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Money Isn't Everything by BooksAreMyReality18
Money Isn't Everythingby BooksAreMyReality18
Percy Jackson has lived on the streets since he was eight, one of the most important thing lesson he's learned is Money isn't everything. Annabeth Chase has always been...
Reborn as Katsuki by Moomoo43234
Reborn as Katsukiby Moomoo43234
I died. And was reborn. But not just as some random person. No. I was reincarnated as Katsuki Bakugou. ~~~ Please don't repost! #3 - selfinsert
Eri's Hero Academia by ThicccFiccz
Eri's Hero Academiaby ThicccFiccz
After being rescued from Overhaul's clutches, Eri receives an outpouring of care and love from those around her, all dedicated to ensuring her safety and happiness. Howe...
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Colorful Monochrome by Achlys005
Colorful Monochromeby Achlyz
When Corpse left his old university for a new one in a brand new town because of personal reason, he didn't expect for his university life to be quite the opposite of wh...
Amygdala (Vinsmoke brothers) by real-majima-hours
Amygdala (Vinsmoke brothers)by Kevin
In the New World, a scientist ambushes three Germa 66 vessels and captures Ichiji, Niji and Yonji to pry in their brains with his devil powers. Afterward, they begin to...
Home Now (Fluffy Horrortale) by CrusnikRoxas
Home Now (Fluffy Horrortale)by CrusnikRoxas
Despite living on the surface and a part of society at last, Sans can't bring himself to feel happy - hell, he can't even bring himself to sleep. As a matter of fact, al...
SCP-9999 (Discontinued) by yamahano1233
SCP-9999 (Discontinued)by Yamahano
Three new creatures have arrived at the SCP Foundation, but they aren't exactly cooperating during interviews, so it's up to the Watch and Jacobs to figure just who and...
Blossom by ZillyJams99432
Blossomby 「 Fran 」
ReonagiWeek2023 || Day 6 - Soulmate AU The concept of soulmates had long been ripped out of the pages of his dictionary. There was no such thing-a idiotic myth that soci...
Ice Cream Social by Hannah_Mcanne
Ice Cream Socialby WanderlustandFreedom
Some people came off the island and came to Auradon. And some of them came off the island, but then brought the Isle with them. When Mal starts to slide back into her Is...
A silent friendship turned to love by slyther-bi
A silent friendship turned to loveby Ash Lynx
The developing friendship of Evan & Severus that turns to love. Each chapter is a oneshot of their friendship. I own none of these characters
Snapshots by prettypsycho313
Snapshotsby #1 June simp
Snippets of Regulus's and Sirius's relationship throughout the years
Undertale fanmade sequel by PancakeComa
Undertale fanmade sequelby PancakeComa
Frisk has freed all the monsters from Mt. Ebott. Even bringing back Chara, also Flowey is on the surface too! Ships: Undyne+Alphys, Asgore+Toriel, Warning: Contains matu...
land of infinite wonders, billion lightyears from now | severus snape x reader by monsterenergies
land of infinite wonders, yarah
january 9th is just another day for severus snape. he doesn't want to remember nor does he want to celebrate it, but with a visit from birthdays past, that might be the...
My Neighbors Are Strange. by Mwisterlizardkun
My Neighbors Are Mwisterlizardkun
A young girl named Quinn attempts to get to the bottom of why her blind friend Svetlana keeps showing up with unexplainable bruises (or maybe just unexplained), and disc...
Blue eyes to red eyes by Lyntamashii
Blue eyes to red eyesby Lyn/Faye
Asuka Langley Soryu has taken note of the First Children: Rei Ayanami. She wonders why she thinks that the girl is treated better than her, but soon realizes the two hav...
In depth of Memories by S1red2Freya
In depth of Memoriesby Rye 🫶
The Mikaelson Family is one of the oldest and most powerful supernatural families. However over 1,000 years ago a cursed was placed on the family, set to trigger once th...
Grasping at the Sky by FeatherFang
Grasping at the Skyby FeatherFang
She had spoken out of turn, but she didn't regret it. A small spark that lit the way towards a friendship that would have them both reconsidering their paths in life. Al...
She's Trying by dayswithrays
She's Tryingby dayswithrays
The plot is based off of a comic on IFunny, by nicklogic. I do not own the characters, musicals, art, or pretty much anything here. Constructive criticism is welcome. :...