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Steven Universe Reader Insert by QueenRedEclipse
Steven Universe Reader Insertby ECG
Your 18 in this story and your Steven's older Sister. Greg adopted you when you when you were four, taking you and showing Rose who was pregnant with Steven at the time...
Cookie Cats (Steven x Male!Reader) by Dek-u-in-the-shnoz
Cookie Cats (Steven x Male!Reader)by Boi-issa-double-A
After a parental feud, Y/N is forced away from his nasty mum and unaccepting dad to live in Beach City with his butler Jeffrey so he can keep his inheritence and family...
P I N K (?) by Floofkin
P I N K (?)by fangirlabtsuw/mepls
Steven's powers are getting worse. Like, badly worse. You know the deal by now, fanfiction and all.
Blue Diamonds and Roses by JamesUniverse12
Blue Diamonds and Rosesby JamesUniverse12
This is the story of James Hollar, a depressed teen after his mom's death, tries to let go of the past, and ends up meeting a giant woman, who has captured him, and has...
Light in the Universe: Part I (COMPLETE) by Pokeplushman
Light in the Universe: Part I ( Yeetus McCleetus
A/N: Don't like, tell me why. Robert T. Jones was an ordinary boy bullied beyond belief by his family and peers who just wants a reason to live. When he is kicked out of...
Steven Universe: The Diamond Legacy by TriforceofWisdom
Steven Universe: The Diamond Legacyby TriforceofWisdom
Nora is like most teenagers, at 16 years old she goes to school, has a group of close friends, loves music, works a part time job, and aspires to go to college to pursu...
Pinky Promise (Clingy Spinel x Reader) by Juni0r2002
Pinky Promise (Clingy Spinel x TeeRee
Love is a funny thing is this world. It can bring out a flame in a person and light up colours that once seem unrecognizable. But it could also crush you beyond recognit...
Steven Universe Oneshots (REQUESTS CLOSED) by OwOUndertale4lifeOwO
Steven Universe Oneshots ( Reagan
wanna be with a crystal gem or somebody in the show?
Shattered Roses | A Steven Universe Corruption Story by SaltyMackrel
Shattered Roses | A Steven SaltyMackrel
Steven always thought he was good as helping others. He never usually thought too much into himself. He simply ignored his emotions, his problems. Until they begin to se...
Steven's Corruption - Steven Universe Future by the-average-writer
Steven's Corruption - Steven Just Your Average Writer
so I heard about the worm theory and though it was a really interesting idea soni have decided to start a book about it. Oh and to my knowledge, this is the first wattpa...
Steven's Corruption Rewritten - Steven Universe Future  by the-average-writer
Steven's Corruption Rewritten - Just Your Average Writer
A rewrite from my original version of this but now longer and hopefully better.
Antidote- Steven Universe Jasper X Reader by RAZzBERLIOAN
Antidote- Steven Universe Jasper VIVIII.RAZZBERLIOAN
I screamed loud enough for the whole city to hear me. Surely, the person down the hall could hear me. I was in a pitch black hallway , I felt like the shadows were stari...
Steven Universe X male reader by Rvbandrwbyfan
Steven Universe X male readerby Rvbandrwbyfan
When giving up killing you decided to go to beach city to start a new life.(like they would of done)
The Lonely Gem by Potatoworm4
The Lonely Gemby Potatoworm4
Hey Guys! This will be my first ever story and I hope that it's good and that you guys enjoy it. Here's the description: You are a lonely gem, you used to have friends...
Steven And Nora Universe: Sister's Noise AU Part 1 by kaito_the_moron
Steven And Nora Universe: Sister' dead account
What if Rose gave birth to twins? What if Nora and Steven were siblings. Let's follow the adventures of these two children along with the crystal gems in their hometown...
The Beginning of the End by suf-fering
The Beginning of the Endby motivation
Steven, Rose, Pink Diamond, The Savior of the Galaxy, whatever you wish to call him, has only thrived helping others. When a deep voice creeps into his head, he make...
The Stars Aligned - Steven Universe x Reader by GalaxieOreos
The Stars Aligned - Steven U N I V E R S E
When Connie's cousin from New York City moves to Beach City to be closer to family, (F/n) (L/n) falls for a certain someone. (F/n) struggles between her feelings, seeing...
The Journey: Jamie x Kevin - Steven Universe by the-average-writer
The Journey: Jamie x Kevin - Just Your Average Writer
This takes place back on earth through out Seasons 1 - 5 as well as the movie and during Steven's corruption. think of it as an... extended universe.
I not suppose to be here by _A_Weird_Girl_1
I not suppose to be hereby Hello Darling!
Me Karryn get stuck in my favorite show on TV "Steven Universe." How am I going to get back?
The Green Flash by Flaming_Piano
The Green Flashby Flaming_Piano
When a series of supernatural events entwine the fates of two totally separate universes, a couple of adventurous young kids will discover drama, danger, and friendship...