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Your My Happy Place by Woah_Alyssa
Your My Happy Placeby Alyssa♥️
Sophia Janzic was a perfectly normal girl. She had a boyfriend named Justin but he broke her, real bad. 3 years later, she is now 16 and way over him. She has her friend...
Antithesis   by DexterityinPainting
Antithesis by dp
A college romance story , starting from a ....... ? It's either a college romance or a mystery romance story . let's see what it unholds . Opposite attraction is unex...
ALERRIE (HOLIDAYS) by ilovealerrie
ALERRIE (HOLIDAYS)by ilovealerrie
A story on alerrie holidays and their life after that..
Happy Place by ColbyFinnick
Happy Placeby Colby Starr
Anxiety is something that I battle with every day and I've had to learn different ways to cope with things. A lot of the time I'm told to breathe or told to think about...
Lockdown Diaries! by ms_imperfecta
Lockdown Diaries!by Sesha
~~~~~~~ And yes the world was hit badly with the virus. If you just managed to survive it, be grateful to god! So here I have some of my personal opinions about my lockd...
The Dreamer by TheUglyBarnicle
The Dreamerby TheUglyBarnicle
In this book, follow the journey of a 17 year old girl who lost her leg due to the tragedy of one night, but finds peace in a wonderland called "Free-Dome." En...
If Meryl Streep Was Your Child-Minder. by robynsdarlings
If Meryl Streep Was Your Child-Min...by robyn.
Meryl Streep and Don Gummer are your Child-Minders, every weekend you cannot wait to go to they're house. It's your absolute happy place. Every time you go it still feel...
Traces in the Moon by MalcavianVampire
Traces in the Moonby Aiko Tadeki
This is a book about art, it is just a place for me to have some fun and see what people think about my art so. If your here to judge Frick Off. Friendly criticism is...
A Happy Private Place by edwardlaminiii
A Happy Private Placeby Edward Lamin
A Happy Private Place Far from people or bad intake A Private Lonely Place Where there lies only white blisses And a single soul to wander it's mazes But still dearly op...
Skiing in Lake Tahoe by loveable32174
Skiing in Lake Tahoeby Megan
Poem about my favorite place.
Lessons Learned by LespritErrand
Lessons Learnedby sm,
Sometimes a little inconvenience is all you need to uncover your inner strength, persistency, and determination
HEALTH CARE ☆ by Wave_Interlatic
HEALTH CARE ☆by ・:*:・゚☆
This book includes advice about similiar problems some people have. If you like, you can comment an issue and ill make a chapter how I can help! ☽
Dancing in the Moonlight by OvercomingMyThoughts
Dancing in the Moonlightby Tiffany
I've been hurt and broken. Just tryna sort out my emotions so I can move forward in life.
Text by Text by kitten2412
Text by Textby kitten2412
See two souls falling in love with each other text by text.
Candyfloss Poetry by Adya_Singh
Candyfloss Poetryby Adya_Singh
Poetry to take you from the sad and cruel world to the land of happiness :)
Happy place by mejha1
Happy placeby meha abdalla
THRILLER The girls eyes snaped open from the sound of chirping birds. Her body lied on fresh green grass. The dark empty room was now a magnificent garden. Her once rug...
Happy Place by amazing_soyoung
Happy Placeby Young
A small happy place on the internet. ~-~-~-~-~ Little moments and feelings that make me happy. ~-~-~-~-~ Reminder how small things can make you happy in the most random...
The sun is my happy place by hannahmee28
The sun is my happy placeby hannahmee28
This poem is about how you can see the same things in different ways and be completely consumed and soaked up in both dark and bright sides. But when we do it's real.
␈ α вluє spíєl σf Poems ␈ by FluffyCaspiiaa0
␈ α вluє spíєl σf Poems ␈by FluffyCaspiiaa
🔵 🇭 🇪 🇷 🇪  🇮   🇼 🇮 🇱 🇱  🇬 🇮 🇻 🇪  ..... 🇦 🇳 🇩  🇭 🇪 🇷 🇪  🇾 🇴 🇺  🇼 🇮 🇱 🇱  🇹 🇦 🇰 🇪  🔵 🇧 🇱 🇺 🇪  🇧 🇱 🇺 🇪  🇪 �...