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Anti-Angel | 07-Ghost fanfiction by Black-RoseAlice
Anti-Angel | 07-Ghost fanfictionby Rikki
(A Frau love story) They say she obtained the crimson hue of her hair through the blood of her enemies. They say she was once an angel, but was cast out from heaven due...
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The Crimson Red Yandere Fox | Azur Lane Akagi X Male Commander Reader by SantrielVonBismarck
The Crimson Red Yandere Fox | Azur...by ✠Santriel Von Bismarck Birken...
Another X male reader about YOU a young man with an obsession for ships.
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I'll Protect You ( 07 Ghost Fanfic ) ( ON HOLD ) by TheresaVille
I'll Protect You ( 07 Ghost Fanfic...by Alice (ᅌᴗᅌ* )
A hasty escape from THAT place where neither Teito nor Alice ever want to meet again. A few hasty deaths and no explanations for either of them. Confusing situations and...
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Angel by SeductiveShigure
Angelby SeductiveShigure
Asuka and Shinji have been together as friends since childhood, and she'd always sort-of assumed they would be together forever. But the mysterious Rei Ayanami transf...
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07 ghost x Female Reader and Male Reader ( one shots) by user12298566
07 ghost x Female Reader and Male...by Th3 Undertak3r
you read the title p.s. some characters are not included due to the fact that I don't know much about them and they have their own relationships.
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What if's ........07ghost x reader by Jiwa_Yuuki
What if's ........07ghost x readerby Jiwa Yuuki
Request are open
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Arragon, a 07 Ghost Fanfiction by racheltothecall
Arragon, a 07 Ghost Fanfictionby racheltothecall
"You look really clueless," he stared at me. "What are you talking about? Veloren is a male..." "Hush, my dear..." he paused, "It's Ve...
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Alternative reality (Rei Ayanami x male reader) by Mmm_Cheesy
Alternative reality (Rei Ayanami x...by Rod.L2
This is a story about the dream where shinji was in another reality. This is my first project, so please don't be too hard on me. So basically this will be without any E...
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07 Ghost OneShots * AU * by insanepurplelove
07 Ghost OneShots * AU *by LostDreamer
A bunch of oneshots featuring the characters from 07 Ghost! Will contain Yaoi and will be set in a high school scene. I don't own anything. First Oneshot: "He's a p...
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Who is she?(07-Ghosts fanfic) by fussehan
Who is she?(07-Ghosts fanfic)by fussehan
This story is about a girl who was the armys puppet and rememberd her memories then goes against the army but then they kill her friend and her heart is frozen in pain a...
If Death Can Grant An Eternity With you [07 Ghost Fanfic >FrauxOCxAyanami<] by 7Ghost
If Death Can Grant An Eternity Wit...by 7Ghost
Ayanami smirked. "Zehel, or should I say Frau. You do know that you do not love her as Frau. You do not love her because you do lover her, but only because you inhe...
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Dies Irae: Memento Mori by DieEwigkeit123
Dies Irae: Memento Moriby DieEwigkeit123
"I will protect you at all cost - that's what I've decided!" Teito Klein "I love everything in existence. My love is death. Thus, I will kill anything and...
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Aestas by knivesbabey
Aestasby knives ;)
(this is my first time writing fan fiction so please bare with me!) DISCONTINUED Misato sends Shinji to a summer camp that may help him mend his mentality a bit. there...
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A Sadistic desire { Ayanami x Labrador } by flowerteller
A Sadistic desire { Ayanami x Labr...by flowerteller
I got inspired by another story on FF.Net, but it was kind of .. Ya'll know blocked by Castor so i decided to write off my own smutty, sadistic mess on here. Its forcefu...
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My blood (Frau x reader) by HikaCx
My blood (Frau x reader)by Hikari18
Im not sure on the main story yet please help me ~ The picture cover belog to his owner~
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Retrieve, a 07 Ghost Fanfiction EDITING by racheltothecall
Retrieve, a 07 Ghost Fanfiction ED...by racheltothecall
War is coming. Bring her back. (First Book) Next her blood. (Second Book) Then we war. (Third Book)
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Memories of Heaven by TriniXjin
Memories of Heavenby Brad Bellamy
Beautiful yet sad lyrics of one of my favorite songs Tengoku no Kioku (Memories of Heaven) sung by Megumi Hayashibara AKA Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion .
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All My Ghosts                                                || 07-Ghost || by AdalieX
All My Ghosts...by Ada Wong
A war-torn kingdom and a boy who has lost all hope. She is his light, the only reason he breathes no matter how painful each breath is. Their pasts shrouded in mysteries...
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Un último adiós by LD23GV
Un último adiósby LDGV
Al fin, después de haberlo deseado un millón de veces, y en nombre de sus predecesoras, Rei Ayanami descansó en paz. [One-shot]
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