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JayDick (young Justice/werewolf/batfamily)  by TheSamonShiper
JayDick (young Justice/werewolf/ba...by Remus lupin
The bat family have a secrete no one knows about. What happens when everyone finds out? What happens when they meet nightwing's boyfriend?
Jason & Dick by RedHoodsWife
Jason & Dickby Jaybird
One-shots of the ship jaydick. Rated T+ for implying of events...(wink,wink). Most stories from nughtwing and jason.grayson_todd on Instagram. Cover picture drawn by me ...
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The Blue Bird and the Red Bat by TheRealCas
The Blue Bird and the Red Batby Cas
Dick and Jason are twisting around each other for a while now. Both with feelings they don't dare to admit and the rest of the batfam tries to help them get together. Om...
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BatFam Smut by creepergirlboom26
BatFam Smutby Rebel. C
Smut, lots of it, request DC ships and I'll write it. Lots of Dick Grayson.
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Miscellaneous crap. by ChemicalVelocity
Miscellaneous crap.by ChemicalVelocity
MORE THAN OCCASIONAL SMUT WARNING. Welcome! I made this for all the shit that Dylan and I just spit out, or for the occasion where we have writers block regarding any ot...
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DC_HP_Marvel gay oneshots by Hannahbear2004
DC_HP_Marvel gay oneshotsby Hannahbear
This oneshot book has gay ships from Harry Potter, the DC universe and the Marvel universe, Voltron and Merlin. Some of these one shots may have smut and these are my ow...
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A Wolf and a Street Rat by lexlovesheroes
A Wolf and a Street Ratby lexlovesheroes
After Dick's parents fell, the young werewolf meets the street rat Jason Todd who may just be the his mate.
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Your Avoiding Me {JayDick One-shot} by Syfrynn
Your Avoiding Me {JayDick One-shot}by MadHatter
Uke- Dick Grayson// Seme- Jason Todd// A One-shot told purely through texts
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Dick Grayson And Batfam Oneshots by kawaigurly
Dick Grayson And Batfam Oneshotsby Zeldris ;*
Oneshots about birdflash and batfam (some of it will be reversed) will contain JayDick and most will be sentered around Dick. ÙwÚ Don't forgett DamiDick
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Till the sun dies and the moon stops shining by AngelBird2001
Till the sun dies and the moon sto...by AngelBird2001
Vampire au where the whole batfam except Jason are vampires (because in most Batman Vampire Aus Jason is the Vampire and I thought, that it could be switched up) , Jaso...
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Glorious mistake by IShipManyThings
Glorious mistakeby Danielle
He was a mistake, but one he would gladly make again. Damian and JJ are his sons through and through and his falling out with Bruce only proved no one will be able to ta...
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DC one shots by Hella252006
DC one shotsby Nightingale
Started December 1rst one shots and stories from different places by different people read warning before story I am very bad with summaries but here are my favourite st...
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Bat Family One-Shots by TheBatsy
Bat Family One-Shotsby TheBatsy
Just like the title says. One-shots that have to do with the bat family. Most will be romance though. There might be some non-batfamily ones though. (I am trash for Harl...
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Trick - JayDickWeek2017 - Day 4: Greek Mythology by nabawrites
Trick - JayDickWeek2017 - Day 4: G...by nabawrites
Jason, son of Ares, is on the Red Team. Dick, son of Hermes, is on the Blue Team. Capture the Flag ensues.
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JayDick one-shots by JustinEnriquez7
JayDick one-shotsby Jxstyn69
Nasty jaydick fic's ;) 🔞⚠️NSFW WARNING⚠️🔞
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Imperfections by KateKane172
Imperfectionsby 𝐌𝐞𝐨𝐰
Relationships: Dick Grayson/Jason Todd, Tim Drake/Conner Kent, Damian Wayne/Jonathan Kent *** "Was this part of your plan?" Dick asked, back to chest with Jaso...
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Jaydick Reunited Once More. Mpreg by SmartCookies1
Jaydick Reunited Once More. Mpregby SmartCookies1
DO NOT. I REPEAT. DO NOT CLICK ON THIS. Jason and Dick started dating before Jason was killed and brought back to life. After Jason was brought back to life he hasn't be...
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We Mix Well by _JasonTodd_
We Mix Wellby _JasonTodd_
Jason was alone. So alone. He drank his problems away one night and called Dick over. He woke up naked with Dick Grayson next to him, with out clothes on too.
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just some sick game.(Jaydick) by gaydemon123
just some sick game.(Jaydick)by gaydemon123
Jason Todd blames Dick Grayson for what happened (also I'm not a good writer so that's a warning) it's gay just a warning jaydick If you don't like don't read
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Todos aman a Dick by kothe099
Todos aman a Dickby Sassy_whore
Serie de one-shots que protagonizan a Richard John "Dick" Grayson como la pasiva que es, en distintos contextos, historias o universos. Damidick Jaydick ...
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