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My Mafia Man (Editing) by Nicky-Is-Crazy
My Mafia Man (Editing)by Nicky Tate
Alexis Young is a simple and easy going woman. She is fresh out of college and she just opened a small bakery. She was doing great, she is quick to love and her baked go...
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Hidden Heart ( သိုဝွက္ထားေသာနွလံုးသားတစ္စံု 💖) by Pinkychuu128
Hidden Heart ( သိုဝွက္ထားေသာနွလံုး...by Pinky chuu
I am not the owner I just translate😘😘 Own to the Author #Tran by Pinkychuu 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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Literatti (Writing Contest) by 12Crystals
Literatti (Writing Contest)by crystals on fire
Open [●] Closed [ ] Judging [ ] We all love to write and some of us don't get the attention we deserve. Here, I'll help you promote your books and give you prizes if yo...
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The Death Dance by vee_ano
The Death Danceby Vee
Aaron Nichols is unsatisfied with life and has created a fantasy world he visits every night he closes his eyes. He goes there to escape from the harsh disappointment of...
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The Month Guardians by Princessinpractice
The Month Guardiansby Princessinpractice
12 girls. 1 year. The month guardians are on the run. Will they win the upcoming war? Or will they have to give up everything.
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July Apple Pies by luckyanna
July Apple Piesby anna
Seventeen-year-old Nora isn’t one for celebrations, but her family is. It's Fourth of July and they have been invited to an old friend’s fancy picnic party. Even if she...
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next year• g.d by sassygraysonnn
next year• g.dby kelli
-ib the new [2019] movie, "Same Time, Next Christmas"- her & grayson have been friends ever since they were little. ever since meeting on a beach in hawaii, sp...
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July. ✓ by okcacia
July. ✓by 𝗳.𝘀.
【 Misc. 】〖 Novel. 〗
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carry on. by LilaProduction
carry on.by Nᴹ5
cover : lilaproduction
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Everything's Better When You're Here (Junjou Romantica) by Jewycenter1
Everything's Better When You're He...by Jewycenter1
Misaki and Usagi are in America. It just so happens to be the 4th of July, they go together to watch the fireworks. **FLUFF**
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I Thought You Loved Me by KasheJester
I Thought You Loved Meby Dorky Gal
How can I forget someone that I love so much? People want me to forget them. It's too late now to change it all. "I love you", he told me as we said our final...
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Glance, a FOB Story  by Menece
Glance, a FOB Story by Menece
Dark Dark, Phoenix, Menace and some other people try to get along with Frosty but she is always trouble. Fall Out Boy Story, fan fiction
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By Chance | A flamingeos fanfic by FlaminxM
By Chance | A flamingeos fanficby Fanban
They met by chance After Courtney runs away from her home. She meets a group a boys and she falls in love with one of them. They have problems but will these problems te...
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Keep My Heart- Prologue by bookwormprincess
Keep My Heart- Prologueby Morgan
When you've been hurt, it's difficult to learn to love again. When you've felt pain, it's not so easy to be joyful. When your heart has been broken, it feels impossible...
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unTypical BadBoy | MYG by JNTahiti
unTypical BadBoy | MYGby 자미 마
He was her worst nightmare that accidentally came true, she was his victim whom he accidentally falls in love with. Bad boys born for good girls, good girls are made for...
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Without You by _sierraclary_
Without Youby Deadly Fangirl.
I sprinted down every hall, trying to find my way through this impossible maze. But I knew I would be too late. "ANNABETH!" I screamed over and over, but I sh...
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the milk fic - nick crompton x jake pauL (It's everyDAIRY bro) by Blurry-Forest
the milk fic - nick crompton x jak...by i don't use wattpad
can nick crompton confess his undenying love without dying in a hole i don't know can he????? I would die in a hole. will there be enough bleach hm that's a question tha...
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Enemies by -slytherunaway
Enemiesby Green
"I hate you Web-Shooter." "I hate you more Flower-Power."
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Unfriended: Dark Web Creepypasta Story by alyssa31900
Unfriended: Dark Web Creepypasta S...by Fotia charos
There have been a lot of stories about the dark web. I didn't believe any of them were true. That is until I found this lap top at an internet café. Now I think my life...
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Short Stories For Pearlnet SU by Garnetsfantastic
Short Stories For Pearlnet SUby Garnetsfantastic
So when I said I would do a 4th of July chapter, I was not kidding so this book will have stories for holidays or whatever.
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