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Beyond the Boundaries (Completed) Book 1 by LoveRed25
Beyond the Boundaries (Completed) Red Johnson
Thanks for showing so much love my dear readers! To both Beyond the boundaries and its sequel The Summer We Changed! If you have not read it out check out the story excl...
YOU ARE MINE by behirffwriter
YOU ARE MINEby love behir
It's a story of a Mafia leader MAHIR SEHGAL and an innocent girl BELa SHARMA..... What will happen when that mafia leader will kidnap the innocent girl??? Wanna know the...
In Memories • Yogscast Minecraft by SierraOwls
In Memories • Yogscast Minecraftby Christelle
When an exiled dwarf stumbles upon a shooting star...which turned out to be an extraterrestrial spaceship, he finds two knocked out passengers with similar uniform. And...
Story Of InTheLittleWood by DemonMiner
Story Of InTheLittleWoodby The Demon Waffle
There used to be a kingdom, a sapling kingdom, full of happiness, laughter, joy and love. However, all of this was destroyed by reficules, along with the kingdom. We wat...
Dragon Xephos by RandomCoyote
Dragon Xephosby RandomCoyote
Xephos from the yogscast is turned into a dragon. Read to find out what happens to our blue eyed alien friend.
Experiment 364 (a yogfic) by ElevenLightsInTheSky
Experiment 364 (a yogfic)by Guzma Trash
"Hey Xephos, what's this?" Honeydew asked and placed a file onto the desk in front of his raven-haired friend. "How did you get this?" Xephos asked s...
Spacemen (yogscast) by ppplil
Spacemen (yogscast)by ppplil
Sjin and xephos are in charge of flying a space ship to explore new planets and universes but something goes wrong and they wake in tekkitopia will they find a way home...
Between Two Lives(DISCONTINUED) by AdjsPage
Between Two Lives(DISCONTINUED)by Bored For Life
When a couple(?)Yogscasters are put in another world, they have to juggle that life with their ordinary one. But just as they get comfortable with it all, an old enemy c...
Fem! Yogscast X male reader by Dere_Lover
Fem! Yogscast X male readerby Dwarf
This takes place in the Yogscast Universe aka with Jaffa factory moon quest VOLTz, hole diggers Y/N Works with Lewis, Simon, and Duncan, but encounters some new people w...
Yogscast Short Stories (and other stuff) by FridgeTax4
Yogscast Short Stories (and FridgeTax4
Cover art done by the wonderful Trottysan! A load of shorts completely inspired from YOUR prompts. - Anything from x Readers to ships - I prefer writing about Yogscast...
How It Began (Sjin and MintyMinute) by Karazaku
How It Began (Sjin and MintyMinute)by Karazaku
This is a short story about how Sjin and Minty met in school and how a school fire brought them together. This is also a prologue to my new story: Adopted by Sjin. Be su...
You're Different: A Teencast / TeamCrafted Teens Fan fiction by FlashMetcalfe
You're Different: A Teencast / Tia
A Teencast/Team Crafted teens fanfiction, with my O.C Tia and O.C Liam. It's a new term in the Minecraftia High school and two new pupils have joined. They soon become f...
Hardened (A Yogscast Fanfiction) by ecstasy_of_silver
Hardened (A Yogscast Fanfiction)by Ecstasy
I was spawned here, and I survived. The hoard came, the fire came, and I still survived. I thought I wanted someone to save me, to keep my company in this cruel, harsh...
Welcome to Yogville High by DewieBlue
Welcome to Yogville Highby Emrys
Welcome to Yogville High! During your stay here, you'll find this teencast to include many ships, events, fluff and even rivalries! Please enjoy yourself and leave reque...
The Ongoing War (Revamp!!) by GreenTide
The Ongoing War (Revamp!!)by DuckyMcDuckingson
Minecraftia had many names: Tekkit Topia, Middle World, Earth. There was one thing they all had in common however, a war had started seven years ago but had been left un...
The Girl With the Pointed Ears (A Yogscast Story) by SH4D3Y
The Girl With the Pointed Ears ( SH4D3Y
The two factions of the Yogscast, the vampires and the werewolves, are no longer fighting. The enemy army that has been fighting Sjin's family for years has been destroy...
Love For Old Times Sake (A Yogscast Fanfiction) by Bigcat_Mapleflight
Love For Old Times Sake (A Bigcat_Mapleflight
Small town farm girl Darcy Watkins was rather interested when big city boy Mark Turpin moved to town. After a few awkward encounters a friendship formed. But years later...
Yogscast Prompts! by DemonMiner
Yogscast Prompts!by The Demon Waffle
Basically where all of my story prompts go if i don't have the time to write them or i jot them down for the future :D If you want to write anything i post here, make su...
A Yogs Apprentice SHORT STORIES by ScottishOwl
A Yogs Apprentice SHORT STORIESby Kate
As I couldn't think of a sequel for my book A Yogs Apprentice this is a short story book all about the Yogscast and the next gen of Yogs. Join Taylor, The Mini Hats and...