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Bonds, Grimmjow Ichigo love story  by MarieEnfield
Bonds, Grimmjow Ichigo love story by Marie Enfield
What if, instead of the war Grimmjow and Gin rebelled against Soske Aizen and wanted to be forgiven. How would they go about being trusted again. Ichigo has never know w...
The Kiss Cam by Faith4219
The Kiss Camby CaptainSloth
Just a cute kiss cam one shot (Grimmichi) I don't own the bleach characters and stuff like that
Betrayal? Okay. by Ak1rA08
Betrayal? Akira
In this universe, the Substitute Shinigami was betrayed by his friends and Soul Society who had decided to kill him because he represented a so-called threat. Aizen, mea...
Best Friends To Lovers by RebbaStarr
Best Friends To Loversby Rebba Starr
Ichigo and Grimmjow had always been best friends but when Ichigos feelings start to change will Grimmjow break his heart or feel the same?
Unexpected Visitor by Linwood_McGalloway
Unexpected Visitorby Linwood McGalloway
A short story of Grimmjow and Ichigo's love. *NO SMUT* -Art is not mine all credit goes to owner- Let me know if it makes sense or if it needs fixed! This is a first f...
The Transfer Students From Hell by Random_Otaku
The Transfer Students From Hellby B
Modern AU. Ichigo and his friends live a normal high school life until six transfer students from Mexico show up. Together they will get in a lot of trouble, from gettin...
I've Been Waiting. (Grimmichi) *UNDER REVISION*  by Rachel4615
I've Been Waiting. (Grimmichi) * Rachel
Best friends didn't really cut it, they were more like brothers. Grimmjow and Ichigo, the inseparable pair, find the world at their feet after finishing their final year...
Second Chances by Hikaru1331
Second Chancesby Hikaru
He said I'm being possessed by his dead girlfriend. The girl that I despise a lot. Why? Because he took Grimmjow away from me. Just because she was a girl. Now, can...
Feline Purrfect by Weitrix
Feline Purrfectby Weitrix
"Damn Szayel and his stupid experiments!" Ichigo had just been turned into a cat because of Szayel and left in the middle of Hueco Mundo to die. Until a certai...
Earned it by _SweetIntoxication
Earned itby Ari
When Ichigo is in desperate need of a job, he runs into someone from highschool. Not really fond of this guy due to the way he treated him, Ichigo finds himself in an aw...
The Delivery Boy (boyxboy- GrimmIchi - ON HOLD) by the_halfdead_girl
The Delivery Boy (boyxboy- the_halfdead_girl
In a modern world, Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez is a famous model working for Aizen's company. Being famous for his seemingly photo-shopped physique and his striking blue hair...
Grimmichi One-Shots (REQUESTS OPEN)  by ichigokurosaki678
Grimmichi One-Shots (REQUESTS ichigokurosaki678
This will be a collection of Grimmjow x Ichigo one-shots. This will include lemons ;3 Don't expect regular updates, as that requires motivation. Woohoo! And YES I...
Lets play by huggitnugget
Lets playby huggitnuggit
Ichigo and his fellow Shinigami thought up a plan to ambush grimmjow, too bad he knows about the plan..... will he play along or make his own game
Fuckin Urahara by CrazyRoleplayKitty
Fuckin Uraharaby CrazyRoleplayKitty
A series of one shots all in which it was all Kisuke Urahara's fault. We never get a full view of what Kisuke hides in that shop, and with mystery, comes possibility. W...
Those Blue Eyes Like Oceans... |GrimmIchi| by ThatRainbowAngst
Those Blue Eyes Like Oceans... | Chaotic Ace
Never shall I forget... Those blue eyes like oceans... Grimmjow x Ichigo Poem
Bleach yaoi ones-shot (smut, fluff etc) by oopgottem
Bleach yaoi ones-shot (smut, Mana she/they
It's a bunch of smut and fluff I think of and im just puttin it here. It's mostly uke!ichigo but there will be other ships and bottoms the further the book goes From th...
Blue eyes Brown eyes by Faith4219
Blue eyes Brown eyesby CaptainSloth
Grimmichi Fanfiction (yaoi) Grimmjow jaegerjaquez is back in town after a long trip away from karakura and starts to question his sexuality for a certain red head he's...
Our love is in ink by MoonPrisimBsnkai
Our love is in inkby MoonPrisimBankai
The saying goes "All things happen for a reason." What exactly is the reason for an encounter between a disorientated tattoo artist and an optimistic boy takin...
One of Those Days |GrimmIchi| by ThatRainbowAngst
One of Those Days |GrimmIchi|by Chaotic Ace
One of these days, our hearts will stop and play their final beat. None of these days, you'll leave my memories, or my heart.
Album of Love by Random_Otaku
Album of Loveby B
What happens when a hit single turns into a beautiful album?