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Rose Stone By rosexstone Completed

Julia Goldstone is a girl from a small town where nothing ever happens. She has no family and an abusive boyfriend who she can't escape.

Reed Eastwood is a cold blooded killer with no emotions. He is the king of the largest mafia in the world, ready for a loveless arranged marriage and refuses to show mercy to anyone.

What happens when the two of them cross paths and everything changes? Julia is determined not to fall for the devil and Reed doesn't believe he is capable of love.

Will they fall for one another in the complicated world of danger and lust? Or will they realise that the mafia king truly is 'heartless'?

"Excuse me?" he said, slowly making his way back over to me.

"I said that I'm not coming with you." I mumbled in a tone a lot less demanding.

He held my chin between his fingers, just as Logan had earlier that night, but this mysterious stranger was a lot stronger.

His scent filled my senses and I began to feel lightheaded. He inched his face closer to mine, forcing me to stare deeply into his eyes. The tension could have been cut with a knife.

"It's cute that you think you have a choice sweetheart." he whispered, sending shivers down my spine. 



All of these ideas belong to me, don't steal them!
This is a mafia romance story.

*more romance than action
*written for fun, please give it a chance 
*Includes some bad language and violence

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