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Marriage Equation: Solve for I (AHS Girls Series #1) by Kumishen
Marriage Equation: Solve for I (AH...by SHEN
Isla Mavysse Castillero, a STEM student, flees from an arranged marriage, seeking refuge at Astra High School. Her peace is shattered when Justice, an ABM student, pursu...
Mr. and Mrs. Rosario by ellieeeeee_chuu
Mr. and Mrs. Rosarioby Elle Panganiban
It's no secret that the Creative Writing Club President, Julia Allard, and Student Council Chairman, Yuki Rosario, hates each others' guts. Para kay Yuki, si Julia ay si...
His Mate and His Mistress by taty_ABM
His Mate and His Mistressby ❤Tania❤
*This is a PUBLISHED story. This is only a preview. Please read the Author's notes for purchasing options.* Alpha Demitrey Jackson felt on top of the world. He was Alpha...
Neglecting the Luxe (on-going) by vxcelestia
Neglecting the Luxe (on-going)by Via Celestia
Chiya Aurelia Milano, a spoiled daughter whos finding true love but always ended up being hurt. She always wants a man that is rich and expensive like her. She had this...
Loved until the end (SHS Series 02)  by TPh_Cat
Loved until the end (SHS Series 02...by ToxicPhilippines_cat
Ever since they were kids, they're parents already engaged them. They always fought when they were young not until they see each other after many years that they are apa...
Accounting by adelinsgarcia
Accountingby adelinsgarcia
This book is filled with accounting lessons specially crafted for accounting students and aspiring accountants. Dive into the world of numbers and financial know-how as...
Worth All the Scars (Metamorphosis #1) by Leibaa
Worth All the Scars (Metamorphosis...by lei
Metamorphosis Series #1 "Scars define how brave someone, after overcoming thorns." Ohana Raviea Evangelista is a typical prim and proper girl whose epitome of...
"Guilty" by taty_ABM
"Guilty"by ❤Tania❤
Teresa Miller may be considered as your typical teenage girl. She has good grades, good friends, and a good boyfriend. Until one word turned all of that upside down. Bec...
Reincarnate As The Gold digger Bitch by m4scuiere
Reincarnate As The Gold digger Bit...by carssmm
Selena lia Ashania, a shy and inoccent girl who become reincarnate in the world once she read before, she didn't finish the story because of vulgar words and anythings t...
Introspecting About You by Theiasophiya
Introspecting About Youby Faith.
Breathe with Academic validation is Cordelia Eloise Herman's principle in life. Bringing up the best version of herself that her family wants of her, even if that wouldn...
A Strange Kind of Beautiful by -taraxacum-
A Strange Kind of Beautifulby Girl In Grey
Trapped in pages are words I've never spoken. An overwhelming happiness, grief, and love. A walking poem and the hidden poet. To admire from afar and to be loved silentl...
Test Subjects by taty_ABM
Test Subjectsby ❤Tania❤
At the dawn of the 22nd Century, when the world falls under the hand of a power hungry Warlord, who is set on finding a serum to grant him immortality, a group of very d...
ADA CINTA DI PRAMUKA by Sokawayana13
Haiii !!! Salam Pramuka ! Pagi yang cerah Kusambut dengan hati yang meriah Tanpa sedikitpun rasa gundah Apalagi dengan rasa gelisah Semua akan terasa susah Hadapi saja...
Why Do Fate Always Stumbles? by 2rugem
Why Do Fate Always Stumbles?by 2rugem
Mheygan Allaíre hated Vandrik Fíerro to the core! For her, His existence make her life go beyond the word "fucked-up". And she would do everything for him to g...
It's Either; Probabilities (On-going) by tokiiae
It's Either; Probabilities (On-goi...by ms.kittt
It's Either; Probabilities A girl named Kittiana Mair Lavadia. A stubborn and forgetful yet very thoughtful girl when it comes to someone else's feelings. Will she figur...
English for Academic And Professional Purposes  by ice_zeythez
English for Academic And Professio...by ice
GRADE 11 GOODLUCK! this is my own notes I'm currently grade 11 HUMSS student 04/25/23
Just the TWO of us by Simply1sh
Just the TWO of usby beep boop
The things I wrote is from the bottom of my heart so if I even write anything about love. It only means 1 thing, I must be in love with someone. Since the first day we m...
Almost a Love Story by Kresha_ya
Almost a Love Storyby Kresha
A girl who immediately likes someone at their first meet again... A STORY WRITTEN BY Kresha_ya
My SHS Journey As An ABM Student  by MhaeyRiKeyt
My SHS Journey As An ABM Student by MaRiKit
This story is all about my Senior High School journey as an ABM student. Throughout my Senior High School journey as an ABM (Accountancy, Business, and Management) stude...