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Wincest (Family x Reader) by whatsfunnyxd
Wincest (Family x Reader)by Lazyhobby
After a long battle from Iran, Y/N finally gets his break. and lastly he will spend it with his family, by family I say his siblings not wife and children. although he's...
my horney bro by AINSV4CAY
my horney broby AINSV4CAY
tess, 16 and a rough virgin. luke, 17 and the vagina ripper. siblings either have a good or a bad realition ship but in this case, tess and luke are in alabama.
The States! (Aph) by Kc_Arts98
The States! (Aph)by Kari Camp
Alfred F. Jones the personified version of America has to introduce the entire world to his States in order to maintain a peaceful and trustful environment between him a...
The Red Wolf by BitterSweetLov
The Red Wolfby BitterSweetLov
About five hundred years ago, Red Wolfs were known as the most loyal in their packs. Red Wolfs are known as the weakest and that's true. What made them so special? Well...
The Indomitable Duo: Volume 1 by Galv324
The Indomitable Duo: Volume 1by Galv
The Indomitable Duo. The most feared pair of battleships the world has ever seen are born into the world of Azur Lane as they try to find their place in this world. USS...
BREAKDOWN by lokkstaa
BREAKDOWNby オマリ 🎠.
new story , ima put my all in this one and matona , so read 💙
Viribus by DestineePatlan
Viribusby Destinee H.
Viviana is just an average 25 year old nurse attempting to live her life. She's trying to juggle living in a new house, starting a career and on top of it all she's adop...
50 Kids In Need by StarC00ki3
50 Kids In Needby StarCookie
Basically a bunch of mini one shots for each state/territory of the USA. I might also do one for Confederate and Al's 2p, who in this AU are to be called Jonathan (Jonny...
one night by C-Schwar05
one nightby Claire S
A story about how one night changes everything
50 deaths 50 mysteries by ColoradanGoatMan
50 deaths 50 mysteriesby ✨Goat Man ✨
(WARNING: this book will have gore, blood, and strong language, so I suggest that if you are not comfortable with those topics, do not read and is also originally from W...
State Stuff by Hotdog_Kid
State Stuffby Hot Dog
"It's not a phase, pa!!! THIS IS WHO I AM!!!" "Who TF be treading on my land?!" "And Peg--" "STFU NEW YORK!!!" Cramming fifty...
The Snake Prince by Storm-Shadows7
The Snake Princeby K. Ramsuer
Te'arhan "Aaron" Azure has been alive longer than America has been a country. He's content with living in his river and annoying the tourists. Driving up tour...
Florida's Stories by idixt_uwu
Florida's Storiesby ~~NJ~~
This was NOT written by me! This was written by two of my online friends who go by Florida and Zordon. Yes, they gave me permission to post this. They worked very hard...
Craving ; Harry Potter (18+) by laylae_elm
Craving ; Harry Potter (18+)by laylae_elm
"WHAT THE FUCK MALFOY! YOUR DEAD! YOUR DEAD, YOU HEAR ME!" he scoffs. My tears are all over my face, when I see him grab Draco by his throat "LET HIM GO...
On The Run (Masky/Tim Wright x Reader) [On Going] by StoriesUntouched
On The Run (Masky/Tim Wright x StoriesUntouched
Everything started in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and now will end in the same city and in the same state. There was a reason why she left the state of Alabama, a touchy subje...
The Female Kicker by katie_country
The Female Kickerby katie_country
Title: The Female Kicker They were short a kicker on the football team so the athletic director, Coach Mims, asked the soccer coach, "who's the best kicker?" K...
Hart of Dixie by LarryStylinson8
Hart of Dixieby TattoolessNiall
This is based on the show but I modified it to the way I think it should've or relationships should've turned out. Some changes it won't be like verbatim just saying. If...
Two sides of the same coin. by Captainchad
Two sides of the same Captainchad
After having a near death experience, Georgia is left scared, thinking that no one could understand. But little did he know that there's someone out there now going thre...
City Boy|| A Dorbyn Story by noiceeedudeeee
City Boy|| A Dorbyn Storyby An Actual Red Lemon
"You know what?! You'll always be a basic ass city boy!" -OOH, WE GOT A FANCY QUOTEEEE^^- The meme is just here until I add a real cover.
Uma Herança para Dois by LariBarreto
Uma Herança para Doisby Larissa Barreto
Olívia alcançou tudo que quis na vida: carreira sólida, dinheiro, uma cobertura no bairro mais nobre de Nova Iorque, emprego dos sonhos, motorista particular e noivado c...