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i am normal ? ( kit keith ) by safaayaz123
i am normal ? ( kit keith )by Safaa Yazbeck
What if the altean were the main reason that the war started When the galra to give the altean more power they made a virus that kill the kit in a brutal way, and on ga...
I'm Never Leaving You by TheAlaskanHybrid
I'm Never Leaving Youby TheAlaskanHybrid
Keith joins Shiro, Matt, and Matt's father on the Kerberos mission. The crew goes missing. Their friends Lance, Hunk, and Pidge back on earth are devastated. However, o...
The Giant Galra by sleepystudios2
The Giant Galraby Sleepy
Lance, Pidge, and Hunk are out late at night in the woods, cryptid hunting. The trio doesn't find Mothman or Bigfoot, but rather something... purple? (Previous name: Gia...
Experiment K-10-23 by DarkDiscord
Experiment K-10-23by KICK
Lance and the team venture onto a Galra base on a planet so old no one remembers its name. The plan was to get in, rescue the prisoners, and get out. However, the Paladi...
Keith One Shots by xxAkiraKoganexx
Keith One Shotsby Mill
Don't we all just love Keith Kogane? Well this is a book dedicated to him. This book includes sic fics, AUs, whumps and much more all based on Keith! All characters are...
The Real Enemy [Klance] by Writer-Within
The Real Enemy [Klance]by Renn
Keith is captured. It is unlikely anyone will come to his rescue and he is stuck in a cell. He must find the way out before it's too late. But wouldn't that be so much e...
Deep Inside {Klance} by BunnyPersonYay
Deep Inside {Klance}by Blue
"Sometimes what we're told to be doesn't mean we have to be it" He smiled as he reached his hand out to the Ex-Galran soldier, who hesitantly took it What if K...
Painting With Blood (Galtean Keith) by WarFireflyXene
Painting With Blood (Galtean Keith)by Мили Firefly
***INDEFINITE HAITUS*** Keith was born half Altean half Galra, he never lived on earth nor met the paladins of Voltron, but he had known Red for all his life. He had liv...
Control (Complete) by DarkYuki9521
Control (Complete)by DarkYuki9521
In the middle of battle Keith is taken by the galra. While Lance and the other Paladins try to find Keith, he is put through torture. You will have to read to find out t...
I Am The Red Paladin by Avatar_Roku32
I Am The Red Paladinby Avatar_Roku32
"If it wasn't for your Galra comrade I doubt we would be meeting," Kolivan confessed. "Galra comrade?" Allura furrowed her brow confusion present on...
Hybrid and the human(sheith) by IMJUSTNONSTOP
Hybrid and the human(sheith)by I'll drown people for free
When Shiro goes on a mission and almost gets caught. But someone was able to save him but he never knew who it was. What happens when the Blade Of Marmora show up and th...
The red rose of rejection by diedyesterday123
The red rose of rejectionby personnn
YES I'M BACK AND THIS TIME I PROMISE TO HAVE REGULAR UPDATES When the princess finds out Keith is galra she abandons him on a random planet to fend for himself. Abandone...
Survival of the Innocent (A Voltron fanfic) (Book 1 of Fates Entwined) by MEJ2235
Survival of the Innocent (A MEJ2235
One deca-phoeb, a Galra female by the name of Krolia kept the Galra from finding the Blue Lion. However, her ship received damages and she crashed. A human found her, ba...
Don't Ask About My Demons by Sharpeyesharpshooter
Don't Ask About My Demonsby Sharpeyesharpshooter
The second book of "Don't Ask, I'll Never Tell" The team knows Keith's secret. However, it isn't enough to accept the fact that he's part Galra. Despite his e...
Keith/Voltron Stories ✔ by Wishful_author_xoxo
Keith/Voltron Stories ✔by Wishful_author_xoxo
Random oneshots of Keith and the team. Credits to artists' work used.
Galra Lineage (Voltron Klance Fan Fic) by Aasimar_Wings
Galra Lineage (Voltron Klance Togepi_Kiss
When Keith is captured by the Galra, team voltron do everything in their power to get him back, Lance searching through his feelings about Keith in the process. But when...
Kit Keith by 20MarMar09
Kit Keithby 20MarMar09
Something happened to Keith. Something made him start acting different, more... childlike. What if the whole war is just a big misunderstanding? And what if Keith isn't...
Being Galra by shiro_winchester
Being Galraby G A L R A
Being human is difficult, but being galra is even harder nowadays. Not even Keith himself knew about his blood heritage and suddenly transforming into one of the enemies...
Keith's Lament  by EdwardMaesElrica
Keith's Lament by Edward Maes Elrica
Klance implied. Fatherly shiro. Galra transition, suicidal keith. Light fluff.