Insomnia - Villainous Paperhat Fluff by ViperaEris
Insomnia - Villainous Paperhat Flu...by ViperaEris
Flug is having trouble sleeping and Black Hat takes matters into his own hands. Cover photo by my friend @xerii_ Go love them they are wonderful!
  • villainous
  • flughat
  • black
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Aura [One Piece Fanfiction] by llthecosmosll
Aura [One Piece Fanfiction]by Voltaire
"If only you were made of rubber, I would've stretched that frown into a smile." Monkey D. Luffy's dream is to be the King of Pirates. Voltaire Keira is there...
  • fanfiction
  • robin
  • luffy
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Under the Wonder (Completed) by TheClosetLibrarian
Under the Wonder (Completed)by The Closet Librarian
Alice was a cold evil package wrapped in a pretty blue dress, her blond hair perfectly arranged behind her headband, she excelled at fooling everyone, using her charms t...
  • twins
  • wattys2018
  • war
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Zigzag Logic (Bill Cipher X Reader) by Wildpath
Zigzag Logic (Bill Cipher X Reader)by Cultist Trash
(Y/N) is a total science nerd, skeptic, and complete disbeliever of the supernatural. She lives in Zigzag, Oregon with a miniature, one-person research facility that she...
  • grunklestan
  • oregon
  • gravityfalls
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Are You Okay?...Paperhat Black Hat X Dr.Flug (Villainous) by Dakids489
Are You Okay?...Paperhat Black Hat...by Omelette
A story thats all over the place
  • fanfiction
  • flug
  • paperhat
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avneil ts: ae dil hai muskil by neelavni
avneil ts: ae dil hai muskilby neelavni
Ranked 21 in short stories as on 6/02/18 a Three Shot on avneil life after jail track . In this story misthi is alive and will play the cupid for avneil. do like share a...
  • avniayesha
  • avneilos
  • zain
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The Vermilion Hat by JorgeSacha
The Vermilion Hatby JorgeSacha
"I couldn't believe my eyes. There, face down on my bed, there was a naked woman; and deeply asleep judging by her slow breathing. I didn't have the pleasure of kno...
  • short
  • love
  • journey
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Claiming My Property by KianaDavis18
Claiming My Propertyby Kiana Davis
Book four of the Life Of Marissa Smith. All the BTS of the two lesbian lovers leading up to the recent ceremony of love. The characters in my stories are fictional to yo...
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The Hat Fic  by PanickingAtThePhan
The Hat Fic by PanickingAtThePhan
*i didnt write this. all cred goes to the original writer. i just needed to get this out of the notes of my phone before someone found it lol*
  • danisnotonfire
  • daniel
  • philip
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A Hat in Time: Amnesiac's Journey by konan720
A Hat in Time: Amnesiac's Journeyby Sabrina Dreyer
Description: waking up in an alleyway is alarming, waking up in an alleyway without any memories of who you are is VERY alarming, Let's not forget the fact that there ar...
  • ahit
  • snatcher
  • originalcharacter
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black hat x reader: A Twist In Love by Teamslendercat
black hat x reader: A Twist In Loveby Teamslendercat
A story of the reader and black hat, this is a story that twists and turns but the ending may or may not be a shock. Read to see how it ends! - SLOW UPDATES -
  • blackhat
  • black
  • villaionous
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Villainous x Reader by darealkeyww
Villainous x Readerby Keya Hunter
  • flug
  • hat
  • dr
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~Animals -BlackFlug -[Villainous] -English Version by Endie_Enderman
~Animals -BlackFlug -[Villainous]...by Lotor✨
[WARNING= This is translated with Google Translator and Grammarly, not by someone with the perfect knowledge of bilingual.] That crazy, insane, obsessive, love that I ha...
  • villainous
  • dr
  • flug
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The Secret Plans (Please Read Description) by Dolly_Maron
The Secret Plans (Please Read Desc...by Dolly [on hiatus]
In this story Flug has two personalities. Dr. Flug and Dr. Slug (heroic au). The only way Dr. Slug can be heard or seen is if Dr. Flug's paper bag were to come off. Dr...
  • black
  • villainous
  • 505
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Dr. Flug has an unending crush for Black Hat. Black Hat notices, but is subtle and pretends to not know.
  • paperhat
  • villainous
  • villainos
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×Welcome to the family×|Black hat x Male reader| by teddyteddy_pie
×Welcome to the family×|Black hat...by ¡My͢͞ste̕r̴yE̸̷̡r̵r͝o͘r¿
Lost, alone, hungry and afraid. But all of that will change from one person. And Three more.
  • hat
  • readerxcharacter
  • villainous
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Inky Cracks  by ZJBmoon818
Inky Cracks by Life
Hi there! Well some Splatoon Manga Cracks. What I do when I'm bored :'v Maybe they will make you laugh or not. (There's gay stuff in this crack) Hope you enjoy.
  • splatoonmanga
  • aloha
  • prince
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När regnet faller by IMTell
När regnet fallerby IMTell
Melissa har slagit igenom med sin debutroman, en bok som ingen vet är baserad på hennes egna erfarenheter. Bokförlaget vill att hon skriver en uppföljare. Betyder detta...
  • kärlek
  • längtan
  • besvikelse
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Atlas (A Selection/Hat Films Fanfiction) by ecstasy_of_silver
Atlas (A Selection/Hat Films Fanfi...by Ecstasy
Atlas thought her status excluded her from the draft. No eight would ever be allowed in a selection, especially one that competed in illegal cage fights for money. No...
  • fiction
  • films
  • yogscast
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The Cat in the Dirty Hoe by cat_inthe_hornyhat
The Cat in the Dirty Hoeby cat_inthe_hornyhat
This is a fan fiction on my childhood favorite movie, The Cat in the Hat.
  • videochat
  • fanfiction
  • video
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