×Welcome to the family×|Black hat x Male reader| by teddyteddy_pie
×Welcome to the family×|Black hat...by °•MysteriousError•°
Lost, alone, hungry and afraid. But all of that will change from one person. And Three more.
  • black
  • villainous
  • male
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'Deal Breaker' - A Snatcher x Reader [A Hat In Time] by TwistedTricks1
'Deal Breaker' - A Snatcher x Read...by Noodle Ghost
Hiya! As celebration for achieving 400 followers, I've decided to start this x reader. I am excited for how it'll turn out, and I hope you will be as well. The Snatcher...
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  • mustachegirl
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Warm Memories and Brotherly Bonds By RoseDragonWitch by BeingAJackson
Warm Memories and Brotherly Bonds...by BeingAJackson
Not mine!!! All rights belong to RoseDragonWitch, an amazing writer!!! Some parts may be missing because they're private, aka hidden. Go to FAQ to figure out how to get...
  • hat
  • robin
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Zigzag Logic (Bill Cipher X Reader) by Wildpath
Zigzag Logic (Bill Cipher X Reader)by D O O T 🎺
(Y/N) is a total science nerd, skeptic, and complete disbeliever of the supernatural. She lives in Zigzag, Oregon with a miniature, one-person research facility that she...
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  • soos
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Insomnia - Villainous Paperhat Fluff by ViperaEris
Insomnia - Villainous Paperhat Flu...by ViperaEris
Flug is having trouble sleeping and Black Hat takes matters into his own hands. Cover photo by my friend @xerii_ Go love them they are wonderful!
  • flug
  • paperhat
  • villainous
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Under the Wonder (Completed) by TheClosetLibrarian
Under the Wonder (Completed)by The Closet Librarian
Alice was a cold evil package wrapped in a pretty blue dress, her blond hair perfectly arranged behind her headband, she excelled at fooling everyone, using her charms t...
  • underland
  • white
  • evil
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My Puppet (PaperHat) by WonderTheCAT
My Puppet (PaperHat)by kitty loka
Villainous shipping. PaperHat smut is contained. If you don't like PaperHat... too bad. This contains lemons. Don't read if you are Innocent. This story is very gay...
  • hat
  • villainous
  • flugxblackhat
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Love or pain (paperhat) by venusandluc
Love or pain (paperhat)by V.A.L
Pain it's awfully experience, flug has to go through every day but will he ever get through it or able to get throw it or will it say the same
  • babies
  • villain
  • paperhat
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The Hat Fic  by PanickingAtThePhan
The Hat Fic by PanickingAtThePhan
*i didnt write this. all cred goes to the original writer. i just needed to get this out of the notes of my phone before someone found it lol*
  • phanfiction
  • danisnotonfire
  • philip
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The Secret Plans (Please Read Description) by Dolly_Maron
The Secret Plans (Please Read Desc...by Dolly [on hiatus]
In this story Flug has two personalities. Dr. Flug and Dr. Slug (heroic au). The only way Dr. Slug can be heard or seen is if Dr. Flug's paper bag were to come off. Dr...
  • drflug
  • villainous
  • paperhat
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Are You Okay?...Paperhat Black Hat X Dr.Flug (Villainous) by Dakids489
Are You Okay?...Paperhat Black Hat...by Omelette
A story thats all over the place
  • black
  • fanfiction
  • doctor
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Inky Cracks  by ZJBmoon818
Inky Cracks by Life
Hi there! Well some Splatoon Manga Cracks. What I do when I'm bored :'v Maybe they will make you laugh or not. (There's gay stuff in this crack) Hope you enjoy.
  • emperor
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One late night with the Seven Deadly Sins (Ban x jericho) (King x Diane) by MaximusAnthony
One late night with the Seven Dead...by Maximus Anthony
Jericho wakes up in the middle of the night and begins to have feelings for Ban. At the same time, Diane realizes King's obvious crush on her. Will things at the Boar Ha...
  • ban
  • sins
  • jericho
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Finding Him: Book One: Hoenn by Pokerenegade
Finding Him: Book One: Hoennby Pokerenegade
Ash wins the Kalos league, and is now the Kalos champion. Later on in life, Ash is nowhere to be found. A story where two lovers have a side of love, hate. And Trust and...
  • kalos
  • deceit
  • hat
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The Cat in the Dirty Hoe by cat_inthe_hornyhat
The Cat in the Dirty Hoeby cat_inthe_hornyhat
This is a fan fiction on my childhood favorite movie, The Cat in the Hat.
  • love
  • catinthehat
  • videochat
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Dr. Flug has an unending crush for Black Hat. Black Hat notices, but is subtle and pretends to not know.
  • villainos
  • flug
  • black
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Without you (Vaati x Reader x Link) by ToonMidna
Without you (Vaati x Reader x Link)by [Insert name]
Vaati was a happy picori until he got the taste of power. He steals the magic hat and turns to a powerful mage. When he offers, his best friend, Y/n to join him and beco...
  • human
  • ezlo
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Carl & Ron Preferences/Imagines by heavyhearteddreamer
Carl & Ron Preferences/Imaginesby why so sad bunny?¿
lol this isn't a rarl book.
  • love
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  • alexandria
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Claiming My Property by KianaDavis18
Claiming My Propertyby Kiana Davis
Book four of the Life Of Marissa Smith. All the BTS of the two lesbian lovers leading up to the recent ceremony of love. Stamina stamina court what does she said she wa...
  • neverending
  • independent
  • marissa
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Raped by grayhayz121
Rapedby grayhayz121
It doesn't help to ask about what happened but it's painful (Not true.)
  • nottrue
  • scared
  • worried
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