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Golden Freddy x Springtrap by JaytheEnder
Golden Freddy x Springtrapby InsaneJay
Golden Freddy and the gang including the toys (the toys are the siblings of the gang) attend Stirling High. They are popular but don't abuse students like the other popu...
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Chica, Foxy, and Bonnie Argue: FNAF SHIPS!!! by Foxy_Girl43
Chica, Foxy, and Bonnie Argue: DemonFireGirl
Aye mates, This be Foxy here with Chica and Bonnie. We are going to be fighting and reacting to the crazyist and cutest ships. We hope you really enjoy this book of craz...
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Shattered (FNaF X Animatronic Reader) by BabyLovenessSelene19
Shattered (FNaF X Animatronic BabyLovenessSelene19
You're shattered, broken... 'unfixable' Your whole life you had to perform on stage dancing and singing only to be scooped and broken, left to rot in a dark room... Wha...
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the loving animatronics (fnaf 1 and 2 x reader) by SmolSarcasm
the loving animatronics (fnaf 1 SmolSarcasm
So now since I was really bored I made this story. You've been there when the five children died but you didn't die though because you were saved but hurt. Now 13 years...
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FNaF X reader oneshots by artistichero
FNaF X reader oneshotsby artistichero
send me some request pwease and you'll recive a reward...your request coming true YAY XD
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The Life Of A Nightguard (FNAF Fanfiction) by achafnaf
The Life Of A Nightguard (FNAF 🐰tasha🐰
21 year old Maria Schimdt was not to be home alone as told by her brother,Mike Schimdt.So,he brought her to freddy's because he works as a night guard there.They finish...
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FNAF Randomness (Continuing) by AnnabelleJohnson123
FNAF Randomness (Continuing)by Anime Otaku
So this is the continuation of the fucking shit I put up on my other account. The shit faced fucktards are back and ready... Fnaf cast: Not cool! Shut it sissies! And co...
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Ask or dare fnaf  by babygirllovesyou197
Ask or dare fnaf by babygirllovesyou197
read the title and you will know what to do
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Halloween with fnaf by SmolSarcasm
Halloween with fnafby SmolSarcasm
I decided to try this! So its halloween at freddy fazbears pizzeria and they were going to have a little friend with them for some fun. (Also they are human in here..) D...
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Foxianna's Randomness by HadesRules
Foxianna's Randomnessby HadesRules
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golden x spring (the best years) by discordcomeatmebro
golden x spring (the best years)by life to the fullest discord
spring is just moving back to his hometown where his mom and 3 brothers live he'll be attending the local highschool but what happens when the lone wolf mights the one p...
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fnaf oneshots by Septicplierforever
fnaf oneshotsby Septicplier for life Mark X J...
I decided to make a fnaf oneshots you guys can request and I'll take ocs but I won't do x reader
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You Are My Perfect Tune [] Human!Bonnie x Reader [] by KristieSaito
You Are My Perfect Tune [] Human! KristieSaito
Cayla was born as a half-human and half-animatronic. She could switch between her animatronic form (a white wolf with wolf ears and a tail) and her human form. She curre...
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useles stiches foxytrap by starfirexredx
useles stiches foxytrapby starfirexredx
foxy,toychica,chica,marriontte and bon bon are girls. foxy knows what its like to be hated .springtrap doesn't hes loved by all of his friends.foxys hated by all his fri...
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Long Nights by SUPERSweetbaby
Long Nightsby Kat( Or Crescent)
"I just don't get it why haven't they killed me yet?!" Mackenzie exclaimed Foxy won't stop coming down the hallway, I haven't closed the door but he just stan...
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Ally&Fnaf texting by colliegirl11
Ally&Fnaf textingby I CoME FoR yOuR sOuL
Ally, Foxy, Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, and Golden Freddy texting.
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I'm Only Human || FNaF Fanfiction by PoisonLover23
I'm Only Human || FNaF Fanfictionby PoisonLuvrr
I'm Only Human Written by: PoisonLover23 Genre: Fan Fiction, Action, adventure, horror, romance, humor 02.04.19 Unpublished work All Rights Reserved, Copyright © 2019 by...
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