Hazel  by LeftDimple
Hazel by LeftDimple
  • love
  • erotic
  • friends
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Johnny Orlando Gay Sex Adventures (Dirty) - Book 1 by Gokingsgo12345
Johnny Orlando Gay Sex Logan Orlando
A story about Johnny Orlando and his friend, Noah. This is a story about the exploration of their sexuality. Book 2:
  • johnnyorlandogay
  • laurenorlando
  • bisexual
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Mistake (Coming soon) by QueenTea0825
Mistake (Coming soon)by Queen
When Skylar Rosedale, one of the most quietest girls in her school, gives her virginity away to one of the most popular guy at William High. Jackson Singer She ran away...
  • nerdgirl
  • first-time
  • shortstory
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Best Friend Brother  by TakeShots
Best Friend Brother by Clemence Dusabe
"You gone end up falling for me" I told him. "And you gonna realize that there's more to life than partying and sleeping around, and you gone hate me for...
  • first-time
  • college
  • love
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Clueless by _salacious
Cluelessby 𝓵𝓾𝓷𝓪 ♥ 𝓷𝓮𝓰𝓻𝓪
"He shit himself, Mom!" I hissed, running my fingers through my hair as I paced in front of the door, ready to rip my hair out. "I don't know what to do...
  • clueless
  • romance
  • first-time
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Johnny Orlando Gay Sex Adventures (Dirty) - Book 2 by Gokingsgo12345
Johnny Orlando Gay Sex Logan Orlando
The second book in the series. A story about Johnny and Noah's adventures into the world of adulthood. Book 1:
  • cock
  • mer
  • johnnyorlando
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Falling From Grace: Student-Teacher Forbidden Romance by noelcades
Falling From Grace: Noël Cades
★★★TOP 50 WATTPAD ROMANCE NOVEL★★★ He's her English teacher and her priest... what happens when they fall hopelessly in love? A sexy, forbidden, true love romance betwee...
  • school
  • romance
  • religion
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Touch Therapy by ephemeral_cica
Touch Therapyby Cica
Kaminari doesn't believe Bakugou is capable of being nice. Kirishima is set on proving him wrong.
  • bakugoukatsuki
  • anime
  • fallinginlove
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How To Love | Daniel Seavey AU by sweetdr3am
How To Love | Daniel Seavey AUby 🐝
❝don't fall in love it never ends well❞ ➳ a daughter of a failed marriage, witness to ruined relationship was given the wrong idea of what love is-in he...
  • wattys2018
  • philophobia
  • howtolove
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The Road to Recovery (Drarry) by ki_rivers
The Road to Recovery (Drarry)by K. I. Rivers
After the Battle of Hogwarts, all students were asked to return to repeat their year for a proper education, much unlike what they received the previous year with Death...
  • complete
  • fanfiction
  • harrypotter
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The Day We Met (Toshinori Yagi/All Might x OC) by Shimeihikari
The Day We Met (Toshinori Yagi/ Shimeihikari
She met him during in his most unlikable state. For the very first time in his life, Toshinori Yagi finally felt the essence of care and kindness from someone. Ever sinc...
  • comfort
  • drama
  • toshinoriyagi
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Seven More Than I Needed by Nadiaper64
Seven More Than I Neededby Miss-Chu
{ON HOLD} Olivia, a 16 year old girl has been living with her father her whole life. They never really had many major ups or downs but her father's decision to remarry w...
  • love
  • jealous
  • complicated
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Asha! | Dave East  by ChrisNAugKillinMe
Asha! | Dave East by ChrisNAugKillinMe
Wanting better for herself and her future, A'shadieeyah (Asha)'s mother, Amala got out of the country that she was raised in, Iraq. She found a way to get to the states...
  • muslim
  • daveeast
  • muslimwoman
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Sex with the Bad Boy by wonderstruck_rose
Sex with the Bad Boyby Rose
Parker has learned one thing in her small time going to a Catholic school... NO SEX UNTIL MARRIAGE Despite having boyfriends in the past, she's been able to stick with t...
  • badboy
  • boy
  • bad
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You don't know the real me.. by Creamy_Marshmello
You don't know the real Creamy_Boi
A group of people decide to spend their summer in a cabin that happened to be in a forest where a wild predator would feast. They thought they were extinct till she was...
  • randombullshit
  • first-time
  • toolazytododis
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Various female x male reader(NO REQUEST) by zafry54321
Various female x male reader(NO zafry54321
My first time writting a story so if its horible,please forgive me cause im just a human
  • tatenashi
  • asuna
  • rwby
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Man of the Match: hot celebrity romance (FULL NOVEL) by noelcades
Man of the Match: hot celebrity Noël Cades
A shy student falls for a famous sports player... can their forbidden love survive? BASED ON A TRUE STORY! University student Cara thinks her happiness is over when she...
  • romance
  • pregnancy
  • sports
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Between Sea and Sky by AAThanatos
Between Sea and Skyby AAThanatos
Percy Jackson was left broken hearted by the cheating Annabeth! Jason Grace comes back in town to heal his broken heart... with sex. Trigger warnings -violence and rape...
  • nico
  • annabeth
  • kiss
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//No Choice// Illumi X Reader by Yino_Zaki
//No Choice// Illumi X Readerby YinoZaki
You (y/n) (l/n), are a murderer. You kill, kidnap and even torture people if come to it.Your whole family does it and is not good terms with the Zoldlyk family but that...
  • fanfiction
  • firststory
  • readerxcharacter
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All by Lucille_Dixon
Allby Lucille Dixon
All [adverb]; completely, without exception. When 18-year-old Abi meets Noah, a moody but disarming musician, she soon discovers the tattoos that mark his skin are hidin...
  • firstloves
  • mature
  • london
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