.W
lean no sean vagos no acepto copias ni nada perdón faltas de ortografía y cualquier cosa soy nueva
The Birds And Bats of Gotham in the Marvel Universe by Dragonessredblack
The Birds And Bats of Gotham in stephbrownfan1
The Birds and Bats of Gotham-Batman's ex-partners and his family were busy, doing what they usually do- fighting crime, saving lives helping people. Even the less law-ab...
JonDami by Blfandom
JonDamiby Avery Miller
The cover and characters does not belong to me. Jondami story with overprotective brothers ;) This is my AU so please don't correct me about it. If you don't like it the...
Damian Wayne Oneshots Stuff Dump  by SinaTwT
Damian Wayne Oneshots Stuff Dump by Cats n Katanas
The title :D also late updates because Im lazy af and irresponsible Also mostly Jondami XD but I will occasionally add the batfam or Damian's friends ALSOO Tons of fanar...
Oneshot collection (Klance/Damijon) by Hxp3ii
Oneshot collection (Klance/Damijon)by Ezra :D
This is a collection of oneshots I have written. it will include either Damijon or Klance oneshots. • 🍋Lemons/Smuts sometimes🍋 • {MOSTLY DAMIJON} • Each oneshot is 10...
Lunch Time by AnnieDeOdair
Lunch Timeby Annie de Odair
It's the first day of school and Jon is very excited because Damian is going to the school in Metropolis with him. He wants to show him the school and have lunch togethe...
DamiJon Soulmate AU by whyisbreathing
DamiJon Soulmate AUby we_rlly_built_like_that
Damian Wayne never had time for things such as romance. He had to train and live up to expectations. This all changed when Jon came along. (Aged up characters 15 years o...
Happy Little Miracle by Ivy_Kay
Happy Little Miracleby Ivy_Kay
People make mistakes. It's what makes them human. Mistakes can be forgiven. Does getting pregnant also count? ## !!!READ DESCRIPTION THOUROGHLY!!! ## !!!ESPECIALLY THE W...
Enby Dami oneshots by Id-like-a-Depresso
Enby Dami oneshotsby I kicked a child
(Credits to gummycorpse on tumblr for the enby dami pfp [cutie with a cookie and non binary flag behind them] the rest i got off of google so [sadly] idk the creators) E...
❤JonDami💚 Oneshots! by RoseRandomCx
❤JonDami💚 Oneshots!by Rose Random Cx
No characters are mine they all belong to DC comics! !All is BoyxBoy! Request are open* Sooo this is my fisrt time writing stuff like this uhhh It will be cringey and ha...
Reverse (JonDami) by rosetealatte
Reverse (JonDami)by Nari O’Mara
Jonathan is Superboy and when he discovers a new villain in the midst of Metropolis, he'll have to do whatever it takes to stop him. Did falling in love count? My revers...
Come Back Home by DorMelMitoe
Come Back Homeby DorMelMitoe
There's new member that was recruited into Teen Titans. Who would it be? Quarantine got me writing fanfic blindly. Bored is an understatement. I'm cabin fever. Credit t...
JonDami: Oneshot Book by rosetealatte
JonDami: Oneshot Bookby Nari O’Mara
This is a book for all my JonDami one shots. Warning: I make Jon act more 'dom' than Damian because that's what I like, hence the ship name'JONdami'. I will have the b...
Our little game - Jondami by Jpeg_1
Our little game - Jondamiby Demon spawn
Here is my weird ass smut that has no real plot and I don't know why I still have it. I probably won't finish it but oh well AKA do not read kiddos or do not read if yo...
Toxic Merman (JonDami Fic) by CyrusLiam2
Toxic Merman (JonDami Fic)by Cyrus L2
A Journey Back Home - Damian Wayne The sequel of If Only 💐 A horrifying natural disaster struck Metropolis... causing chaos to the people of the city, the heroes and vi...
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DamiJon Oneshots by WEEBLIFE1234
DamiJon Oneshotsby WEEBLIFE
Just some squishy oneshots of my favorite babies who have taken over my life in every way. the characters will be aged up in this unless I say otherwise. This is a gay...