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Forced to Date a Big Shot by lazy_kira
Forced to Date a Big Shotby Leprom
Author: Young Master Yan Xue Xi is forced to fall in love at first sight with this dangerous man on their first meeting. With death being the only other option, she make...
Really young master does not want to go back to the rich and powerful by Theint_610
Really young master does not want...by Theint
‼️This story is not mine ‼️ MTL ( machine translation ) OFFLINE PURPOSE ONLY raw link : https://m.shubaow.net/252/252781/ Author: Orange Egg Tart Category: Danmei Fans ...
I'm not Fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead's White Moonlight by PopsicleAndCake
I'm not Fit to be the Stubborn Mal...by PopsicleAndCake
Only after Chu Yin died did she realize she was the first love (white moonlight) of the male lead in a novel. The stubborn male lead fell in love with her at first sight...
General, You've Lost Your Inhibitor! by angslade
General, You've Lost Your Inhibito...by neuve
将军,你抑制剂掉了[穿书] Status : 135 chapters + 4 extra (Completed) Author : 笑迟情 Through an accidental transmigration, Gu Huan became the youngest Alpha general in the novel. He...
Ex Rank Supporting Role's Replay in a Prestigious School by whatever025
Ex Rank Supporting Role's Replay i...by Calista
When I cleared the final chapter of a game that was a national failure, I became an unnamed supporting character in it. A non-standard, unmeasurable, EX rank side charac...
୧မတော်တဆရန်သူနိုင်ငံကမင်းသားရဲ့ ကလေးကိုလွယ်ထားရပြီꪆ by hanakim_32398
୧မတော်တဆရန်သူနိုင်ငံကမင်းသားရဲ့ ကလ...by otakuz novel club 🎫
Mm Name- ୧မတော်တဆရန်သူနိုင်ငံကမင်းသားရဲ့ ကလေးကိုလွယ်ထားရပြီꪆ ୧မေတာ္တဆရန္သူႏိုင္ငံကမင္းသားရဲ႕ ကေလးကိုလြယ္ထားရၿပီꪆ Name- Accidentally having a baby with the enemy prince A...
Getting Outsmarted By The CEO by arin_nha
Getting Outsmarted By The CEOby arinnha
For offline reading only Not my story or translation Alternative Title : 我被总裁反套路 Author(s) :车厘酒 Genre(s) :Comedy, Romance ------------------------------ Ruan An An, who...
Heart of a Hero: Somehow I've become the Vampire Queen?! by FiammaCami
Heart of a Hero: Somehow I've beco...by Fia
Using her last breath, Ambra, the Hero tasked to save humanity, had finally achieved her objective. To vanquish the Vampire Queen. However, her mortal enemy had one fina...
The whole world is my crematorium by E_C_Zafra
The whole world is my crematoriumby E_C_Zafra
Xiao Yuan bears a heavy responsibility. Because of certain restrictions, he has to get along with a group of scum people. When the mission was completed, the restriction...
Giving Birth in a Supernatural Game by Eristhewanderer
Giving Birth in a Supernatural Gameby Eristhewanderer
One day, Chen Caixing entered in the world of supernatural horror games. Nothing much, just that he added a 'Fifth Month' beer belly.. Chen Caixing looked at his swollen...
My Family's Idol's Vest Fell Again by UuHhUhUhUh
My Family's Idol's Vest Fell Againby Your Wife, Sister AJK8!
After completing several transmigration missions perfectly, Shi Fei returned to his world with enough points and a bunch of skills he learned during the missions. When h...
The Player Hides His Past by shunnnned
The Player Hides His Pastby Shundere
FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES ONLY ----------------------------------------------------- The virtual reality game "History of the Archana Continent" became part of real...
[MTL]General, You've Lost Your Inhibitor! by DonnaMariano149
[MTL]General, You've Lost Your Inh...by PurplePhoenix22
This is not my story.For offline purpose only.Credit to the Author of this story. ...
Love History Caused by Willful Negligence by urgrlkreya
Love History Caused by Willful Neg...by kkreya
The only flaw of actor Lee Wooyeon, who is on the road to success without facing a single slump, is that his manager never lasts. With a time period of three months to o...
Guide on How to Fail at Online Dating ||Myanmar translation|| by Greentealay-
Guide on How to Fail at Online Dat...by 🍵
Author : Jiàng Zi Bèi 酱子贝 Type : Web Novel (CN) Genre : Comedy, Romance ,SchooLife Associated Names GHFOD How to... เดตออนไลน์ยังไงให้พัง ...
Yama Rising  by EmmanuelBenjamin7
Yama Rising by Emmanuel Benjamin
Not my own work... The youthful Qin Ye was born almost a century ago, but thanks to immortality granted to him by the 'fungus of aeons' he can pass for a high schooler...
Despised as a hideous nerd in school, but I'm an Ikeman at night by AuliveSofya
Despised as a hideous nerd in scho...by AuliveSofya
Ena Haru has been labelled as an ugly nerd and loner in school by everyone, yet what they don't know is that he's a host at night. He does his best trying to hide his tr...
夜风在吹( Ye Feng Zai Cui) by linjialin
夜风在吹( Ye Feng Zai Cui)by The Black Crane
Wang Zhou Xi never expects he would woke up from the dead. It's been 32 years since then. He plans to not enter the world of martial arts anymore and strive for a normal...