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The Phantom's Daughter by fayally1998
The Phantom's Daughterby fayally1998
Elise has grown up at the Opera Populaire, and while her friends fear the mysterious figure known only as the phantom of the opera, she is not afraid, for the phantom is...
(Raoul x Reader) [COMPLETE] by Punky_Bruiser83
(Raoul x Reader) [COMPLETE]by Punky Bruiser
I was watching The Phantom of The Opera the other night when I thought......"I should make a Raoul x Reader fanfic for wattpad!" And POOF here we are! I really...
Red Rose Thorn (Phantom Of The Opera) by GrapeJuice1011
Red Rose Thorn (Phantom Of The Ope...by Grapejuice101
Brie is a huge fan of The Phantom of the Opera,and when she falls through a mirror, she wakes up and finds out she's in the movie, she's Christine's sister, and her life...
Bankzitters sletje by vavini_02
Bankzitters sletjeby vavini_02
Sinds Eef een vriend heeft wordt ze gedwongen om samen met hem de bankzitters video's te kijken. Ze is geen mega fan, maar kan er soms wel om lachen. Als ze op een zat...
The Phantom Writer || Phantom Of The Opera Fanfiction || by The_Phantom_Writer
The Phantom Writer || Phantom Of T...by Ajla
There is no love for those who live in masks.. She the genius behind a gossip newspaper column, a thief, a liar - but most importantly, a chorus girl in the Opera Popula...
The O.G||Phantom of the Opera Fanfiction|| by TahiaHartman
The O.G||Phantom of the Opera Fanf...by Tahia Hartman
There are some things in this world that just can't be explained, like falling through a mirror, for example. Or ending up in your favorite movie because you fell throug...
All I Ask of You by christinedaaeherself
All I Ask of Youby Andi
A Phantom of the Opera fan falls into a world that she can partially recognize from her favorite movie. She has the chance to save the Phantom for his solitude. Will she...
Of Masks And Roses by SunflowerCandie
Of Masks And Rosesby SunflowerCandie
All I wanted was to have a fun night, go to the movies with my best friend, and nothing else. Nope. After an accident on the way home I get sucked into POTO. Now what? H...
A Second Chance in Love (Erik X OC) by Vigilante24
A Second Chance in Love (Erik X OC)by Vigilante24
The great fire, it cost Erik everything he ever knew. His house, his only love... everything. He roamed the streets for almost four years, staying hidden in the shadows...
Look with your Heart by randomwriter2007
Look with your Heartby Jade
After the Christine fiasco, Erik Destler, better known as the Phantom of the Opera, believes that he will never love again. However, when he takes to haunting the Opera...
The Fifth Cellar (Phantom of the Opera) by sarahlet2999
The Fifth Cellar (Phantom of the O...by A Fifth Cellar Occupant
Evangeline is a common ballerina at the Opera Populaire. she finds her way into the torture chamber of the Phantom of the Opera. She survives by some miracle and decides...
The Phantom's Melody (The Phantom of the Opera) by DCMHUniverse
The Phantom's Melody (The Phantom...by Geena
Everyone had heard rumors of the infamous Phantom of the Opera. But that's all they were. Rumors. That is, until the Opera Populaire's Prima Donna was terrorized by the...
Guardian Angel // The Phantom of the Opera // Book one by m_a_y_b_e_
Guardian Angel // The Phantom of t...by e s s e n c e
Katherina, a dancer fresh out of college, enters the famous world of Phantom of The Opera. She explores the catacombs and meets the man himself. Read to find out everyt...
Angel [ The Phantom of the Opera ] DISCONTINUED by daughterofdreaming
Angel [ The Phantom of the Opera ]...by ~𝙰𝙻𝙻𝙸𝙴~
Allie Daáe, younger sister to Christine Daáe, is a young girl who lives with her sister and friends in the Opera Populaire. Since she was a small child and had just arri...
A Monster in Paris (OC) by Al_TheRadioDemon
A Monster in Paris (OC)by Alastor The Radio Demon
Is this a fanfiction with a flea and an oc named Hana? Yes, yes it is. Hana is Lucille's twin sister but she has midnight blue eyes instead of forest green. You'll have...
Red Rose Nightmare (Phantom Of The Opera) by GrapeJuice1011
Red Rose Nightmare (Phantom Of The...by Grapejuice101
Sequel to RRT: It has been 2 years since Brie was in The Phantom of the Opera. She misses everyone, especially Erik. Her hopes of returning were slipping away, until a t...
Seal My Fate•Phantom of the Opera Fanfiction by -Ange-de-la-Musique-
Seal My Fate•Phantom of the Opera...by Luna
*OLD STORY* As a writer, Emma knows better than anyone that characters exist to suffer. Her motto has always been "Help the plot, hurt the characters." That ch...
The Time Traveling Adventure  by ThePhantom842
The Time Traveling Adventure by Kristina
What if you could go back in time or to the future? That is what Claudia and her friends do. They meet people they thought they would never meet! But, once you know some...
A New Love, A New Story [The Phantom of the Opera fanfic] by lunrue12
A New Love, A New Story [The Phant...by Leah Unrue
We all know the story of the Phantom. A man masquerading as a ghost, falling in love with a chorus girl. We also know how their story ends. The Phantom lets her go and s...