Icekingdom Stories

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Snow Heart (Wings of Fire Fanfic) by rainphee
Snow Heart (Wings of Fire Fanfic)by the procrastination queen
Flurry the IceWing is a normal- albeit on the small side- dragonet of the Fifth Circle. Her world in her ice-cave home is happy, with her older brother, parents and sibl...
The Princess of Ice Kingdom by Nine_iscutepup
The Princess of Ice Kingdomby XiaLuLu
A princess born with power. The power is the blessing or curse that will depend on the princess as how she used it. When she was born, the kingdom of the princess start...
Encantadia Fanfic Series Presents: The Ice Queen And The Firebird King by ElenaireMarione
Encantadia Fanfic Series Elenairë Marioné Montes
Cassiopea's twin sister Casilda, the Queen of Eirania sets her sights on conquering Lireo and all of Encantadia. Her wicked intentions involve defeating the heroic sang'...
She's As Cold As Ice by xxAmphibiaNerdxx
She's As Cold As Iceby Frying Pan...sexual
The Ice Kingdom and the Fire Kingdom are rivals. But when the Ice Kingdom's own Ice Princess meets the Fire Prince, things start to happen. What will happen? Who's to sa...
Heart of Fire by MyrrgloschtheSkyWing
Heart of Fireby H Carnagey
Emberice is, in one word, different. She is an IceWing, but has some features that other IceWings don't, such as orange eyes, weirdly curving spikes, and something even...
My (not so) wild dreams  by dermer123
My (not so) wild dreams by dermer123
I suffer form nightmares and very weird dreams So I thought I could share it with all of you<3 Have fun~ Because I surely didn't ;)
Roleplay - Blitzaire POV by Blizzarie
Roleplay - Blitzaire POVby Blitzaire
(Cover art is mine lol) BOOK FOR ROLEPLAY~COLLAB WITH CRYSTAL/CELESTE (idk what to call her anymore) Blitzaire, princess of Cryctico Empire, wakes up to the warm brown e...
Frost Bite by InkLord
Frost Biteby Jade the Ink Lord
In the land of Ice, the world is threatened when the Queen is kidnapped, a stubborn young warrior sets off on his own to save her.
The Curse Of The Mysterious Book by vikimarie
The Curse Of The Mysterious Bookby Victoria
Violet Morgan is an average teen struggling to make it through highschool with exceptional grades so she can make it into a great college and start a career. One day sh...
Ice Princess by Yazzie95
Ice Princessby Yazzie95
In the year 3020 the new world lived a Ice Queen name Della and Ice King name Torrent (human), who was loved by all their people. The Ice queen soon gave birth to a beau...
Ooo and Aaa by RavenTheGem
Ooo and Aaaby Ellie Brinkman
Ooo and Aaa, Collide, The Two worlds meet each other and New Relationships will Blossom over time, and Brand New Adventures. There will be Drama, Gossip, and Love. What...
The Forgotten Kingdom by angcutemo_po
The Forgotten Kingdomby angcutemo_po
Isang kaharian na nalimutan ng lahat ng kaharian.Ito ay bigla na lamang nawala dahil sa isang malaking labanan.Sa isang libong daang nagtago ay may dalawang taong mister...
Remnants of Frost  by LetsCallMeLiko
Remnants of Frost by Liko
Silver is just a normal IceWing living in the IceWing kingdom. She has worked her tail off and she finally clawed her way up in the rankings to the 5th circle. Silver is...
Wings of Fire: The Ice and Stars prophecy by acourtofbooksnpages
Wings of Fire: The Ice and Stars acourtofbooksnpages
Wrote this in middle school very cringe. Snowdrift isn't like other dragons. She is a frostscales, so her scales radiate frost nobody can touch her or be near her in ca...
Wings of fire - Snow Owl by Wings_of_fire_simp
Wings of fire - Snow Owlby Bernie Bae
This is about Moonwatcher and what happens if she decided to choose winter
Helm of the Twelve Shadows by Wolf_Tale
Helm of the Twelve Shadowsby Ainslie
The ice kingdom of Îglisk is ruled by wolves. Queen Auromora leads them, and their army is feared far and wide. When a mysterious blade smith arrives with a strange helm...