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Of Parties and Potions by MeriGreenleaf
Of Parties and Potionsby Meri Greenleaf
A mischievous scheme causes chaos at a costume party. The healer enlists the help of a cat and a mouse to right a lizard's wrong. (This is one of the longer stories I'v...
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Unexpected Inspiration - Short Stories by MeriGreenleaf
Unexpected Inspiration - Short Meri Greenleaf
This collection of short stories is an lgbt+ lighthearted/comedic fantasy series where artists, inventors, and carnival performers fill the cast. Each short story in thi...
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the way things are | upon wings of change by essentiallyethereal
the way things are | upon wings ♡
alice's girlfriend was kidnapped on the sixteenth of december last year. now, alice has a job looking after genetically modified creatures nicknamed 'dragonets.' she wa...
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Fear the Unknown by InsanityInUse
Fear the Unknownby InsanityInUse
Bryn, a young, powerful witch, severs the royal family in a kingdom where 'her kind' aren't welcome. As Lanzijm, a werewolf and physician, took her in at a young age, he...
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Highwater and Glass by thepaulbianchi
Highwater and Glassby Paul Bianchi
An introverted mage. An isolated warrior. Their adventures are epic. Their friendship is legendary.
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KDRAMAby ☆omg help me☆
"It's normal to be obsessed with a Kdrama character, don't expect them to love you back but this one manages to love me back." Jeon Jeongguk is a fanboy of a K...
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Priestesses by marlitura
Priestessesby Marta G
Four islands sit on the edge of the world, separated by war, tradition, culture and belief. However they all share a belief in the Goddess, guiding them to choose a wort...
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Sick of Losing Soulmates by loserscliche
Sick of Losing Soulmatesby 𝐋𝐔𝐊𝐄
It's been like this for as long as anyone can remember. They say that you stop growing up when you're 18 so you can grow old with your soulmate; a sweet sentiment until...
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Mary Worth by deadlysoftie
Mary Worthby 「 soft 」
Bloody Mary is all fun and games to squealing girls at sleepovers. After all, it's just a myth, right? That's what Delaney Worthington thought until she found herself in...
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Stuck With You by MeriGreenleaf
Stuck With Youby Meri Greenleaf
A group of five discover that despite all their differences, pranks, and misunderstandings, their soulmate markings belong to each other. Watch as a bewildered artist, a...
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The Bygone Son of Lir by candlemansa
The Bygone Son of Lirby Anderson Dee
Getting accepted into the prestigious Mystem University is a dream come true for Julian Knowles. Habits Crone, the town the University overlooks seems idyllic but the...
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The witches of Elder Brook house by blue1492
The witches of Elder Brook houseby _blue_
The home Island of the Witches and warlocks is on lock down no one in. No one out. No way to communicate...or is there? this story follows the five residents of Elder Br...
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Gardenia Fields by starsinmysoup
Gardenia Fieldsby Tess テス
Elliott is the prince of Clovebridge, the only heir to the throne. He yearns and wonders what life would be like if he could escape from the smothering confines of royal...
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ladybug nest by dontfeeditsweets
ladybug nestby dontfeeditsweets
I came to the realisation not long ago, that there was not one trans werewolf book on Wattpad and was like, well, fuck. I'm still learning and am human so I make mistak...
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Silence by Panda_Man1
Silenceby Bisexual_Demigod
Paris and his new found friends go out of their way to battle what's lurking behind the scenes of this magical world and in the process they embark on a long perilous jo...
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Piper Drowning by a3ronaut1cal
Piper Drowningby Aero Nautical
Future alpha, Piper, passes the test required to become an alpha. But the test leaves a deeper effect on her than she expected.
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Witch of the Marigold Forest by lilwinifred
Witch of the Marigold Forestby z
A queer witch, elves, and an unfair king. Winifred has endured much, but can she survive with the most vicious assassin of all time sent after her? Battling her inner de...
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Of Rebels and Kings by novasquinn
Of Rebels and Kingsby Nova E. Quinn
Melchoir Tel'Valha disappeared the night of the castle raid, wanted at the age of 5 a small town called Spidore hid him from himself and travelers were none the wiser. N...
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Bitten in The Moonlight by LunarFangs
Bitten in The Moonlightby LunarFangs
(BxB) A lonely, self loathing vampire tries to avoid finding their soulmate. Someone who they have no choice in rejecting. Fate has made them precisely for each-other, b...
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