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Hunted by Izzybee1225
Huntedby Izzy.busy.bumble.bat
I am the monster people warn each other of. I am the demon people see in their sleep. I am the night I am darkness And I am alone.
Fern: The Cure by Cah-P-Moura
Fern: The Cureby Carol Moura
In a dystopia where there are no forests in the world. A group of scientists and soldiers will try to solve mysterious indigenous riddles to search for the cure. But the...
Ghost Drums by MattColeOnline
Ghost Drumsby Matt Cole
In this short tale of gothic horror, the vampire, Lazarus Kalon, is intent upon stealing the power of a shapeshifter, a shaman of the Kwakiutl people. Yet, as Lazarus mo...
Four Spikes by SecludedDelta
Four Spikesby Secluded Delta
Meet Luke, an Indigenous teenager whose family was forced out of their home due to pipeline construction. Now in his new home, he faces discrimination for being Indigeno...
An Inca Alphabet by helencpugh
An Inca Alphabetby helen pugh
A-Z of Intrepid of Dudettes of the Inca Empire. Out now! Ebook: Paperback: #Inca #Incacivilization #empress #Pachamama #...
His Unique Eyes by The_Alphatuberyt
His Unique Eyesby The_Alphatuberyt
A young English boy gets abandoned and gets adopted by a tribe. How will his life go on for now after being adopted by an indigenous tribe. Will he be able to adjust fro...
CRYBABY MAFIA by Jade_Bracelet
*ROMANTIC DRAMA* *WARNINGS: - Mild suicide attempt mentioned - Organized criminal activities - Mild Discrimination 💧 I looked at the strange woman. My son gripped o...
Ice Blink by sambalazs
Ice Blinkby Samantha Balazs
In an Arctic world plagued by an everlasting blizzard, Nuna must find the gods or die. She was in training to become her tribe's next shaman, but now she and her childh...
Agency by rdracine
Agencyby Renee Racine-Kinnear
When a burned-out agency worker finds himself cornered by fate, he struggles to regain control of his destiny by any means: embezzlement, adultery, even dog-napping are...
TWITTER THREADS by You can be yourself around me...
Viewers be advised there is some sexual content ( STORYS DO NOT BELONG TO ME) ALL MUSIC GOES WITH STORIES
neo zone  ━━━━ 𝒇𝒂𝒄𝒆𝒄𝒍𝒂𝒊𝒎𝒔₁ by dreamzens
neo zone ━━━━ 𝒇𝒂𝒄𝒆𝒄𝒍𝒂𝒊𝒎� ᐊᓫᐁᐠᓴ
#⃞ 𝙣𝙚𝙤 𝙯𝙤𝙣𝙚 wherein i give you face claims for your original characters ╰┈➤ a faceclaims book. © dreamzens 2020.
Lupine Lake- A Lands of Ralosia Story by Sanch250
Lupine Lake- A Lands of Ralosia Alejandro G. Sanchez
Aero and his friends come across Oopa, a young girl from a tribe of Wolf Riders who've settled around Lupine Lake. The tribe possesses a mysterious green gem which is so...
FACECLAIMS by longlivethewildkids
FACECLAIMSby longlivethewildkids
I probably have exactly who you need for your story ;) Check out part II: DISCLAIMER: all of the photos and personal information used here ar...
POC FACEClAIMS{Diverse} by Pastybihh
POC FACEClAIMS{Diverse}by Selena
Suggest ethnicities in the comments! So little diversity in lots of Wattpad Stories so here's some! Suggest actors, models etc
Violet Stars- Book 1 by justBrittany1
Violet Stars- Book 1by A-Wattpad-Bee
A young woman named Evelynne has joined the prestigious Shadowlight Academy and goes on a quest to save her mentor, Ms Amiata. At the Academy, Eve meets 2 other young...
The Cheyenne Warrior  by vanillagalaxiez
The Cheyenne Warrior by MelR🌹se
As a baby, Sabella, was left abandoned on a stranger's doorstep. With open arms, the family took her in and raised her as one of their own. As the years went by, her ad...
Indigenous Faceclaims by Pastybihh
Indigenous Faceclaimsby Selena
For all faceclaims of indigenous peoples around the world like North & South Americas, Africa, Oceania, etc. since it's so difficult to fond faceclaims that are ACTUALLY...
getting married to two wives does nothing but harm and breaks the family bonds and ties but only few have had successful polygamous marriage but its just 10% out of 100%...
The Ramblings of a Non-Status  Mi'kmaw Woman by SelenaMWaters
The Ramblings of a Non-Status Mi' S. M. Waters
This collection of poems focuses on growing up and finding and connecting to ones identity.