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Demigods at... HOGWARTS?? by CASEMENTN
Demigods at... HOGWARTS??by Duck2@thatdamplace
What will happen when our favourite demigods go undercover and meet our favourite wizards? Can they stay hidden? Are any wizards actually demigods. This is a PJo/HP cros...
Missed Me, Missed Me, Now You Gotta Kiss Me by MusicxXxGuru
Missed Me, Missed Me, Now You Hannah
Piper Smithson and Liam Nelson were best friends. That was when they were seven and eight years old. Since moving away from small town Lewisburg , Tennessee , Piper has...
Lucifer (The Devil Chronicles #1) by ariesgoneawry
Lucifer (The Devil Chronicles #1)by ariesgoneawry
Lucifer is on top of the world. The underworld, that is. He is what humans call, "the devil". Lucifer is happy forcing Souls to do labored work until Michael...
Fight For Attention (Shima x Rin X Reader) by Terminal-Velocity
Fight For Attention (Shima x Rin INSERTPSEUDONYMHERE
Sequel To: Simple, Right? Barely a week after being with Shima, you start to notice a different person trying to catch your eye. That person is none other than Okumura...
You, Me & Pineapple Pizza by ClassyGirlNilly
You, Me & Pineapple Pizzaby xNillyx
{Book 1} She just called for a pineapple pizza and got into an argument with an employee. It's not like she'd ever hear from him again. Totally not like they would call...
pretty boys and dilaudid by marvelnspence
pretty boys and dilaudidby hopepotter
He had a hardened look on his face yet even Morgan could see the sadness in his eyes. "You're high," he stated. OR Reid has been struggling with dilaudid since...
Her Pretty Lips Tell the Sickest Lies by dreamingofpeace
Her Pretty Lips Tell the Sickest dreamingofpeace
Taylor Evans has a problem. She lies. It probably the only thing she's actually good at. But what happens when her little white lies start hurting people. And when one...
The Situation in Afghanistan: Interview with Kevin Rudd and Dr Abdullah Abdullah by Peaceforasia
The Situation in Afghanistan: Peaceforasia
The events unfolding in Afghanistan portend difficult times for the elected regime in Kabul and may spillover into outright violation of the Universal Declaration of Hum...