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Retrieve, a 07 Ghost Fanfiction EDITING by racheltothecall
Retrieve, a 07 Ghost Fanfiction racheltothecall
War is coming. Bring her back. (First Book) Next her blood. (Second Book) Then we war. (Third Book)
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Anime smuts by shesdrifting
Anime smutsby bello <3
+18 Anime-oneshots, featuring a few none popular characters that were too beautiful to forget. Favourites being: Vampire knight, Naruto, Free!, 07 ghost, The betrayal kn...
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Anti-Angel | 07-Ghost fanfiction by Black-RoseAlice
Anti-Angel | 07-Ghost fanfictionby Rikki
(A Frau love story) They say she obtained the crimson hue of her hair through the blood of her enemies. They say she was once an angel, but was cast out from heaven due...
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07 ghost x Female Reader and Male Reader ( one shots) by user12298566
07 ghost x Female Reader and Th3 Undertak3r
you read the title p.s. some characters are not included due to the fact that I don't know much about them and they have their own relationships.
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Teito x Frau One-shot by SageOrijima
Teito x Frau One-shotby Sage Orijima °HIATUS°
This is just a basic one-shot about Teito and Frau. I hope y'all enjoy it!
A ghost's daughter by NoGAMENoLIFETeT
A ghost's daughterby Tet
Rin was the child of Vertrag and Profe. (Also know as: Fea Kruez and the raggs war Profe) But after her father erased her memories, changed her apperance and both her pa...
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07 Ghost - Frau x Reader x Mikage - New life, one more time. by Yukemi
07 Ghost - Frau x Reader x Yukemi
07 Ghost Kapitel 100 had my heart goes up and down. I guess that the story touch me a lot to the point to make my cry so much. But let's go to the main, this story happ...
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Arragon, a 07 Ghost Fanfiction by racheltothecall
Arragon, a 07 Ghost Fanfictionby racheltothecall
"You look really clueless," he stared at me. "What are you talking about? Veloren is a male..." "Hush, my dear..." he paused, "It's Ve...
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07 Ghost OneShots * AU * by insanepurplelove
07 Ghost OneShots * AU *by LostDreamer
A bunch of oneshots featuring the characters from 07 Ghost! Will contain Yaoi and will be set in a high school scene. I don't own anything. First Oneshot: "He's a p...
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I'll Protect You ( 07 Ghost Fanfic ) ( ON HOLD ) by TheresaVille
I'll Protect You ( 07 Ghost Alice (ᅌᴗᅌ* )
A hasty escape from THAT place where neither Teito nor Alice ever want to meet again. A few hasty deaths and no explanations for either of them. Confusing situations and...
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Diese Nacht//ONESHOT by FFSammlung
Diese Nacht//ONESHOTby Just smbdy writing stories
!!AB 18!! Es werden sexuelle Inhalte vorkommen. Viel Spaß beim lesen ;)
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Das kitzeligste Mädchen der Welt by HarmonyDE
Das kitzeligste Mädchen der Weltby Lea
Julia ist 14 Jahre alt, geht in die 8. Klasse, ist sehr beliebt und will über jeden bestimmen können. Das das ist nicht gut endet ist wohl jedem klar, was Julia aber in...
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My blood (Frau x reader) by HikaCx
My blood (Frau x reader)by Hikari18
Im not sure on the main story yet please help me ~ The picture cover belog to his owner~
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Inside 07- Ghost World by Nirvaya
Inside 07- Ghost Worldby Kurogami iki
Alice Kurosawa and her classmates are trapped in 07- Ghost world. Can they go back to their world or not? Lot of new adventure s. I don't own 07- Ghost. A...
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Maikäfer, flieg by phinemartha
Maikäfer, fliegby J. Martha Lisiecki
1941 Während immer mehr Frauen in den Kriegsdienst eintreten, entfalten sich die Tragödien vier junger Frauen, die den Eintritt in die Luftwaffe suchen. Der 18 jährigen...
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Sempiternal [Hiatus/Rewriting] by Eternal_Blue
Sempiternal [Hiatus/Rewriting]by ʟord oғ ıĸєa
• Was 'Everlasting Bonds' • When Maddie and her friends manage to dig up an old quiz on the internet, they didn't expect it to be some sort of mechanism that can transpo...
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Tränen Besitzer  by MaryGrande6
Tränen Besitzer by Asilem
Es geht um einen Mädchen was unsterblich in einen Jungen verliebt ist. Doch der Junge liebt ihre Beste Freundin aber gibt es nie zu, um das Mädchen als eine Reserve zu b...
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I'll Protect You  (07 Ghost Fanfic) by KhaulaMujahid
I'll Protect You (07 Ghost Fanfic)by Khaula Mujahid
Just my version of things, I guess. Memories that DO come back. A boy who loses more than just one friend. An archbishop who is more than a little sinful. A bishop who i...
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International BP spain HLDINGS NEWS -  BP oil spill by LutherThompson4
International BP spain HLDINGS Luther Thompson
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