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The Tower: Holiday Special by AvengersCompound
The Tower: Holiday Specialby Kate
Part two of the Tower Series After Tony announces to the world that the Avengers are in a polyamorous relationship together, things become tense. Elly decides that they...
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All I want for a sourwolf by horangirl2019
All I want for a HoranStyles2020
The pack join Derek at his loft to celebrate Christmas. They have dinner, movie night and open presents. Stiles loves the presents his friends had gotten him but the rea...
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Gift Cards; Could there be a worse gift? by JamesBaruch
Gift Cards; Could there be a James Baruch
My whimsical take on gift cards, and why I think they are the worst gift to give.
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The Start of a New Family: a YOI!!! Fanfic by randomgurl2345
The Start of a New Family: a 【𝓥𝓲𝓪/𝓟𝓪𝓲𝓰𝓮】
It is Viktor's 28th birthday/Christmas and Yuri wants to give him a very special gift, the adoption papers signed by Yuri. Yuuri and Viktor have been wanting to adopt hi...
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The Pawfect Gift by Depressinggreenie
The Pawfect Giftby Depressinggreenie
This was not going how Tony planned it to go. Steve should've loved his gift, what went wrong? _________________ Rating: Pg Characters: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers Pairin...
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On their knees - Sakamoto Desu Ga Fanfiction by Lucicelo
On their knees - Sakamoto Desu Luci ☕ ☕ ☕
Asking for forgiveness doesn't fix the malicious intent behind the action but it's a start.
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The Socks by Depressinggreenie
The Socksby Depressinggreenie
Steve knitted Sam socks. ______________ Rating: Pg Characters: Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers Pairings: Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson Universe: Marvel Cinematic Universe Warnings:...
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December 3rd: Giftgiving Day. by birthdaypartymonth23
December 3rd: Giftgiving birthdaypartymonth23
It's Giftgiving Day at the Marmelade School! Will the kids remember that Giftgiving Day is not just about getting presents, but also giving them? What kinds of presents...
Like Fathers, Like Sons by Ilovegayromance
Like Fathers, Like Sonsby Bunn
A discussion with Damian led Jon to realize that the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. Superbat.
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Familyship Bracelets by Depressinggreenie
Familyship Braceletsby Depressinggreenie
Janet gives Steve a friendship bracelet. ______________ Rating: Pg Characters: Steve Rogers, Janet Van Dyne Pairings: None Universe: Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes ...
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