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CRASH [COMPLETED] by kimwari25
An original story
Temporary becomes permanent (Taekook) by Baby_Tae_Daddy_Koo
Temporary becomes permanent ( TaeluvKook
Taehyung becomes pregnant with his boyfriend's child but is left on his own. His ex-boyfriend returns eight months after the child's birth and tries to claim the baby. T...
Black by httpkpop
Blackby ck
Her favorite color is black even her life became black. Will there be somebody to turn her life to a colorful one? A model A photographer A CEO What will happen to thei...
Lights, camera, action! (complete) by cococochanel123
Lights, camera, action! (complete)by Z
Jennie Kim is the famous lead of an upcoming TV drama and Lisa was supposed to be assigned as her security detail. But for some reason she was included in the pilot epis...
oneshots (jenlisa) by Jeniie_blu
oneshots (jenlisa)by babynini
A bunch of jenlisa stories based on my random ass thoughts jentop maybe smutt not sure I will also be doing winrina and anyeongz since jenlisa ship has drowned
Warm On a Cold Night ★ JENLISA by selfyetata
Warm On a Cold Night ★ JENLISAby 🅳🅾🅼🅸🅽🅾
There's no one Jennie Kim loves going up against in court more than Lisa Manoban. And there's no one Jennie Kim hates going up against in court more than Lisa Manoban. L...
That Girl (Jenlisa) by ashtngry
That Girl (Jenlisa)by Lumiere (Grey)
Disclaimer: This story isn't mine. All credits belong to the original author of this book.
Burden of Proof by Barabim_
Burden of Proofby Barabim_
Lalisa Manoban is an attorney who was assigned to handle Jennie Kim's divorce case. As the case progress, Lisa found herself not only fighting inside the court, but also...
JL TUMS  by jenlisaislifue
JL TUMS by Lyn
Compilation of JL stums, some are converted. Credits to the rightful owners. ;)
TAENNIE //WAS// REAL (deal with it) by kaitaennieprez
TAENNIE //WAS// REAL (deal with it)by jen's pup 🐻🍯
oh nothing to see here lol just a bunch of R E A L proofs and evidences of a R E A L couple :) (taekookers, vsoo-ers, taetzu-ers and jenlis-ers ; this book is for you :D...
Angel of Mine (Jenlisa FF) by MinkBa4ever
Angel of Mine (Jenlisa FF)by KMliliRU
Jennie is dead and turned into a guardian angel. She was asked to guard a certain brunette since child. Will her feelings change for her? Or will it be just platonic? Th...
ေႂကြ🔞🔞 by MOESATY
ေႂကြ🔞🔞by MOESATY
အခ်စ္မွာအသက္အရြယ္အပိုင္းအျခားနဲ႔မဆိုင္ဘူး ခ်စ္တတ္တဲ့စိတ္ကေလးနဲ႔ ခ်စ္တတ္ဖို႔ဘဲလိုတာ
Jennie by jenlisaislifue
Jennieby Lyn
Jennie, Hey, thank you.
Fall In Love With My Class Monitor  ||  Taekook  || by Kimsithu
Fall In Love With My Class Simmoniya
තමුසෙ මහ පිස්සෙක් අයිසේ... -JJK- අනේ බං මං හිතුවෙ නෑ ඌ මට මෙහෙම කරයි කියලාආඅ...හෑඅ..හෑ.. -PJM- මාත් එක්ක ඩේට් එකකට යමුද... ...
100 Days With You by jenlisaislifue
100 Days With Youby Lyn
[JENLISA STORY] Wherein General Kim hired Lieutenant Lalisa Manoban to take care of his badass daughter, Jennie, for 100 days.If nothing happens in three months, Jennie...
LOVE TO LOSE YOU  by muffinxxjl
In which Jennie broke up with Lisa for Kai, just because she fell out of love... And Lisa who still love her can't get through the fact that Jennie could cheat on her...
I'll love you better (Jenliam/Jenlisa) by Manobannnn2797
I'll love you better (Jenliam/ Sucker4Lisa
"I'm sorry. Give me one more chance, I'll love you better. I'll give back the love you deserve." - Jennie Note: This is not an adaptation, but there might be s...
Say No [JenLisa] by soosicaism
Say No [JenLisa]by chaeyounggie
When will you get the courage to say no? When it's already too late? When you've already fallen out of love? When you started to hate her? When? ------- A/N: this is my...
Maybe the Night by soosicaism
Maybe the Nightby chaeyounggie
Jennie had one chance to make this right. Will she be able to do the right thing? Or will she lose the most important person in her life? Can she do it under the moonlig...
Your Lie in Winter by greenpenworks
Your Lie in Winterby KK.Tison
A lie that would change their lives forever. Jennie Kim, a snobbish, serious girl, is the top of her class and a popular student at YG College, and has secret ambitions...