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strawberry moon by lvndrnostalgia
strawberry moonby 𝙘𝙡𝙖𝙞
Claudine Gonzaga, a hopeless romantic poet fell in love with Melvin James Mendoza; a stem student the moment she first laid her eyes on him during an essay writing cont...
Deep In A Heartbeats (Moon Onse #1) by karcheska
Deep In A Heartbeats (Moon Onse #1)by Aica
MOON ONSE #1 The story of a young senior high students in their teenage days spending their youth. They draw a process of bulding a dream and friendship and wander about...
Literature of Love (HUMSS Series #1)  by shinammon
Literature of Love (HUMSS Series Shin
Ongoing Si Delythena Lira Pelano ay isang babaeng mahilig magbasa ng libro at ng mga tula na tila ang kanyang buhay ay nakatuon lamang sa kanyang pagbabasa, mahilig din...
Mr. and Mrs. Rosario by ellie_pooh
Mr. and Mrs. Rosarioby Elle Panganiban
It's no secret that St. Teresa of Avila's class president, Julia Allard, and Student Council Chairman, Yuki Rosario, hates each others' guts. Para kay Yuki, si Julia ay...
Breaking Psychosocial You by Theiasophiya
Breaking Psychosocial Youby Faith.
Completed|| unedited "No man is an island," they say, but Airelle Ezra Rue from the Humanities and Social Sciences strand isolates herself from everybody to fo...
To You by yanakhei
To Youby yanakhei
Cresieia Sylien, academic achiever since elementary, competitive na sanay na nakukuha ang mga gusto niya. Sanay siya na sa kung ano man ang gawin niya mananalo at manana...
Sweet Romantic (Loose Trilogy #2) by itonesiks
Sweet Romantic (Loose Trilogy #2)by Tone ◡̈
Sweet Romantic (Loose Trilogy #2) Failure and disappointment are the hardest things that she's afraid to achieve. Amaryllis Raine Lozano, a girl full of ambition--a goa...
Daily HUMSS by msdeaneyan
Daily HUMSSby diane junio
Tips and Lesson about HUMSS strand. For those students who's willing to learn more about HUMSS, you can read it here. You made the right decision. This is from the Daiy...
Forbidden Connection  by _Calcheiya
Forbidden Connection by Iya
In the eyes of everyone, she is a murderer, haunted by accusations and forced to flee to a distant province to escape the clutches of her alleged crimes. Seeking refuge...
English for Academic And Professional Purposes  by ice_zeythez
English for Academic And ice
GRADE 11 GOODLUCK! this is my own notes I'm currently grade 11 HUMSS student 04/25/23
Senior High School One-Shots by im_nazz
Senior High School One-Shotsby pnkstrwbrry
Kahel STEM and STEM (Aiden and Niki) 128√e980 STEM and STEM (Ciandrei and Ciandria) Araw-Araw STEM and TVL (Vix and Isabel) Eres un Arte, Mi Amor STEM and ARTS & DESIGN ...
Somewhere in Pureza  by paradoxicallychi
Somewhere in Pureza by Cy𔘓𓂃 ࣪˖ ִֶָ
Redemency #1 Unexpected times calls for unexpected moments; just like the way Chiara met Asteroah in most unexpected time. Astheroah, the lead guitarist of a band. It wa...
Venture on the Shine  (Esperanza Series #1) by kysilina
Venture on the Shine (Esperanza xai
Esperanza Series #1 He's always there, beside me. Ready to risk anything just to take back the shine I lose, to light up the glow I no longer have-to venture on my shine.
Light in the Dark by astraeux
Light in the Darkby Megumi
Gabriel, a STEM student who loves to fool around, and do not take anything seriously find his life boring, until he met Katrina, a HUMSS student who seeks for academic v...
(iii) chasing pavements by arytaleya
(iii) chasing pavementsby rae
✧⁠*⁠。Hiraya & Saturn Worth in the middle of chasing pavements.
8 letters my love  by IrahhRonelaaa
8 letters my love by Ira Ronela Bellen
So there's have a girl who's really attractive and intelligent, in first look she's intimidating because she always remain silent and observant in any situations, and wh...
Why you must choose HUMSS? by yeykookie32
Why you must choose HUMSS?by kookie jeon
There are severals tracks and strands to choose for an incoming senior high school. Including STEM, HUMSS, ABM, Sports track, TVL, Arts and Design, and GAS. All of these...
Introduction to World Religion and Belief System by AY_KALAME
Introduction to World Religion A Y K A L A M E
UNIT: INTRODUCTION TO WORLD RELIGION AND BELIEF SYSTEM ("theology is about our Ideas of truth, classified and arrange -Beecher) - Every word written inside this bo...
Ikaw kag Ako (Humanista Series 2) by MissLunaSnape
Ikaw kag Ako (Humanista Series 2)by Misyel
Kadamo gid sang mga tawo pro ikaw gid ang akon napilian kag gusto nga makaupod asta sa katapusan.
Schoolshits by Notagamma
Schoolshitsby Notagamma
Drafts. Notes. Submissions.