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Soy tu Dueño by AlexSheper
Soy tu Dueñoby Alex Sheper
Un amor desenfrenado en el cual llegara el patrón a la hacienda y el capataz lo hará de su propiedad
  • campo
  • romance
  • hacienda
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¿Por que un balneario? by death-ela
¿Por que un balneario?by Death-Ela
Cuando alguien te regala un bono en un Balneario cuando en tu vida has pisado uno.... ¿Qué cosas sorprendentes podrás experimentar?
  • balneario
  • homoerotica
  • lgbt
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Hannibal: After the Fall by LivyKillen
Hannibal: After the Fallby Livy Killen
What happened after the demise of the Great Red Dragon? ~~~~~~~ "Oh, the skies, tumbling from your eyes. So sublime, the chase to end all time. Seasons call and fal...
  • murder
  • hannigram
  • hannibal
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Imperfections (BoyxBoy) by ActuallyDeadInside
Imperfections (BoyxBoy)by Nicole Rivera
The modeling world is dangerous for anyone involved. With people always trying to take advantage of the naive. Most models turn to drugs,alcohol, and sex to take their m...
  • modeling
  • lgbt
  • gay
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Todo lo que me encanta de ti by pamelaolaldegomez
Todo lo que me encanta de tiby Four&Tris
Todo aquello que deseaste toda tu vida, llega un día a ti. Pero lo que Eric no se imagino es que todo lo que deseaba llegaría a el en forma de un chico, increíblemente...
  • hombrexhombre
  • homoerotica
  • boyslove
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JDE Valentine's Day Special: The Evers Hotel (NSFW) by JayDioncelEvers
JDE Valentine's Day Special: The E...by Jarrick DeWaine Exum
Need to relax after a long day of school or work? Need to unwind from your worries? Want a pick-me-up during your lunch break? Fancy something to tickle your homoerotic...
  • passion
  • teenfiction
  • forbiddenfruit
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The Agent's Capture (18+)  by J-erotic
The Agent's Capture (18+) by J-erotic
The year is 2025. Private espionage companies have dotted the globe, taking in work from the highest bidders, no bias to any Nation and no control by any government. The...
  • 18andup
  • homoerotica
  • spy
The Sweetest Feeling by kuroktn
The Sweetest Feelingby Kuroktn
**I own nothing but the story. Image rights go to its rightful owners.** A short story from a memoir of a short lived highschool romance.
  • lesbianromance
  • feelings
  • homo-erotica
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El Borde de tu Dulzura -Leoji - [Umbraverse] by darablake
El Borde de tu Dulzura -Leoji - [U...by darablake
Para Guang Hong, ese hombre probablemente era la mayor contradicción que había visto en su corta vida. Pues, pese al bozal de hierro que usaba, marcándolo claramente com...
  • umbraverse
  • romance
  • 18
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If He Was Perfect(BOOK 2) by Reader_Life2017
If He Was Perfect(BOOK 2)by Reader
Miles Abernathy was not afraid of hiding his sexuality. After coming out of the closet, Miles has been living the life he's most comfortable with. So when a new school w...
  • heartbreak
  • love
  • pride
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Ranch house blues by devalore
Ranch house bluesby devalore
Supernatural Wincest fic in which a mind reading demon forces the winchester brothers to confront their deepest darkest desires.......
  • dean
  • homosexual
  • wincest
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Amazing Fall Out Boy Fact (Will Blow Your Dick Off) by spacegayz99
Amazing Fall Out Boy Fact (Will Bl...by matija
  • god
  • wifey
  • homoerotica
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Copa de Champagne y una gota de Sangre by NonaBeaumont
Copa de Champagne y una gota de Sa...by NonaBeaumont
Armand ha decidido abandonar a los vacíos y primitivos vampiros del Théatre des Vampires, justo cuando estaba próxima la llegada a este de Louis de Pointe du Lac y la be...
  • homoerotica
  • concurso
  • wattvampiros
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Play Dates (boyxboy) by IronicallyInnocent
Play Dates (boyxboy)by Tippy
Ashton Burns and Caillou Penatara have a way of sneaking up on each other. Surprising each other in ways no one else can compare too. They are not completely popular at...
  • homoerotica
  • homosexual
  • lgbt
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One Shot Twilight by AutumnRoses31
One Shot Twilightby AutumnRoses31
Jacob×Edward for all you who rooted for the sinful romance 😘
  • homoerotica
  • twilight