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The feared Crimson King by MsDarkerdays
The feared Crimson Kingby MsDarkerdays
I flinch as his hand reaches to my face, and aggressively pulls down the cloak from my head. He surveys my tear stained face and jewelry all the way down to my dress. T...
My Heartless Husband (On Going) by winfamay21
My Heartless Husband (On Going)by brokengirl
I want to feel wanted sometimes... But my husband is a heartless bastard.
MY HEARTLESS HUSBAND (Ongoing) by Hestisians
MY HEARTLESS HUSBAND (Ongoing)by 💛ThirdyLoveKey💛
He's a damn..heartless husband Started: February 14,2021
I'm falling for my Fiancé - (BOOK 1) by heyitsbubble
I'm falling for my Fiancé - (BOOK...by Bubble✨
Avalana Skylar Valerie is a sweet carrying girl with a good grade and a great sport skills. She's the Daughter of Karl Valerie the CEO of Valerie and co. She is a broken...
Billionaire's Hijabi  by Hadith_Hailer
Billionaire's Hijabi by Hadith_Hailer
Hasan Khan is a 25 years old billionaire, he is an arrogant, heartless, rude, and also good looking man.He only love and care for his family but to the world he is a bea...
The VIRGIN STRIPPER by ElineHuntsmith
The VIRGIN STRIPPERby Eline Huntsmith
Meet Lisa Michaels who's everything but what people say about her. Being at the ripe age of 21 she's forced to drop out of college and pay her dead mother's debt. Having...
He Was Never Mine [COMPLETED] by BlueFrustratedWriter
He Was Never Mine [COMPLETED]by Cia
[WRITTEN IN ENGLISH] Taylor Marie Johnson a 23 years old businesswoman agreed to have a fixed marriage with her best friend. People said that the true colors of a person...
Blind Royalty by Lutresaint
Blind Royaltyby M I L L Y
Prince Elijah Malavita He was the beast in wars with his ruthless abilities and a heartless attitude. He was void of emotions except his permanent cold exterior He is...
New Girl || Min Yoongi ✔️ (COMPLETED) by staekok
New Girl || Min Yoongi ✔️ (COMPLET...by staekok
Can you, a new girl, changes his cold heart? #1 agustd
🥀 𝐵𝑙𝑎𝑐𝑘 𝑟𝑜𝑠𝑒🥀 by Ally_of_love
🥀 𝐵𝑙𝑎𝑐𝑘 𝑟𝑜𝑠𝑒🥀by 𝐒𝐄𝐇𝐄𝐑 𝐊𝐇𝐀𝐍 380
We don't want to lose some people in life, though They get lost. Some relationships we hold I want, but those relationships melt out of our hands Goes. In a hurry, we ar...
The Heartless Billionaire (TBB 2) by blackangel_312
The Heartless Billionaire (TBB 2)by Nami
Tessa Cole was done with the waiting. She wanted the same happy life her sister was living. So she decided to take a leap only to fall hard and lose. David Miles didn't...
Mafia's innocent girl ✅  by Pritisha20
Mafia's innocent girl ✅ by Pritisha
/The male leads name changes after a few chapter. Its changed to Dominic Romano./ Emma Johnson 16 years old girl. She is an orpan and her foster parents abuse her. She h...
The Keyblade Duo by Swiftdragoon
The Keyblade Duoby Swiftdragoon
Izuku Yagi was abused and neglected by his parents and bullied by his sister and friends every day until one day, they went too far. They try to apologize to him, but Iz...
Shadow King by RageGawdess
Shadow Kingby Blue
Hailey begins her first year of college, entering a new world she has no idea she's apart of. Hidden for centuries, she comes to learn that this year will not be all abo...
My Teen Wife by Kajal by survi1990
My Teen Wife by Kajalby KAJAL SRIVASTAVA
Meet.... Kajal Mathur... the youngest daughter of Industrialist Ramesh Mathur. A 19 year old bubbly girl. Kajal is smitten by love... she hate the concept of Arrange Mar...
I hate that I love you! (Bakudeku) (VillainDeku) |BREAK| by BxB_Simp
I hate that I love you! (Bakudeku)...by jeff the potato
Izuku Midoriya was the average kid who stood out because he was born quirkless in a quirk-based world. Growing up bullied by his childhood best friend, he grew to have d...
Heartless Love: Beatrice Ramirez-Laurent by AnneOrquinaza
Heartless Love: Beatrice Ramirez-L...by ItsmeAnneng
Kiel Kieser Evangelista, As a student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at University of Santo Tomas, He's working hard to keep his grades up. He never...
The Lux Princess and The Evil King by loveforbooks2000
The Lux Princess and The Evil Kingby loveforbooks2000
The kingdom of Lux and Atrox were at war. The kingdoms never had peace. Amelia was kind, generous, and a brave princess. She always hated Atrox. Alaric was the evil ki...
My Heartless Husband (Hernandez Series #1) by reyaluxx
My Heartless Husband (Hernandez Se...by Yang
Hernandez Series #1 Ever since Adira work for his Boss named, Huxley Spade Hernandez. She knew that it would be hard for her to deal with his attitude. He's the most hea...