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Falling In Love With A Flea (Shizaya. IzayaxShizou) by All_Anime_Otaku
Falling In Love With A Flea (Shiza...by CreativeCas
Izaya Orihara and Shizou Heiwajima have been fighting to the death ever since they first met. However, what happens when Izaya's deepest darkest secret somehow gets told...
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The Asterisk Van by arcticgrim
The Asterisk Vanby
blah blah blah, another Frusciante fiction
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90's Grunge Imagines by SaltyDogs
90's Grunge Imaginesby KrackheadEnergy
This is a book filled with RHCP, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Alice In Chains imagines. Sorry if i'm not posting. I will soon!!
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Take My Breath Away (Rhcp fanfic) PART ONE by Rocknrollchic
Take My Breath Away (Rhcp fanfic)...by Rocknrollchic
Just a simple story about a girl bumping into a rockstar at a party.
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Red Hot Chili Peppers Quotes by dark-necessities
Red Hot Chili Peppers Quotesby a v e
This is a book of quotes from the members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Does not include lyrics. Book 1 of my "Bands Quotes" series. Disclaimer: I have not sa...
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By The Way ☾A.K by thedxpths_
By The Way ☾A.Kby s̫o̫p̫h̫i̫e̫
{Contains adult content, abuse warning} Ellie Peabody had spent 7 years of her life working as a waitress at her family's restaurant. She thought she had found the love...
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Art Girl and Wolf Boy. We Sound Like a Bad Kid's TV Show. by hobbity0923
Art Girl and Wolf Boy. We Sound Li...by Gracie
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peace will follow // river phoenix fanfiction by grungelookingflower
peace will follow // river phoenix...by Maddie Phoenix
Nobody was prepared for Halloween day, 1993. But his heart didn't stop beating... Story starts off in 1978. ...
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Running Away Into You (John Frusciante Fanfic) by frusciantefiction
Running Away Into You (John Frusci...by Frusciante Fiction
Ever wonder what (or who) helped John Frusciante get back onto his feet after he got out of rehab? Ever wonder the impetus for him rejoining the band? Read on to discov...
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Learning To Love // River Phoenix by britishair
Learning To Love // River Phoenixby LittleSound
Anastasia Wilder vowed to herself that she would never love anyone. She simply didn't have the time, and she couldn't be bothered by such things. She was a stubborn gi...
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Beseech ~A Josh Klinghoffer Short Story~ by MaeveIsChili
Beseech ~A Josh Klinghoffer Short...by Maevery ❤
"I just want to be enough," Maeve began, "nothing kills me like the sound of your name." Josh looked down into Maeve's eyes. "How can you still...
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Every Breath You Take (Rhcp Fanfic) PART TWO OF TAKE MY BREATH AWAY by Rocknrollchic
Every Breath You Take (Rhcp Fanfic...by Rocknrollchic
"I never should have left. Where did it all go wrong?" "I-I don't know. I feel like we were already in the wrong." ~~~~~~~~~~ Just a simple story of...
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californication ☽ a.k  by zeppelinxfloyd
californication ☽ a.k by zeppelinxfloyd
"Hey Melody, where are you going?" My sister asked. "Away from the idiots." -------------------------------------------------- Melody Balzary, siste...
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I could've lied (John Frusciante FanFic) by RoczenChick94
I could've lied (John Frusciante F...by 🔪🖤🔪
Frances, also known as Frankie is hired as the Red Hot Chili Peppers assistant. She becomes instant friends with them all, with the exception of John, -who, according t...
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Nasty Girl (RHCP FANFIC) by Rocknrollchic
Nasty Girl (RHCP FANFIC)by Rocknrollchic
"Do you think I'm a nasty girl?" She mouthed, swaying her hips. "I know you are, nasty girl."
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Don't Forget Me by Grungeasshole
Don't Forget Meby Grungeasshole
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Around the World  by Kayliem122
Around the World by Kayliem122
It starts in 1989. It's about John Frusciante and a girl named, Katie. They are both aged 19 at the beginning of the story. They meet while RHCP is on tour. They fall in...
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THE BASSMEN by NoahIsTired
THE BASSMENby Noah Pezzy
"Did He Slap?"
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Funny songs by Wreater123
Funny songsby Batman
These are some funny songs I made up. They have no real meaning or anything, I just made them while I was bored. Tell me what you think :D Comment if you have an idea fo...
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The Fox and the Flea by xtina704
The Fox and the Fleaby Xtina
An incredibly human short tale about a little flea with a big heart, and an even bigger brain.
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