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I'll Call You Deku (bakudeku) by smoldoddles9
I'll Call You Deku (bakudeku)by smoldoddles9
Deku is out one night training. Being a young teen he gets hungry and decides to go get some food, but he journey is cut short by a kids quirk gone haywire. Next thing y...
Primal Instinct Izuku by LazyAnimaniac
Primal Instinct Izukuby Lazy Author-san
Everyone thinks Izuku is quirkless... even himself. When All Might crushes Izuku's dreams of becoming a hero, Izuku shuts himself into his house for a year, and emerges...
Neko Deku by 1Wolfie17
Neko Dekuby 1Wolfie17
There is only about 10 nekos left in the world, Izuku Midoriya being one of them. Deku gets into UA with some help from All Might. Will Dekus time as being a hero in tra...
Neko Deku by HopeGaming0
Neko Dekuby HopeGaming0
Izuku Midoriya has been bullied by his former best friend, Katsuki Bakugo, as he was born quirkless. But what happens when suddenly he wakes up as a Neko, one of the rar...
He's yours ,mine ,ours... by TheLit7777
He's yours ,mine , CJ Bunny
Bakugo was 5 years old when he found a cat. he named the baby cat deku and claimed him as he's own. When Bakugo grows up he gets ready for UA exams but lost deku he's pe...
the villain and the hero killer's Appreciate by Shiitakemushroomy
the villain and the hero killer' plastic bag 29
Izuku Midoriya has been the hero killers apprentice sense the age of ten. One day his father figure Stain says it is time for Izuku to be Japan's new hero killer on his...
A Hero's Four Paws: I Wanna be a HERO! (A MHA AU) by BluurRose
A Hero's Four Paws: I Wanna be a Bluur
A young green kitten and a young explosive boy embark on a road that was never to be taken yet was due to one sidestep. With two young boys taking their town by storm, a...
Neko by Shoto_midoriya
Nekoby Just_another_useless_human
Deku has a rare mutation quirk called cat. But, with his new quirk, he gets bullied even worse than before, with his old friend, Kacchan, being the worst. None of the ar...
Look What The Cat Dragged In... by bvranics
Look What The Cat Dragged bvranics
deku is bullied for the way he is,quirkless, during his years in middle school by his childhood best friend bakugou.he has the dream of one day becoming the number one h...