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I Hate Luv Stories {ON HOLD} by _aurra_dwell_
I Hate Luv Stories {ON HOLD}by Aurra Dwell
Is falling in love after marriage a rule? What if Marriage becomes a reason to hate each other? What if Marriage is entirely opposite from what we think? What if a norma...
Pendulum by drshne
Pendulumby Darishini
Firdaus is about to get married off to a man she has never met. When she finally does wrap her head around the fact that she would have to live with him forever, someone...
Pyar Ke Rishte (Completed)  by AaravManvi
Pyar Ke Rishte (Completed) by AaravManvi
Ruhana sent Manvi with Vikrant assuming she will happy. But is that the reality?? Stay tuned..
MaNan : Marrying an NRI ✅ by Rrrmsr
MaNan : Marrying an NRI ✅by janani
What happens when a simple Indian conservative girl marries an unknown man? She is just thought from the very childhood that marriage is very sacred and is something tha...
Strangled Sweetness by dwarkaratna
Strangled Sweetnessby Parth Probodhika
"Sweetness can be suppressed. But it's essence always remain stable after being suppressed also." ~Author This fact is progressing here, in this story. "...
| Nilanjana: Cosmic Confluence | [Modern Sanatana Series] by satyabhamaatisakhi
| Nilanjana: Cosmic Confluence | [ Shakrani
(Based on Mahabharata, Bhagavata and Harivamsa - Reincarnation of Krishna-Satyabhama and Arjuna-Draupadi in Kali Yuga) _____ The close-knit quartet of Vishnu, Vasumathi...
Parth Probodhika: Pristine hues of his peace  by dwarkaratna
Parth Probodhika: Pristine hues Parth Probodhika
"When time will be tough It won't have to be only for you When the flow of wind will change It won't have to be only for you When any happiness will appear It...
Tera Mera Kissa Atrangi - A Moran Fantale by samanvitha0kapu
Tera Mera Kissa Atrangi - A Samanvitha Kapu
Jab do alag alag mentalities ke log do alag tarike se sochne wali families mei do alag jagaon mei paida hokar ek unpredictable circumstance mei milte hai.. tab bawaal cr...
Anidita - The happy times  by Bhavanakalpavalli
Anidita - The happy times by BHAVANA KALPAVALLI
The main theme of the story is recreating memories. At the end of day memories are only ones which hold us alive with love. So, my intention is to see Anidita happy, che...
❝ the affection ❞ | fanfictions ✓ by xoxoadrika
❝ the affection ❞ | fanfictions ✓by adrika
❝ for the souls who are capable of seeing a not so cheesy love story but a one which can be real somewhere ❞ COMPLETED | general fiction | romance • the character...
GOPALIKA: Growing Glimpse Of Grace by dwarkaratna
GOPALIKA: Growing Glimpse Of Graceby Parth Probodhika
"Take me back to those days when I used to get a sound sleep." ~ quote belongs to my lifeline. After reading this quote which days would have flashed in your...
🌹My Only Crush Happens To Be My Hubby🌹 by blissfuladorer
🌹My Only Crush Happens To Be My Blissful adorer
"EZHIL"... A cute naughty innocent Tamil girl who loves to enjoy each and every second of her life... She is so care free and has a tendency of helping the poo...
Half A Moonstone by purpleearrings123
Half A Moonstoneby purpleearrings123
NOW PUBLISHED!! Currently discounted on Amazon Kindle, go download a copy now! An aura of power wrapped around the pair as their eyes met. Damayanthi Pratap Rathore, the...
Teri Yaadein (Completed)  by Thedreamer_Ak
Teri Yaadein (Completed) by AaravManvi
She began a journey to find him. Some people helped her and some betrayed her. She learnt the shocking truth of her life. Her husband Aarav was not what she thought him...
PriRa OneShot ~ Jaan by -Sarcy-
PriRa OneShot ~ Jaanby -Sarcy-
Vedika attends Akshay and Shivina's anniversary party where she witnesses the depth of Ram and Priya's relationship, and through a sequence of events, ends up realizing...
Bicycle Diaries - A Short Read by RahulIyer4
Bicycle Diaries - A Short Readby Rahul Iyer (The Eternal Movie...
Have you ever found it difficult to let go of something buried deep inside your heart? Arko finds himself fighting with his inner demons and mysterious voices in his hea...
The Side of the Road | ✔ by ni19534
The Side of the Road | ✔by Nia
In which a girl makes the side of the road as her second home. (A one-shot)
The Life And Lies Of Agent K by khokhopkar19
The Life And Lies Of Agent Kby Akash Khopkar
The life of the Head of RAW Special Operations. India's hope in her darkest hour. Read how the best Agent of all times falls in the biggest conspiracy of all times. And...
The Star And The Sunshine  by vedika007
The Star And The Sunshine by Vedika
A story about two best friends and their struggles that will make you laugh and cry and happy and sad.. A story about friendship, love, care and every emotion that one...