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Sigils : Graphic Shop : A House of Talents by Novel_Worm
Sigils : Graphic Shop : A House Swarali Deshmukh
Graphic Portfolio+ Shop °•°Where my 《Talent》 is showcased°•° Status: closed indefinitely for custom requests. Open for Premades, fakes on a strictly non commiting basis...
EXCERPT - The Silenced Tale by JmFrey
EXCERPT - The Silenced Taleby J.M. Frey
Forsyth Turn never wanted to be a hero. And yet, even in the Overrealm, a hero is what he'll be. After their last adventure in Hain, Forsyth expected to return to the li...
What is a Bevel Gear and How does it Work? by paulhzpt
What is a Bevel Gear and How paulhzpt
In order to alter the direction of a rotating shaft's motion, reduce speed, and enhance torque between two non-parallel rotating shafts, bevel gears are a key component...