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Devotion (Four/Theo Eaton x OC) [COMPLETE] by allaroundwriter
Devotion (Four/Theo Eaton x OC) [ allaroundwriter
#1 in Theo- March 19, 2024 #1 in Faction- November 24, 2021 #1 in Eaton - December 4, 2020 #2 in Four - March 22, 2021 #3 in Tobiaseaton - September 6, 2020 Swift Mariso...
Written by ChatGPT: Four x Reader (Battle for B.F.D.I.) by FriendlyDemonTiffany
Written by ChatGPT: Four x TiffanyLovesFNAF2
So wowowow! Comfort character go grrrr. Images of this story do not belong to me! The writing was done by ChatGPT.
Emergent: Four X Reader by gemima3
Emergent: Four X Readerby gemima3
It's your Choosing Day, and you are torn: family, your interests, or the exciting, burning fire? Only one of them will lead you to him. Dive into the world of Divergent...
Made four you! (Four x reader fanfic)  by ArtistPerson3
Made four you! (Four x reader ArtistPerson3
this is my first story I just got this app cause I'm bored af. COVER ISN'T MADE BY ME!
Be Brave. (Four/Tobias Eaton x oc) by FandomIsMyNewLife
Be Brave. (Four/Tobias Eaton x oc)by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Ever since the mysterious disappearance of her father, she knew it would be her job to find him. But how? As Choosing day arrives Ozeria knows she must leave her Erudite...
four x reader - [bfb] by Ranxdoms
four x reader - [bfb]by suiiah
"We'll be together right?" "Yes, Four-ever." ^ | (This did not happen in the story (yet)) a casual four x reader. bfb owned by jacknjellify (Micheal...
(CANCELLED BOOK LMAO) Just a fanfiction (four x reader) by local_number_simp
Oh boy a four x reader. Lets see how this goes writing credit for future chapters go to @Your_Fourner
lost souls ➳ to the edge of the sky | ✓ by pillowsonfire
lost souls ➳ to the edge of the abel
FOUR (ENZO KANG) X READER In which you wake up in someone else's body--a girl named Evren--only to find out that she was known deceased among those who knew her a year a...
Welcome To The Internet || Four X Reader by Waytowne
Welcome To The Internet || Four Nicodemus
When Y/N, a broken human, needed a friend, all they had was their cartoons and games. What if things could get better, for them to be taken from home into a place they w...
Yo, Who Is That?? (Four X Reader) by R30-GL1TCH
Yo, Who Is That?? (Four X Reader)by astro
fun fact: started this on Valentine's day >:] It's the weekend, and it was a calm spring day, your friend invites you to hang out as you bring out your BFB merch for...
 ✦ i need you. ✧ (Discontinued)  by bfdi_fandomalt
✦ i need you. ✧ (Discontinued) by eva
─────────ೋღ 🌺 ღೋ───────── ♡ a new person arrives. who will it be? let's find out in this four x reader! book! ♥︎ ─────────ೋღ 🌺 ღೋ─────────
Ben Hardy [characters imagines] by ncvermore
Ben Hardy [characters imagines]by ncvermore
A collection of Ben Hardy's characters imagines. May contain : Billy, Warren, Roger
Divergent  by yuuuupppppppp
Divergent by Rafeswhorelol
Don't judge me this is my first story 😭😭💀 Y/n's back story: Y/n was from abnegation and y/n thought of abnegation as boring plain and boring and she wanted to leave b...
Random Fandom One shots by GeekyWriter24
Random Fandom One shotsby Mutant and Proud
Random Fandom one shots (with the occasional two-parter). Taken from my Tumblr - writing-of-a-british-bitch
A broken world(four x reader) by Spooker12
A broken world(four x reader)by Spooker12
This my first ever story ahhhhh!! This is basically gonna be the first divergent book but the reader is in tris's perspective. Some names will be changed around and the...
¤-ACQUISITIVENESS-¤  by SAD_Chemical_Romance
"I know fear is only the brain getting you worked up about nothing. But I've never felt this scared before I felt what it was like nearly losing you." ...