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Nasty Girl (RHCP FANFIC) by Rocknrollchic
Nasty Girl (RHCP FANFIC)by Rocknrollchic
"Do you think I'm a nasty girl?" She mouthed, swaying her hips. "I know you are, nasty girl."
90's Grunge Imagines by SaltyDogs
90's Grunge Imaginesby KrackheadEnergy
This is a book filled with RHCP, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Alice In Chains imagines. Sorry if i'm not posting. I will soon!!
The Asterisk Van by arcticgrim
The Asterisk Vanby
blah blah blah, another Frusciante fiction
Take My Breath Away (Rhcp fanfic) PART ONE by Rocknrollchic
Take My Breath Away (Rhcp fanfic) Rocknrollchic
Just a simple story about a girl bumping into a rockstar at a party.
angel. anthony kiedis, red hot chili peppers  by frubain
angel. anthony kiedis, red hot emmy
Wishing everything would just stop. I knew it was just a dream. Why couldn't I wake up? This happens every night. Reliving these terrible, terrible memories. I can't for...
Every Breath You Take (Rhcp Fanfic) PART TWO OF TAKE MY BREATH AWAY by Rocknrollchic
Every Breath You Take (Rhcp Rocknrollchic
"I never should have left. Where did it all go wrong?" "I-I don't know. I feel like we were already in the wrong." ~~~~~~~~~~ Just a simple story of...
A long, long time ago (+5 years) I started writing and publishing a John Frusciante Fanfic on tumblr. I really did enjoy writting a story about my favourite musician and...
RHCP fanfic links  by 90smagik
RHCP fanfic links by 90smagik
Links to RHCP fanfics on tumblr
Running Away Into You (John Frusciante Fanfic) by frusciantefiction
Running Away Into You (John Frusciante Fiction
Ever wonder what (or who) helped John Frusciante get back onto his feet after he got out of rehab? Ever wonder the impetus for him rejoining the band? Read on to discov...
Red Hot Chili Pepper Imagines! by MaeveIsChili
Red Hot Chili Pepper Imagines!by Maevery ❤
It's all in the title! Comment or inbox me with your idea and the band member of your choice!! I'll do the rest!
Red Hot Chili Peppers Quotes by dark-necessities
Red Hot Chili Peppers Quotesby a v e
This is a book of quotes from the members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Does not include lyrics. Book 1 of my "Bands Quotes" series. Disclaimer: I have not sa...
Book of aids and terrible band "imagines" by JoeTheHoeTrohman
Book of aids and terrible band " Frikintrash
It's currently 11:53 Pm March 11th 2019 and I'm bored so Imma use my zero brain cells to make y'all have more cancer. Lol bye. Yadah yadah the bands don't belong to me...
Semester Abroad by chartreusepenguin
Semester Abroadby chartreusepenguin
john frusciante fanfic set in 1999. about john and a girl named cassie who get to know each other during the recording of californication.
dani california ➸jf by hydeszeppelin
dani california ➸jfby nini ☽
❝She's a lover, baby and a fighter, should've seen it coming; when I got a little brighter, with a name like Dani California.❞
Becca's Book by A_Shadows_foREVer
Becca's Bookby Abigail
Just some one shots for my best pal Becca.
californication ☽ a.k  by zeppelinxfloyd
californication ☽ a.k by zeppelinxfloyd
"Hey Melody, where are you going?" My sister asked. "Away from the idiots." -------------------------------------------------- Melody Balzary, siste...
Tony Goes Sicko Mode by eeteeeetee
Tony Goes Sicko Modeby eeteeeetee
This one got very weird... It's fine though, 'Nobody Weird Like Me' "innit bruv"
porcelain {anthony kiedis} by _ridersonthestorm_
porcelain {anthony kiedis}by :)
anthony kiedis; aka; anthony -are you wasting away in your skin, are you missing the love of your kin, drifting and floating and fading away-
The urging by danielsslave
The urgingby bri
john frusciante smuts thats all lmao enjoy 🙄🤡