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Under A Paper Moon ✔️ by howtosellmysoul
Under A Paper Moon ✔️by kara
Micah wanted nothing but to finish the last year of highschool so that he could take his father's place as Alpha. What happens when he finds out that the new boy- a huma...
Dangerous Chambers by RyderBailey_RBailey
Dangerous Chambersby Ryder/ZavianBailey
Lathai has wanted nothing more than to feel like he belongs somewhere. His grandfather despises him for his mixed blood and foreign father, making most of his life diffi...
The Missing Prince(ss) || benni black by toxic-benni
The Missing Prince(ss) || benni benjamyne black
When he was ten years old, Prince Liam ran away. Between then, and his return, a series of interesting events take place in their kingdom. The King and Queen are extrem...
the way things are | upon wings of change by essentiallyethereal
the way things are | upon wings soph! 💫
alice's girlfriend was kidnapped on the sixteenth of december last year. now, alice has a job looking after genetically modified creatures nicknamed 'dragonets.' she wa...
Soup Spoon |Discontinued| by milknhorny
Soup Spoon |Discontinued|by i'm telling mom you're a fasc...
𓆏 Highest Rank: #1 in LGBTfantasy [This story was inspired by @bubble.gum.boy's OC TikTok series, also know as @actualtrash402 on Wattpad!] 𓆏 Sampson Whittager hasn't...
The Magic Of Pride: A Pride Month Anthology by SkeneKidz
The Magic Of Pride: A Pride Jen
The Magic Of Pride is a collection of LGBT+ fantasy themed short stories celebrating Pride Month. With stories from: beanchtoast BlueBlackInk demblimcdembro sam_as_i_am ...
Of Royals And Rebellion by Lydiaperry013
Of Royals And Rebellionby LydiaPerry013
Cecily Avyanna is no longer the Queen of Lorlea and her best friend, Merrik Bawden, is a traitor. Alone in the world and wanted for crimes against the throne, Cecily set...
The Purple Witch(First draft) by Dogdigmine
The Purple Witch(First draft)by Dogdigmine
Simon is known as the best adventurer in his town thanks to his past feats and amazing solo quests. But he also happens to be transphobic. One night he accidentally fall...
The Traveller's Tale  by the_nero0
The Traveller's Tale by Isabel Conde
A mysterous man is sent on a jounrney. He finds trouble, family, injustice, and loyality along the way. He relearns things has has forgotten and learns new things. What...
This Book Belongs To Melody (GxG)  by OnyxOndine
This Book Belongs To Melody (GxG) by MercifulMarceline
!!!NOT FULL VERSION!!! Life rarely goes the way you'd expect. Death however, never does. Melody Adler; daughter, mother, widow. She was a woman of many words, and even m...
The Fall of Adeline  by __SapphicSapphire__
The Fall of Adeline by Sapphire Bianca
In a fantasy world, the home of elves, and mages, fairies, and dragons, in a world of magic, all may seem nice and sweet. But the truth of any world is ugly and brutal...
The Children Of The Aurora by telekonwrites
The Children Of The Auroraby Telekon
Years after the last Child of the Aurora was executed, a new hope will arise. Can a young Aesuthi save Elysea with their newfound powers? (Do not repost my work anywhere...
LOSTBLOOD by aecianlost
LOSTBLOODby aecian lost
When the Bloodriders come for Rai, she knows that her death will come from the jaws of a dragon. She never considers that she might become a dragon rider instead. Thrus...
God of Winter by outlawedmedia
God of Winterby Outlawed Media
It's late one fateful day, and the great King Taran sits down to write a letter. Burdened by a new world full of dragons, mythical beasts, witches, sorcery, and war; the...
The Summoner Thief (Sample) by ExquisiteDarkness111
The Summoner Thief (Sample)by Kathrin Hutson
When a convicted thief is sold into the service of the forgotten Priests of Imlach, she was only meant to submit to her mistress' demands. No one expected Rahlizje to fi...
Sviciazianka (A female love story) by Savko_Drozd
Sviciazianka (A female love story)by Savko Drozd
She spent 700 years in captivity at the bottom of the lake, filled with hatred and thirst for revenge. The Varangian princess Elmede did not even know that salvation wou...
Crescendo by elizabethmoore04
Crescendoby Liz Moore
Finley is lonely. With few friends, her earbuds and her music are her only true companions. But when Finley is thrust into a new world, and is forced to become the hero...
The Princess' Fingers by child-of-ice
The Princess' Fingersby Allis
Novice mage Kono yearns to improve her abilities, and if it wasn't so expensive, she'd be studying all the time and loving every minute of it. Sadly, life is mean, and s...
The Dragon's Legacy by the_nero0
The Dragon's Legacyby Isabel Conde
He has suffered greatly but has never told a soul. But on the eve of the final battle between Magical Creatures and the Hunters, he tells all to his oldest friend. Come...
Between Worlds by smollnatsu
Between Worldsby smollnatsu
Gods are notorious for making a mess of things and leaving others to deal with the aftermath. They take no responsibility, and now the universe bears the consequences. ...