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Cocaine McCann.   by justinsdreads
Cocaine McCann. by justinsdreads
**** "ya girl got you pussy whipped McCann" was the last thing I heard before I shot him in the head. "Kylie, I needed him for information" Jason sig...
Always Mine (Jastin)✔ by blondemccann
Always Mine (Jastin)✔by Nazanin
Strangers turn to friends, friends become best friends and best friends become boyfriends. Love comes in no gender. And these boys are prepared to do anything to prove...
His Good Girl -Jason McCann by spoiledthot
His Good Girl -Jason McCannby bizzleluv
Iris is the priest's youngest daughter. Jason is the world's most wanted criminal and leader of the world's greatest gang. One night, Jason is out doing a job and Iris h...
My Bosses Daughter    (Jason McCann)  by kaylee_G01
My Bosses Daughter (Jason McCan...by Kaylee Bieber
Kaylee Morgan, a seventeen year old women who has an older brother, named Alex and an older sister, named Jamie. Being the youngest Kaylee was always spoiled, the 'it' c...
Badass by jordancawyer2
Badassby jordancawyer2
Vanessa was the girl every guy wanted in Las Vegas High School Light Brown Hair, Skinny with Legs that Stretch for Miles She Had the Boy Every Girl Wanted Captain of the...
•McCann's|Jason McCann • by Jerryismypizza
•McCann's|Jason McCann •by Bizzle
♧She was his, only his, he protected her from everything♧ Know one would mess with him, so Know one messed with her, |Jason McCann• Ruthless, Largest gang leader world...
2 OPTIONS by clasical_chick
2 OPTIONSby clasical_chick
"I'm giving you 2 options but, You have to chose one" he said smirking at me "W-what is it?" I asked and shuttered..... 👇👇👇👇👇 Read the full sto...
The bet by bieberswifey123123
The betby bieberswifey123123
Savannah Montano The normal girl, one that doesn't get much attention but isn't a loner. The one that doesn't show too much, but doesn't cover too much either. She's af...
I See You •jb• by platinumlilac
I See You •jb•by luna ♡
"I see you, Rose. I see the real you and you don't have to hide that from me anymore." -JB
Ride Or Die by florencity
Ride Or Dieby florencity
Paisley James was a normal girl until she ran smack into the unexpected life of Jason McCann, a killing machine. By:Daesha on Quotev
DARK - Jason McCann  by biebbsslover
DARK - Jason McCann by biebbsslover
What happens when a worldwide criminal kidnaps Chloe,will she accept his lifestyle and fall for him or not... Read to find out!!
Let me love you || JM by urmomsmilk2
Let me love you || JMby ur mom
Jason McCann is the most wanted criminal in the world.He has fallen in love with Miracle,21 year old girl for a year and he has planned to kidnap her since then.What hap...
Controlled  by gegegefhh
Controlled by gegegefhh
Possessive Jason McCann has been abusing young girl Rosefor as long as she can remember but he sees it as a way to force her to love him .
TEXTING MCCANN by jdbsangel
TEXTING MCCANNby a i s h a
"I wish you never texted me that day" - A Jason McCann love story
pain. | UNEDITED by kia0107
pain. | UNEDITEDby 🤯✨🏁
this book is not intended to make you cry lmao
Neurotic (Jason McCann) by AlexisIsAWeirdo
Neurotic (Jason McCann)by Alexis
Neurotic:[noo-rot-ik] Suffering from, caused by, or relating to neurosis. Synonyms: mentally ill, mentally disturbed, unstable, unbalanced, maladjusted, psychopathic...
McCann's Maid - (jariana)  by Jarianachanel
McCann's Maid - (jariana) by stargirl
Ariana once had a "normal" life, lately she hasn't had that and it's slowly crumbling down, looking for a new job, she finds one as the house keeper of one of...
Without A Queen (POF Sequel) by TehPeaceMaker
Without A Queen (POF Sequel)by TehPeaceMaker
"I-iman I know you're still upset at me and You have every right to be-" "Well thank you for your permission!" Iman yelled sarcastically, Back at him...
My Stalker JASON McCann by obey_daddy_mccann
My Stalker JASON McCannby _slxmqueen_
Is falling for a kidnaper a sick and twisted thing to do? I mean I know it is crazy but come on you know what they say, love is stupid and so are people. _____ Riley Mit...