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I thought I lost you by H0nd3k0s135
I thought I lost youby H0nd3k0s135
Lisanna returns from Edolas and Natsu is overjoyed. but things don't go as smoothly when a member feels like their connection with Natsu is wavering and they act on thei...
NaLi ❥ Lisanna & Natsu Romance Story by Omgcupcakez
NaLi ❥ Lisanna & Natsu Romance THE AMAZING PANDACORN(づ。◕‿‿◕。...
NALI Romance Story :3 *Go away if you dislike this couple*
Natsu x Meredy by TheLastKnightWalker
Natsu x Meredyby Sora Incendium
A lesser known ship but an interesting one all the same. Hope you enjoy this story!
Choose Me Or Lose Me by Bunny__Girl
Choose Me Or Lose Meby Daisy ✘ 🧸
Nobody Deserves To Be someones back up. Let alone replacement. Edited Version On Hold until further notice.
Sparks of love (Edited) by cfitz43
Sparks of love (Edited)by cfitz43
When Lisanna first rejoined Fairy Tail after she was thought dead most people ignored Lucy but that was okay because she still had team Natsu and her other friends but a...
She's My Momma *NaLu* by tes_lumieres
She's My Momma *NaLu*by tes_lumieres
It all started after the Dragon Cry arc, when they all met a dragon who goes crazy for power, when Natsu almost died on the job, when he said, they were a family. Discl...
Juvia has been wandering around for five years without a home. When the police catch her, they force her to move in with her mother, since her father wasn't suited to be...
The Celestial Princess by GoddessLucy
The Celestial Princessby Lushee
After Lisanna returns from Edolas, everything Lucy's ever known has been changed. Over time she becomes the girl that no notices, much less cares about. It gets even wor...
Lucy Heartfilia's Revenge (A Fairy Tail Fanfic) by mochimishihiii
Lucy Heartfilia's Revenge (A Honeyshade~
"Why?" Screamed Lucy as she was pushed into the stream by Natsu. She slowly got out of the stream and punched Natsu in the face. That punch was a distraction w...
The Worst Choice of my Life (a Gratsu fanfic) by AnUnknownRival
The Worst Choice of my Life (a Rivalariry
A few months into Gray and Natsu's relationship, Gray starts to feel like choosing Natsu was a mistake. So, he dumps him and goes to Juvia. Devastated because Natsu had...
Lucys Revenge- (LaLu) by Kacchako_
Lucys Revenge- (LaLu)by Kacchako_Newt_NaLu
YES this is a Laxus x Lucy story. YES this story is Lucy leaving the guild and Laxus following her. YES She is going to get ignored because Lisanna came back. YES the on...
Life Is Hard *graylu*   by FairyTailLoser
Life Is Hard *graylu* by FairyTailLoser
Read and you'll find out ? im sorry im really bad at describing my story...
Just One More Week... • NaLu • |1st Place in AnimeWattyAwards| by SerenadeThis
Just One More Week... • NaLu • | Aiah Mendez ♥
Note: Won 1st place in AnimeWattyAwards in terms of Fairy Tail Category and Best Title, 3rd place in Best Cover. Highest Rank: #305 in Romance #66 in Spiritual #689 in F...
Lucy Had A Brother by It_Just_Wasnt_Fair
Lucy Had A Brotherby Kelsey???
In a small village two siblings can be seen playing in a field of white flowers. Butterflies following them curiously. Who are they? Why are the butterflies so intrigued...
Your Mistake~A FairyTail Fanfic by AceeChan
Your Mistake~A FairyTail Fanficby Acee Rie Chan
Yout Mistake~A FairyTail Fanfic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Its their fault Their Sin Its "Your Mistake" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I Dont own anything about this story except for the...
Fairy Tail One-Shots by Crystal_Accommodator
Fairy Tail One-Shotsby Crystal
Fairy Tail one-shots for as many ships as wanted! {REQUESTS CLOSED}
LaLu Fairy Tail by Izumi_Rose_Todoroki
LaLu Fairy Tailby Izumi Rose
This is taken place after the one year that Fairy Tail disbanded but before the 100 years quest. This fanfic will be out every second Thursday so I hope you enjoy.
Twin Dragon's Mate by Kuroi_Tsuki07
Twin Dragon's Mateby Tenshi_no_hikari
After returning from training lucy is once again abused and hurt by Lissana and when attacked by natsu she has no other choice but to reveal her hidden powers. After qui...
Mafia Love ✔ by Golden_Heart_
Mafia Love ✔by Eryka
« You'll never be alone I'll be with you from dusk till dawn » Two hearts intertwine together and a bond forms between them. Through the chaos...