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The Hidden Genius by noelicoan
The Hidden Geniusby Noël
I hope you like it! Read, Enjoy, Comment Vote, Follow!
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Akatsuki No Yona (Hak x Reader) by MusicManiac_102
Akatsuki No Yona (Hak x Reader)by •…•TaeTae•…•
In the legend of King Hiryuu, there were only 5 dragons. Those dragons were The red dragon, Hakuryuu, Seiryuu, Rokuryuu, and Ouryuu but there is another dragon that they...
  • hakuryuu
  • ouryuu
  • seiryuu
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The Dragon of the Shadows in the Dark by DragonLover015
The Dragon of the Shadows in the Liz D.
"My dear Priest...when the eyes, the leg, the hand and the body are one...the final dragon shall be revealed...cloaked in shadows and shrouded by the dark...the win...
  • hakuryuu
  • beautifulboygenius
  • shin-ha
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The Exposed God by noelicoan
The Exposed Godby Noël
The sequel to 'The Hidden Genius' Naruto and Shikamaru has left Konoha, in the means to never come back, though ten years later, Tobi/Madara/Obito wages war. Will Narut...
  • uzumaki
  • narushika
  • uzukaze
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The Pink Dragon Warrior Princess (Akatsuki No Yona Fanfiction) by ShineNekoOtaku
The Pink Dragon Warrior Princess ( Atema
A girl who was reincarnated in the Anime world of Akatsuki no Yona.
  • yonaofthedawn
  • kija
  • seiryuu
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Anything But Worthless [Akakstuki no Yona Fanfic] by elovesatuhoa
Anything But Worthless [ Eliza
Ji-Na, the name held nothing but hate. She wasn't meant to be born. She should've been a he. The queen was meant to bare a male heir and instead, they were given another...
  • kija
  • shinah
  • yona
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A Woman of Blood | Yona of the Dawn / Akatsuki no Yona by D8_MissAnime
A Woman of Blood | Yona of the MissAnimeLover🤓
She witnessed tragedy arise A weak king's demise His daughter with tears in her eyes Because of her cousin's lies Finally, here comes some real fun For she has been bore...
  • dragonwarrior
  • anime
  • hakuryuu
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The Blood Red Rose {Shin-ah x Reader} by Silent_Dragon456
The Blood Red Rose {Shin-ah x Shin-ah
A wretch hell-bound and bent on blood, it's the makings of a once selfish princess. The tide it stole away her grace; but the depths they didn't claim her. A toil begat...
  • reader
  • wattys2018
  • bluedragon
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Zeno's desspression:Akatsuki No Yona 暁のヨナ by JeanYeeOngXD
Zeno's desspression:Akatsuki No 私は何者だ
The first generation period.Zeno is despressed and keeps hurting himself. Would King Hiryuu,Abi,Shuten and Guen notice?? What would they do seeing their younger brother...
  • yellowdragon
  • desspression
  • whitedragon
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Yuri and Yona of Dawn by FutureLifeTogether
Yuri and Yona of Dawnby Ali
Princess Yona, firstborn of King Il has long crimson hair which she hates. Princess Yuri, the younger twin sister has long orange hair. Yuri has always been in the shado...
  • yonaofthedawn
  • akatsukinoyona
  • yona
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Sword of the Red Dragon (Akatsuki no Yona) by stratagem_
Sword of the Red Dragon ( Stratagem
"When the four dragons are gathered, the sword and shield which will protect the king shall awaken, and the Red Dragon shall restore the dawn at last." After h...
  • ouryuu
  • hakuryuu
  • akatsukinoyona
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Akatsuki No Yona X Reader by AOFStories
Akatsuki No Yona X Readerby AOF
The title says it all my friends. Be placed into the world of AnY and be shipped with your favourite characters. Please make requests as well because I don't have much i...
  • seiryuu
  • bluedragon
  • jaeha
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Shin-ah x Reader - After The War, I'll Come Get You by Alicemoon888
Shin-ah x Reader - After The Lazy Alice
Just a quick one-shot I thought up the other day. I have, for some reason, delved into the AkaYona fandom AGAIN and well this was what happened. XD Won't put an A/N i...
  • yona
  • childshin-ah
  • aftermath
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↠ Love? Yes, Love. ↞ (Shin-ah X Reader) by _Tiff4ny_
↠ Love? Yes, Love. ↞ (Shin-ah X ☾ trash ☽
'Love', the word sounded so foreign.. So peculiar.. So queer. But for some reason deep inside I yearned for it. Yearned for something I do not know of. Yearn for the wor...
  • zeno
  • yonaofthedawn
  • hak
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The Traveller || Akatsuki no Yona fanfic by SolarEclipsed
The Traveller || Akatsuki no Beechan
An Akatsuki no Yona fanfiction following the plot (mostly) but with an addition, an oc!! Wow much excitement. Be warned there may be some swearing and the worst update s...
  • soo-won
  • fanfiction
  • angel
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ON HIATUS: The Universe of the Five Gods?! (A Fushigi Yuugi Fanfiction) by blacklysophisticated
ON HIATUS: The Universe of the c a s s
Akira Yuki, sister of the Priestess of Suzaku, was looking for her sister and her sister's best friend, Yui Hongo. But, sadly, she didn't find the two. She ended up in t...
  • fushigiyuugi
  • suzaku
  • anime
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Shin-ah x Reader - This Isn't What I Wished For by Alicemoon888
Shin-ah x Reader - This Isn't Lazy Alice
OH MAN, THIS ONE IS A DOOZY. Okay, so like, this is pretty angsty, just a fair warning. It's midnight and I kept listening to this song over and over again like, I nee...
  • dragon
  • dawn
  • shin-ah
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His Gaze [Akatsuki no Yona] by MellifluouaAmor
His Gaze [Akatsuki no Yona]by Sakura Haruta
abi [seiryuu] x reader: Abi found her unconscious in the snow on one winter morning - ______, a lost girl who had been abandoned by her parents. When he brought her into...
  • seiryuuxreader
  • akatsukinoyona
  • abixreader
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Touda by KalinWolflinson
Toudaby ♛кᴀʟɪɴ♛
12 Shikigami serve and protect Abe no Seimei and his family. Though his childhood, Masahiro met 11 of the shinshou. They always told him there was one more, but how come...
  • magic
  • shonenonmyouji
  • fanfiction
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