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You'll Be Back [ King George lll x Reader ] by daughterofdreaming
You'll Be Back [ King George lll ~𝙰𝙻𝙻𝙸𝙴~
Y/N is a Schuyler. The twin sister to Elizabeth Schuyler, or Eliza. Her father is rich, so almost every man in America is interested in her. She spends every evening goi...
Entranced - A King George III x Reader Fanfiction by AnyaMae10
Entranced - A King George III x Anya-Mae
Updated Every Wednesday at 6pm GMT with Occasional Saturday Updates. --- Confused, I reply "I'm not royal-" I cut myself off as the weight of the incident dawn...
The King's Rose by Aislinn_Woods
The King's Roseby Aislinn W.
"Have you ever loved anyone?" his tone was serious. "Love has many forms. I loved my mother and father..." I trailed off, hoping he would not catch o...
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Hamilton react to EVERYTHING! by devilg04
Hamilton react to EVERYTHING!by devilg04
Yes when I say everything I mean everything modern stuff, ship, but obviously they are going to do the classic react to their own musical first well not THEIR musical A...
Philip Hamilton X Reader: The almost truth can beguile by Amberiso
Philip Hamilton X Reader: The Evil author
Y/N Laurens, daughter of the former martyr John Laurens, ventures away from her home in South Carolina to 'explore' the rest of her great nation. On her way, she meets P...
Hamilton x Reader - What Have I Gotten Myself Into by blue_fire9
Hamilton x Reader - What Have I Ash
When (y/n) hears a crash in the early morning, she never would have guessed to find Alexander Hamilton in her living room... in the 21st century... or the rest of the Ha...
3,000 Miles Away (King George III x Reader) by oarfish14
3,000 Miles Away (King George Oarfish
"Lieutenant, speak when spoken to-" He choked when he got a glimpse of my face. "Yes, George?" "W-What in all things holy are you in military a...
The Illusion of Time by PennNamedQuill
The Illusion of Timeby JustAWriter
You are a smart, inventive, yet average college student trying to get your master degree, but you have one problem. You suck at history, American to be exact. You are of...
His True Reality // dreamnotfound  by shortstack_8l
His True Reality // dreamnotfound by kd_8l
George returned to the year 2021, leaving his lover and his friends all back in the 1800s. Him and Karl are the only ones, or so they think, that can do such things as...
(DISCONTINUED) Hamilton Boyfriend Scenarios {*~Modern~*} by xXDerpyPepsiXx
(DISCONTINUED) Hamilton xXDerpyPepsiXx
Yeah. This author has no life and is bored, let's see what we get outta this...
Hamilton Watches Hamilton! by PoorBurrJemmyandPeg
Hamilton Watches Hamilton!by Coolio42
This is the story of how I brought Alexander Hamilton to watch Hamilton while they're in the middle of their story. Warnings: 1) This story has language 2) This story...
(DISCONTINUED) Hamilton Oneshots {*~Requests Closed~*} by xXDerpyPepsiXx
(DISCONTINUED) Hamilton Oneshots { xXDerpyPepsiXx
Sup. I'll do Ships, xReaders, smut, fluff.. anything really, just suggest it and I'll likely do it. :3
King George x Reader (Time Travel) by o07070o
King George x Reader (Time Travel)by King-ish
Imagine going back and time and meeting the king himself? And then you fall in love?
Musicals React To Basically Everything by ainsleyhanes
Musicals React To Basically 𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐥𝐞𝐲 ☆彡
BMC, DEH, Hamilton, and Heathers all react to stuff! Requests taken! **I do not own Be More Chill, Hamilton, Heathers, or Dear Evan Hansen. Please don't sue me XD ***ON...
нαмιℓтσи σиє-ѕнσтѕ by ohhubris
нαмιℓтσи σиє-ѕнσтѕby the fall of man
[cover picture credits to fewines on tumblr] Just some basic hamilton one-shots. You can request ships and stuff. {#145 in ships}
Porcelain (King George xJeff xHam xreader) *Under Editing* by Mochi_De_Llama
Porcelain (King George xJeff °MochiDeLlama°
He was persuasive, suave; a man who stood his ground and could come off as, and was deemed as charming by outsiders. He stole you from your home- almost with ease, away...
яαιѕє α gℓαѕѕ тσ fяєє∂σм ☆ adopted by a.ham by petuniawrites
яαιѕє α gℓαѕѕ тσ fяєє∂σм ☆ petunia
яαιѕє α gℓαѕѕ тσ fяєє∂σм adopted by alexander hamilton [reader insert] -completed- Y/N a fourteen year old girl living in the 1700s. The revolution against Britain ha...
You Just 'Undied' in my Living Room [Hamilton x Reader] (On Hold) by GhostyGirl666
You Just 'Undied' in my Living GhostyGirl666
You Just 'Undied' in my Living Room [Hamilton x Reader]: You're the newest graduate of Kings College, and you got some knowledge, but you didn't expect to have was twel...