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The Angelic Dragon ♦Akatsuki no yona x reader♦ by Its_Queen_Rei
The Angelic Dragon ♦Akatsuki no yo...by Rei
Considered as an angel, by everyone. Everyone just adores her, but what's more shocking is her past. She's just not the Guardian of the four dragons, but is a dragon war...
New Dawn by sweet5yuu
New Dawnby Syuugar
Arisa Tanukira was a healthy shut-in otaku, or as healthy as she could be, who lived off of anime and junk food and despite barely being outside she was well versed in v...
My strength comes from you *akatsuki no yona x reader* by celestody
My strength comes from you *akatsu...by celestody
Y/n is the 1st princess of Kouka, older sister of the 2nd princess, Yona. A fact not many people knew. She had beautiful h/l h/c hair and gorgeous e/c eyes. She was beau...
The Purple Flame Of Dawn (Male OC) by GCChiara42
The Purple Flame Of Dawn (Male OC)by Chiara
There's a fire burning in his veins and lungs... But he himself is very tame. Chiaki doesn't know much about his past---he knows he's an orphan, but nothing else comes t...
The Wolf Shifter's Love by NicoleC2000
The Wolf Shifter's Loveby AngelBlade
(On hold) (Having a motivation block, I'll return to writing this book when I'm motivated again. Please bare with me) -22/4/2021 Shin-ah X Reader My name is (Y/N) and I...
Akatsuki no Yona x reader by Angelicdemon1912
Akatsuki no Yona x readerby Angel
Luna is a shapeshifter. a wolf shifter to be exact. However, she's the towns fear. When Yonas group comes to town, they see her red hair and decide to sacrifice hee ro t...
The Enchanting Dragon by Sphinx-heart
The Enchanting Dragonby Sphinx-heart
Kara is one of the dragons of old, though she is never mentioned. She is beautiful, too beautiful for her own good. She corrupts those around her, driving them insane. T...
Kouka's Dragon Slayer | Akatsuki no Yona & Fairy Tail Crossover | by xxtaylorbearxx
Kouka's Dragon Slayer | Akatsuki n...by xxtaylorbearxx
"You guys are part dragon!? Have you met my dad?" "He's a dragon too!! His name is Igneel." Follow Manami Dragneel, Natsu's sister, as she finds her...
Light of the Dragon's Eye by queeny407
Light of the Dragon's Eyeby Blue_Dragon_Rules
(Highest ranks: #2 yonaofthedawn, #9 dragon, #3 akira, #3 jaeha) Meet Akira. Most powerful warrior in all of Hikari, known as the Tiger Lily of Hinode Castle, and person...
White Butterfly (Akatsuki no Yona Fanfic) by yahiko_uchiha
White Butterfly (Akatsuki no Yona...by Dead Inside But My Hands Are...
"It does not matter how far apart we are, I will always find you five. In the next life or the other, we will all be together again." -=-=-=- "Come with m...
« golden path » akatsuki no yona   by KATKYO
« golden path » akatsuki no yona by annie
for months you hid the news of your engagement to your childhood friend, soo-won, from everyone for the sake of one selfish princess. but, as things rapidly began to ch...
Metanoia | Akatsuki no Yona by RinnieSan
Metanoia | Akatsuki no Yonaby ✿🦁✿
>>Metanoia : a transformative change of heart Two princesses, a dead father, and a kingdom overtaken. Not the best predicament to be in, is it? Join Da-Ye, Yona's...
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Warrior. by PynkyToe
Warrior.by PinkToe
"I may be a Princess of Hiryuu Castle just like you.. But right at this very moment I am a Warrior. It is my duty to protect you, Princess Yona. I will be your Shie...
Akatsuki no Yona One Shots!! Yay! I do not own any of the anime character, the anime, or the manga. I made this book for your entertainment. Please enjoy. I will take le...
After Years (Shin-Ah X OC X Akatsuki No Yona) by Yang_Yan3
After Years (Shin-Ah X OC X Akatsu...by Yang_Yan3
Yang was the Black Dragon. The one that was never heard in legends. Since the beginning of ancient times, the one that possessed the Black Dragon power would use it for...
The Lost and Found by stratagem_
The Lost and Foundby Stratagem
The gang picks up a new little shape-shifting stray along the way and shenanigans ensue. What're they going to do with their tiny tag-a-long? Find her the perfect home...
Those of Us Alone by AshleyEmerson
Those of Us Aloneby Ashley Emerson
Midori was an orphan. Hardships make up her life and she's never had it easy. When she is given a home by Master Mundok, her life seems to turn around. Midori is constan...
A dragon that brings death. Hak X dragonrider! reader X soo- won  [ editing] by drowninghell
A dragon that brings death. Hak X...by drowninghell
• Akatsuki no yona fanfiction - An unexpected ally has returned , also bringing back bitter sweet memories. What happens when a childhood friend of son Hak and soo-Wo...
The Fox Among Dragons | Yona of the Dawn by Hyeahn
The Fox Among Dragons | Yona of th...by Hyeahn
"When the red flower blooms in the snow, a new vessel will be born. With the golden eyes of the sun and silver hair of the moon and stars. This child will be loved...
Baby Steps (Akatsuki No Yona Fanfiction) by Enenra
Baby Steps (Akatsuki No Yona Fanfi...by H.A.B
Yue had never known freedom, her want for escape was always thwarted by her own demons and the fear of the people who had kept her prisoner all her life. When she finall...