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Hamilton/Reader Fanfictions and Oneshots by Legolascat
Hamilton/Reader Fanfictions and i'm reviving my old cringe ac...
Hamilton/Reader fics. I TAKE REQUESTS.
  • laurens
  • mulligan
  • one-shot
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3,000 Miles Away (King George III x Reader) by oarfish14
3,000 Miles Away (King George Oarfish
"Lieutenant, speak when spoken to-" He choked when he got a glimpse of my face. "Yes, George?" "W-What in all things holy are you in military a...
  • reader
  • georgexreader
  • kinggeorgexreader
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Hamilton Watches Hamilton by fullofcrazyness
Hamilton Watches Hamiltonby The Fangirl
This is gonna be a story about the characters from Hamilton watching the musical. (ps. I'm not actually going by historical physical characteristics. they go with the or...
  • philiphamilton
  • marthawashington
  • herculesmulligan
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Hamilton Rebel AU - Caw-chan [Tłumaczenie PL] by Amagama666
Hamilton Rebel AU - Caw-chan [Tł What's sleep?
  • peggy
  • maria
  • seabury
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Hamilton Boyfriend Scenarios by FandomTrashOTP
Hamilton Boyfriend Scenariosby FandomTrashOTP
This is a modern au. Suggestions are always welcome and even though I might not know you, I'm sure that you're a wonderful person.
  • aaronburr
  • philiphamilton
  • hamiltonreferences
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Hamilton; The Group Chat by APHJeffersass
Hamilton; The Group Chatby ([∂]ω[∂])
A Crack! fic with just enough romance to keep you satisfied
  • mullette
  • georgewashington
  • hamiltoncrack
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Historical Hamilton Fanclub by http-FreckledWriter
Historical Hamilton Fanclubby Area 51 raider
Everyone's creating fan clubs these days, so I decided to create one. This is mostly about the American Revolution surrounded by Hamilton. But I'll most likely go and do...
  • ships
  • 18th-century
  • hamilton
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Hamilton Reacts To - Hamilton: An American Musical  by hamilton_stories
Hamilton Reacts To - Hamilton: hamilton_stories
You wished to meet the characters of Hamilton but you never expected them to turn up at the theatre with you. Join them as they learn about their legacy and venture out...
  • andpeggy
  • musicaltheatre
  • hamiltontrash
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Hamilton X Reader Oneshots (REQUESTS CLOSE) by Julianna_isme
Hamilton X Reader Oneshots ( յմӀíɑղղɑ
Hamilton x reader one shots! Requests are closed. And will possibly be under editing soon
  • georgewashington
  • lafayette
  • thomasjefferson
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Hamilton react to EVERYTHING! by devilg04
Hamilton react to EVERYTHING!by devilg04
Yes when I say everything I mean everything modern stuff, ship, but obviously they are going to do the classic react to their own musical first well not THEIR musical A...
  • herculemulligan
  • devilg04
  • georgeeackers
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Things That Only Hamilton Fans Would Get From This Book by rachernitzer
Things That Only Hamilton Fans Rachel Chernitzer
If you're a fan of the broadway musical Hamilton, like I am, then this is for you.
  • philip
  • burr
  • madison
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The Illusion of Time by YoungWritersInc
The Illusion of Timeby TheWriter
You are a smart, inventive, yet average college student trying to get your master degree, but you have one problem. You suck at history, American to be exact. You are of...
  • alexanderhamilton
  • musicals
  • music
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Hamilton x Reader - What Have I Gotten Myself Into by blue_fire9
Hamilton x Reader - What Have I Ash
When (y/n) hears a crash in the early morning, she never would have guessed to find Alexander Hamilton in her living room... in the 21st century... or the rest of the Ha...
  • hamiltonxreader
  • hamilfam
  • kinggeorge
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Unlikely (Catherine x King George) by LittleHamlizaElams
Unlikely (Catherine x King George)by 💙
Catherine Van Reneassler has gone through a brutal divorce when she reunites with her old high school friend. (help what am I doing-)
  • king
  • schuyler
  • otp
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The Founding Fathers Are Stuck With Me (Hamilsquad Into The Future) by actually-satan
The Founding Fathers Are Stuck and i oop
AJ was having a normal day when 10 founding fathers simply popped up in her house. These are her stories. I DONT OWN HAMILTON AT ALL
  • samuelseabury
  • alexanderhamilton
  • honestlycringe
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Hamilton watches Hamilton by Sparks-fly-
Hamilton watches Hamiltonby Psyche
What if all the Hamilton characters somehow met after they died to watch Hamilton the musical? Let's see together!
  • kinggeorgeiii
  • philip
  • more
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Hamilton Oneshots {*~Requests Open~*} by xXDerpyPepsiXx
Hamilton Oneshots {*~Requests xXDerpyPepsiXx
Sup. I'll do Ships, xReaders, smut, fluff.. anything really, just suggest it and I'll likely do it. :3
  • mariareynolds
  • georgewashington
  • johnlaurens
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Hamilton X Reader One Shots by musicishope247
Hamilton X Reader One Shotsby D. S.
Very self explanatory⬆
  • kinggeorge
  • samuelseabury
  • georgewashington
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Kingdoms In Ruling <Jamilton> by Jack-Hack101
Kingdoms In Ruling by 🐝
Two Kingdoms, brink of War, petty rivalry, stupid friends. Oh, what a great time it'd be.
  • slowburn
  • gay
  • kinggeorge
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Ask The Hamilsquad by MarquisdeBaguette
Ask The Hamilsquadby MarquisdeBaguette
Ask the Hamilsquad questions and get their responses. There may be guest appearances from people like JMads, TJeffs, GWash, A.Burr, maybe the King, and others.
  • aaronburr
  • hamilton
  • jamesmadison
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