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100 Days in Deadland by RachelAukes
100 Days in Deadlandby Rachel Aukes
Book 1 in the Deadland Saga (zombies!) In one day, the world succumbed to a pestilence that decimated the living. In its place rose a new species: vicious, gruesome, wan...
  • zombieoutbreak
  • strongfemale
  • apocalypticsciencefiction
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Titanium ••• Andy Strucker [Book 1] (Wattys 2019) by ViolaBlack17
Titanium ••• Andy Strucker [Book ƒσяєνєяαη∂αlωαys
With a drunk mother, an ignorant stepbrother and mutant powers, Ivee Reeves felt pretty much alone in a world where mutants are hated and hunted. That is until she saved...
  • fenris
  • titanium
  • polaris
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Lucifer by MrReaderM
Luciferby Chrosh
Un hombre rico y apuesto dispuesto a todo cuando se lo propone, persistente, no se rinde fácilmente y nunca acepta un no por respuesta, le gusta hacer trabajos rápidos y...
  • hot
  • lucife
  • desamor
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A Good Omens Fanfic [Ineffable Husbands: Crowley x Aziraphale] by JirafaDeMenta
A Good Omens Fanfic [Ineffable JirafaDeMenta
Este fanfic toma lugar después de la cena en el Ritz en la escena final de la serie. Creyeron que podían librarse del cielo fácilmente. Los personajes pertenecen a Neil...
  • goodomens
  • lgbt
  • cielo
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Crossfire ••• Andy Strucker [Book 2]  by ViolaBlack17
Crossfire ••• Andy Strucker [ ƒσяєνєяαη∂αlωαys
Titanium 2: Crossfire Ivee knew that leaving would break the underground but she also knew that the inner circle wanted to help mutants. But before long she realised jus...
  • johnproudstar
  • fenris
  • inferno
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LUCIFER'S EMBRACE: Cerul de Opal ( Layra
  • infern
  • lucifer
  • rai
ANEW || by eI-LEEN6
ANEW ||by Nobody
Decades have passed since the day Mari watched her beloved perish in a pile of snow and ash atop a bloody killing field. Decades have passed since the day she dragged t...
  • elijah
  • air
  • clair
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The Elevator [A HORROR STORY] by LEPalphreyman
Laura is trapped in an elevator. She has been there for as long as she can remember. The elevator is going down. She doesn't think she's alone... *** A short HORROR stor...
  • mystery
  • alone
  • hell
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BLACK BLOOD by scary_ana
BLACK BLOODby scary_ana
Scarlett Red avrebbe voluto avere una vita perfetta, speciale... ma purtroppo non potrà realizzare questo suo sogno a causa della sua morte prematura a 25 anni. L'Infern...
  • fantasy
  • inferno
~ Hazbin mania~a series of oneshots by NoContext_
~ Hazbin mania~a series of oneshotsby -NoContext-
~a compilation of one-shots from the youtube series: hazbin hotel. mainly includes x readers or x oc's. • • all characters are owned by vivziepop but my oc's. everyone...
  • inferno
  • alcholism
  • bathtub
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maldita toxicidad adictiva by DAN13LA3ST3PA
maldita toxicidad adictivaby Daniela Estepa
Él no es bueno para mí pero lo quiero tanto que lo olvido en un momento, y solo deseo volver a sus brazos otra vez. Así sentirme en el cielo y en el infierno, pero con é...
  • amor-odio
  • toxic
  • badboy
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Cinder by Matteoarts
Cinderby Matteoarts
A new age is upon humanity. Freedom is a memory, taken from them in the name of peace. Bonds are broken, and years of friendship are put to the test as man and machine f...
  • action
  • titanfall
  • cinder
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Polar Flux by varzanic
Polar Fluxby N.A. Carson
~~Elemental Series~~ (Fire: Book 2) It's cold, and Fin can't fight it. Even after he escapes the frost, only ice lives inside the firebird. The inferno he wants is gone...
  • slash
  • icebird
  • firebender
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"La Corte" [Cielo en llamas #2] by GillianISantos
"La Corte" [Cielo en llamas #2]by Gillian Santos
Christine finalmente ha conseguido manipular su mayor don: abrir portales indetectables a cualquier criatura, el problema es que el primero de estos la llevó directo a l...
  • ángeles
  • poderes
  • wattys2019
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Cristal, El Sacrificio [Editando] by Danae_Tays
Cristal, El Sacrificio [Editando]by Green Eyes
[EN EDICIÓN] Ganadora Premios Gemas Perdidas, categoría Más Votadas>Novela Juvenil. ¿Cómo salvar a alguien a quien amas si la única manera de hacerlo es dando tu pr...
  • ángeles
  • misterios
  • paranormal
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Inferno Legacy: Loyalty of the Dragon (Book Two) by InfernoFrost
Inferno Legacy: Loyalty of the Lauren Mazy
The enemy is weakened, leaving just enough time for Cody to learn about life in the pass, as well as its history and what the riders truly are. Soon, dragon riders and e...
  • betrayal
  • wargs
  • wyverns
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Inferno by MinYuLan
Infernoby R h e a 🎖
All of the Chapters are all of my own idea .That's why ... please give me some pardon if u found my mistakes .pm me when u don't understand ...i'm ready to explain y'll...
  • fanfiction
  • supernatural
  • inferno
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The Architect Codex by Matteoarts
The Architect Codexby Matteoarts
An IMC Pilot and Militia Titan strike an unlikely alliance in the name of survival. Together, they uncover a search for an ancient codex that threatens the entire fronti...
  • titanfall2
  • fanfiction
  • starfall
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Escribió desde su propio infierno, las duras penas del amor y el vivir. Exiliado, te da las ganas más grandes de luchar por lo que amas.
  • cartas
  • infierno
  • amor
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The Inferno's Brethren (Second book of Seven Series) (Completed) by RissaleWriter
The Inferno's Brethren (Second Rissa, Rissy, Riss
I am fire. I am pain. I am misery. I kill what I want. Who I want. When I want No one can tame me, like the fire I am. Try to and you get burned. I was born in the infer...
  • patience
  • holder
  • fire
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