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Gay Oneshots by tanner_boyce4
Gay Oneshotsby Tann
Just some Gay Osne shots
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BoyxBoy One Shots by killerkel
BoyxBoy One Shotsby Love Bites
This is going to be another one shot book! Again read the title of this book! If you don't like the love dovey and smutty things between guys then turn around and leave...
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Freaky Deaky: VOL 2 by BoniTraxton6789
Freaky Deaky: VOL 2by Mr Shady Bootz
After the success of these wild stories, I figured, that one book couldn't hold all this nastyyyyy and creativity! SO HERES PART 2 OF THE WILD SEX STORIES that involve s...
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Boyxboy and chicoxchico that are worth a read by Princesita1977
Boyxboy and chicoxchico that are w...by Princesita1977
This is a collection of mini book reviews for homoerotica/yaoi/bl books on Wattpad that I recommend. I read in Spanish and English, but reviews are in English. I read m...
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Web of Love™ Stony Fan-Fiction. by ELYSIAR
Web of Love™ Stony Fan-Fiction.by Elys Blood’s
Short LGBT Avengers/Stony Fan-Fiction® (COMPLETE) Steve returns from a mission all the way in Kazakhstan, and drops a child bomb on Tony. (PLEASE DON'T BASH, WE ALL HA...
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Every New Day Is a Gift | MxB by Kentuckyfriedpenis
Every New Day Is a Gift | MxBby Kentuckyfriedpenis
Abused and broken with no will to live, Richter Quakes planned to drown himself and his only friend in the lake. That was until his friend showed him the light. Ten ye...
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UnFurled Love //Zanvis// And OneShots by ZeroIntolerance
UnFurled Love //Zanvis// And OneSh...by Angsty yet cute
Zane and Travis are both anxious at the sleepover that AphMau just had to have and since everyone-except Garroth and Vlyad - ship Zanvis things go a bit embarrassing for...
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Deception.... by BoniTraxton6789
Deception....by Mr Shady Bootz
It involves this high school in Tennessee where young sexy fine jock Shawn, is snatched by an alien which crashed as he was going back home after a party, an it shape sh...
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The Trucker and the Runaway by T_kitten5
The Trucker and the Runawayby Sparkling Cat
A runaway encounters a trucker on his travels and from that encounter a sticky (literally) situation ensues.
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N.E.P.T.X [Chanbaek] by EliahVianney
N.E.P.T.X [Chanbaek]by EliahVianney
Chanyeol observó las marcas negras que recorrían sus antebrazos casi completamente. Una oscuridad que se fundía con sus venas. Eso era N.E.P.T.X. Su salvación. Su enferm...
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LA ESTATUA DE HIELO [Chanbaek] by EliahVianney
LA ESTATUA DE HIELO [Chanbaek]by EliahVianney
Chanyeol pensaba que aquella escultura de hielo que decoraba el centro del salón del banquete de boda era horrible, pero nadie parecía estar de acuerdo con él. Nadie sa...
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Fetish For My Love (Tom Holland) smut by _amallard_
Fetish For My Love (Tom Holland) s...by mallard.
It's test day at Salyards High School, and two students-Tom Holland and Ethan Keogh-both are in a very stinky situation. This story is A WORK IN PROGRESS. Yes, I know th...
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(Mini Story) I Don't Wanna Do This Anymore.....😩 by BoniTraxton6789
(Mini Story) I Don't Wanna Do This...by Mr Shady Bootz
I just went thru a bad breakup and I'm not thinking about ANYBODY right now, just myself, but then I read this book at the library one day called "Play Them Like a...
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Play With Me [En Edicion] by drokstmonkoy
Play With Me [En Edicion]by Monkoy
Marcos Hernández un chico de 19 años, al ver Dave inmediatamente pone sus ojos en el. Con ayuda de su mejor amigo Armando logra conocerlo sin saber que fue muy mala idea.
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El Borde de tu Dulzura -Leoji - [Umbraverse] by darablake
El Borde de tu Dulzura -Leoji - [U...by darablake
Para Guang Hong, ese hombre probablemente era la mayor contradicción que había visto en su corta vida. Pues, pese al bozal de hierro que usaba, marcándolo claramente com...
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Danger Zone (Gay/Yaoi) by HinataShion
Danger Zone (Gay/Yaoi)by HinataShion
Lucas Cafarelli nunca se pudo imaginar ni en un millón de años que conocer a Andreas Dangelo le iba a traer tantos problemas y a la vez tanta satisfacción. Durante años...
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Silas by EmilyMottley
Silasby Emily Mottley
A graphic relationship between a young lycan and his dearest vampiric companion. A tale not based on any other story it is entirely of my own fantasies. No two beings co...
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Max x Sam by hard4larry
Max x Samby hard4larry
A forbidden love story between a little boy and his older sister's boyfriend. Will their romance ever come out in light or will it be hidden forever?
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Saga Zodiacal 2 : Ese bicho es mio by ClaudiaNora3
Saga Zodiacal 2 : Ese bicho es mioby Claudia Nora
Segundo libro de mi pequeña saga : Sebastian siempre se habia comportado como el niño risueño del grupo , el que nunca tomaba nada en serio , lo que nadie sabia era que...
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croaking on bowie (18+ only) by phanficatthedisco98
croaking on bowie (18+ only)by soup
hypnotoad is a gæ boi who becomes david bowie's pet. this abomination is inspired by my good pal elios
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