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Zombies and Hot Guys  by correctincorrectly
Zombies and Hot Guys by correctincorrectly
Erik and Asher may be the stupidest boys you will ever meet. With homoerotic undertones, a zombie taxi-man who eats human flesh while driving, and a lab Erik and Asher a...
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My Eyes.....Tell A Story by BoniTraxton6789
My Eyes.....Tell A Storyby Mr Shady Bootz
A collection of hard hitting poems that each tell a mini story from the eyes of a troubled person.....from love gained, feeling played, an victim of inner demons that al...
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Reborn To Fall In Love  by Etgohome126
Reborn To Fall In Love by foxloverxox
(Not My Art) in a world where Being gay is as bad as murder in most people's eyes and robots just happen to be a part of daily life is where Luke found himself after bei...
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(Mini Story) THE KILLER BOTTOM by BoniTraxton6789
(Mini Story) THE KILLER BOTTOMby Mr Shady Bootz
My friend Rico always gets the boys, he has the perfect life dating rich dudes, an Audi and having a Prada bag all at the age of 22. But when I go over to his place one...
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Gay Butler by TheRealTerminator
Gay Butlerby TheRealTerminator
The adventures of a Master and his gay butler who is constantly ruining his household.
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Coming Home (BoyxBoy) by Shicpiclover
Coming Home (BoyxBoy)by Nyambura Muiruri
Hello?" "An inmate from Hanely County Jail...." an automated message began. The womans robotic voice chilled me straight through to my bones. "...t...
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Mattew tiene una prometida estan planeando su boda pero................ Steven se divorcio hace mas de 2 años, regresa para.... trabajar?.......en la compañi...
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The Trucker and the Runaway by T_kitten5
The Trucker and the Runawayby Sparkling Cat
A runaway encounters a trucker on his travels and from that encounter a sticky (literally) situation ensues.
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Going Down Under by marcelle22401
Going Down Underby Marcelle
Aiden Porter, a sweet, innocent boy who carries a horrible past.
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Father Frank (smut) by skallie121
Father Frank (smut)by s0up :3
Mikey has a confession to make to father Frank. TW for you fat snowflakes this is all a joke plz don't hate us were sad lonely minor dykes
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Durmiendo con mi peor enemigo by JesusPrezTrigos
Durmiendo con mi peor enemigoby Jesus Pérez Trigos
Nunca pensé que podría enamorarme de la misma manera en la que lo hice, pero así fue, estaba anonadado y confundido, una extraña mezcla que me hizo ver más allá hasta el...
¡No Me Enamores! | BL/YAOI | LGBTQ+ by Mello_2408
¡No Me Enamores! | BL/YAOI | LGBTQ+by Mello_2408
Un homofóbico y un gay conviviendo por un año en un estrecho cuarto en los dormitorios de la Universidad. ¿Que clase de relación puede salir de ellos? ¿Amor? ¿Odio? ¿Ami...
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Folie À Deux [Hannigram] by cannibaltears
Folie À Deux [Hannigram]by dutchie.
Folie à deux: traducido literalmente del francés, significaría "locura compartida por dos" el cual se refiere a el trastorno psicótico compartido. Es un raro s...
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Tales of the Unspoken by LiliamBlackwood
Tales of the Unspokenby Lily Blackwood
A normal day in the dorm takes a dramatic turn when management announces a visit. They have serious issues to solve and the truth must be exposed for the sake of the ban...
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Witcher Senses.  A tale of love for Mrs. Merigold. by Boopydoopy111
Witcher Senses. A tale of love fo...by Boopydoopy111
Let me recount a story, about a young Witcher lass. Bright eyed and of even brighter mind the young royal was thrust head first into a world she never wanted. Comforts w...
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croaking on bowie (18+ only) by phanficatthedisco98
croaking on bowie (18+ only)by soup
hypnotoad is a gæ boi who becomes david bowie's pet. this abomination is inspired by my good pal elios
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Sleeping with Danger by CrazyFujoshiWriter
Sleeping with Dangerby 💫Red💫
Grayson Sanfilippo is an ordinary eighteen years old who lives in an extraordinary life. Grayson's father Johnny Sanfilippo is a mob boss of a criminal organization cal...
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No Road Home by Isrealite101
No Road Homeby Gazza
Heart warming tale of a young man defying his fate. Historic novel set during ww2 our heroic lead will revel in his newfound position
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LA ESTATUA DE HIELO [Chanbaek] by EliahVianney
LA ESTATUA DE HIELO [Chanbaek]by EliahVianney
Chanyeol pensaba que aquella escultura de hielo que decoraba el centro del salón del banquete de boda era horrible, pero nadie parecía estar de acuerdo con él. Nadie sa...
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Strangers  by ldalby16
Strangers by ldalby16
Lesbian love story Contains lesbian sex If u a homophobe then leave 😂
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