Hi there! My name is Kimberly, but Kim is okay.

I work full-time as a Pre-Kindergarten teacher and I am also a full-time student, hoping to become to a middle school language arts teacher. I have two children who are five and three years of age, so as you can imagine, I am one busy woman.

I am an avid YA novel reader, particularly YA Fantasy. My favorite authors are Sarah J Maas, Leigh Bardugo, Jennifer Niven, and JK Rowling.

Please do not ask me for reading requests.

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Current Works:
Shadows of Stars |Wielder Chronicles Book 1| -- Ranked #64 in Fantasy (5/25/2016) TO BE FEATURED JULY 7

Finding Eden -- Ranked #88 in Adventure (4/30/2016)

Infection -- Ranked #72 in Horror (5/24/2016)


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KarateChop KarateChop a day ago
Hey guys!  I just posted a short story in Dreamscape that I would love some feedback on.  It's only 200 words!
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Featured work.

Shadows of Stars |Wielder Chronicles Book I|

Social data: 19.9K reads. 1.6K votes. 1.6K comments.

Description: "You Wielders believe yourselves to be children of the stars, but you are darkness - shadows sent down to cast our world into oblivion." After a terrible act of evil, the small island of Acadia has...

#110 in Fantasy


Other Works by KarateChop.
Finding Eden

Finding Eden

1.3K 179 251

THE YEAR IS 3016. EARTH IS DYING. Lakota Aries is a wanted man. Stealing a ship from the Captain of t...

Written in Stars |Wielder Chronicles Companion|

Written in Stars |Wielder Chronicles Companion|

119 15 10

Once upon a time there were Stars.



4.9K 331 197

An infection has spread. Symptoms: Blurred vision, bleeding, insatiable hunger for human flesh. Causes...

#125 in Horror


202 26 22

A collection of short stories. Cover by @ferret-bird


Story Reading List

Story Reading List

Story Reading List