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High Elf - Summoner Fan-Fiction by CyanSummoner25
High Elf - Summoner Fan-Fictionby CyanHeart25
It's been a year since the events of "Battlemage"; Book 3 of the Summoner Series by Taran Matharu. Fletcher is living life in Raleighshire until a single lette...
EXCERPT - The Silenced Tale by JmFrey
EXCERPT - The Silenced Taleby J.M. Frey
Forsyth Turn never wanted to be a hero. And yet, even in the Overrealm, a hero is what he'll be. After their last adventure in Hain, Forsyth expected to return to the li...
FireEmblemEchoes Questions by Sir_Purr
FireEmblemEchoes Questionsby Sir_Purr
@finger_gun idea but we're making this just for fun ;) so yeah this is the first "book" for this collab account. -@AsianPandaAme
An Accidental Short - #2 - Happiness by JmFrey
An Accidental Short - #2 - J.M. Frey
Forsyth Turn helps his daughter to bed after a long adventure. * This free short story is part of The Accidental Turn Series:
Be Mine♡~{Shawn Mendes} by feather2004
Be Mine♡~{Shawn Mendes}by feather2004
Ecaterina Forsyth is an aspiring surgical resident,who gets banished after an uncalled medical mishap.Now she practices medicine and runs her family owned pharmacy-New E...
An Accidental Short - #1 - Home by JmFrey
An Accidental Short - #1 - Homeby J.M. Frey
Forsyth Turn tells his daughter a bedtime story. * This free short story is part of The Accidental Turn Series:
It Makes Sense To Pick The Best Disability Lawyers by jamesjohn78
It Makes Sense To Pick The Best James John
In case you're planning on making a disability claim, it's time that you simply spent a while find good disability lawyers. For that, you'll be got to ensure performing...
Jason L. Wilson by jamesjohn78
Jason L. Wilsonby James John
I'm James and am working with Jason L. Wilson they are providing greater services to our clients. We handle appeals at both the administrative level before the Social Se...
The Forest Society by DoctorUlysses
The Forest Societyby Gavin Jefferson
This is a short story, set in Isaac Asimov's 'Robots' universe. It is about friendship, art, and appreciating beauty amongst disarray. I wrote it in April 2016, and ente...
Psycho by hazbin_coded08
Psychoby hazbin_has_me
Warning; Contains Language Toni Topaz, Bisexual, clingy, intimidating. She has a huge crush on Jughead Jones, but Jughead has eyes on a certain blonde girl, Betty Coope...
A 1D Love Story (book one) by 1DLover2TheEnd
A 1D Love Story (book one)by Celest annie Styles (Harry's...
What is going on with this i'm falling for the guy i grow up with
Cancer Baby by Buggieau_
Cancer Babyby ...
Jughead a 27 year old, had twins. One of each gender. the boy was named Brandon and the girl was named Maya. They both have blonde hair and brown eyes. Their mother had...
Bughead - love lasts - a riverdale fan fiction by amelia-jai-Herondale
Bughead - love lasts - a Amelia-Jai Herondale
A riverdale fanfic about everybody's fave ship: bughead ! Betty and Jughead are in love, but when outside forces threaten the relationship, will love last? mild violen...