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Super Sons and the BatFam ⚠️ by InsomiacPanda
Super Sons and the BatFam ⚠️by InsomniacCat
As Damian and Jonathan's friendship grew, little did they know there were a flock of robins, mem and women in blue and red spandex, and a shit ton of bats following them...
damijon thing by cupiidschokeholdd
damijon thingby codemeister
bruce finds out damian has a girlfriend! he only got the "girl" part wrong.
Unexpected, yet wonderous ~~ DamiJon by Mattydri
Unexpected, yet wonderous ~~ Maddy
The son of Batman and the son of Superman, Damian Wayne and Jonathan Kent, have been working as partners for years now, ever since they were forcibly paired together by...
JonDami by Blfandom
JonDamiby Avery
The cover and characters does not belong to me. Jondami story with overprotective brothers ;) This is my AU so please don't correct me about it. If you don't like it the...
DamiJon Soulmate AU by Rattack
DamiJon Soulmate AUby we_rlly_built_like_that
Damian Wayne never had time for things such as romance. He had to train and live up to expectations. This all changed when Jon came along. (Aged up characters 15 years o...
JONDAMI onshot by food_loveme
JONDAMI onshotby
hello guy i have created a new account just to write jondami onshot (mostly fluff and smut alot of smut i am in need) so enjoy
High By The Beach ++ Damijon by TeaBagsUnderMyEyes
High By The Beach ++ Damijonby spain but without the p
Damian and Jon broke up. After a year of dating, they broke up. And it hits both of them hard. Both are torn apart, depressed, and honest disasters. And the Batfam and S...
I'm Safe With You (Damijon) by schizoidyke
I'm Safe With You (Damijon)by Liam / Astro 🌸🌙
_ I'm Safe at your side Jon, I'm Safe with you- Damian told to Superboy. Damian felt like he could be himself at Jon' s side . With Jon he felt like there' s no evilne...
Jondami one shots by AlanaCompian
Jondami one shotsby Alana Compian
I'll probably add more to this description later, but the title explains it all Some people might be a little outta character, but don't that very much attention hehe ♥︎...
It Was Your Name || DamiJon/JonDami by Catb1tez
It Was Your Name || DamiJon/JonDamiby Catb1tez
Cover art by Meruz on Tumblr I will never forgive DC for aging up Jon. So, I made this fanfic Jon has just recently been engaged, but Damian is stuck reminiscing over wh...
💙💛Jondami Oneshots💚❤️ by The_Wiccan653
💙💛Jondami Oneshots💚❤️by Wiccan653
A bunch of one-shots featuring Damian Wayne And Jon Kent (Jondami/damijon) Maybe some lemon 🍋 in the future 😬
Family Matters  by Animefan6923
Family Matters by Firemoon
What if Teen Titans Go meet Robin's brothers? How would that happen? Let's find out.😀😃😄😃😀
Secretly Omega  by WhitePopRedCorn
Secretly Omega by Solo_Io
My English is not one of the best but i hope you like the story
Coffee (Hotel AU) by rosetealatte
Coffee (Hotel AU)by Nari O’Mara
A multi-ship fic about Bruce Wayne owning a 5Star hotel with a restaurant branch and his sons all work there (minus one). Needless to say there's a lot of funny and awk...
Happy Little Miracle by Ivy_Kay
Happy Little Miracleby Ivy_Kay
People make mistakes. It's what makes them human. Mistakes can be forgiven. Does getting pregnant also count? ## !!!READ DESCRIPTION THOUROGHLY!!! ## !!!ESPECIALLY THE W...
A Dash of Puberty by aiwritesthings
A Dash of Pubertyby AiWritesThings
A little insight on what goes on in Damian and Jon's life discovering themselves. This story is really short by the way so you've been warned. I might continue it if I f...
Texting Jason | DC and Miraculous Ladybug Crossover by Melissastudios101
Texting Jason | DC and Melissa studios 101
Lila has almost won. Everyone now hates Mari and bully's her, well exept Chloe and Adrien. Mari and Adrein are dateing in secret and only there parents and Chloe now. Ad...
The Red Ghoul by kurenohikari
The Red Ghoulby kurenohikari
Standing behind the monster, as this one laughed maniacally and planned the bombing of Gotham's Children Hospital, the shadow swung his sword. It was a small cut, one th...
JonDami: Omegaverse. by rosetealatte
JonDami: Nari O’Mara
Damian isn't a normal Omega, he didn't bow or obey. He didn't conform or follow, he's an omega with an attitude. Will someone accept him for that? AGED UP! Damian: 17 Jo...