Putting on Airs

Putting on Airs

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LE Hammock By je11ybean262 Completed

A young woman (Sang) struggles to maintain a life of anonymity while retaining a quasi-popular persona. Where better to hide than in plain sight, after all. 

A team of Academy boys enter the scene at Sang's school and struggle to complete their assignment. Help comes from someone they least expect. 

The Academy and GB characters are not my own. This is a work of fanfiction, and as such this author receives no monetary or other gain.

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NeverSt0pReading NeverSt0pReading Jul 05, 2016
It's not just unsanitary but contact lenses have to be sized to your eye. Also they are often different to what prescription your glasses are. Sorry, I've been wearing them for 12 years now. I would never wear someone elses.
IAmCandi IAmCandi Jan 25, 2016
omg she knew all of them! its like star cross loverssssssssss (should be ten S's lol) and kota without his glasses wouldn't be able to correct me but its so cute theyre sharing contacts!
IAmCandi IAmCandi Jan 25, 2016
oh please dont be will or kota. I've got a crush on wil (sssshhhhhh) and Kota's precious
IAmCandi IAmCandi Jan 25, 2016
and you can't kick her butt because? We're gonna fix you up with some self confidence and karate. Nate you're on
IAmCandi IAmCandi Jan 25, 2016
omg is Sang a cheerleader in this one?! Yayayayay I've got a thing for sang+ school activities lately lol
ZLMorris ZLMorris Jan 25, 2016
She's not supposed to know his name here until two lines down :D