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The unusual two {dadzawa } *Book 1 & 2* by briwalk07
The unusual two {dadzawa } *Book 1...by Youtube bri
The villians are invading the camp but the pros and the students where losing the fight until 2 boys with green hair and purple hair came to help,what happens next? I ch...
Rock Prodigy by jules130
Rock Prodigyby Julia
Delinquent, Reject, Prodigy. Orphaned Rosemary Adams manages to find a family only to be tossed aside when she's wrongly accused of vandalism. She's sent to a boarding...
"It's not that bad.."- A Dreamsmp story - Festival - Mcyt | Tubbo Tommy and more by ThatIsSoCANNON
"It's not that bad.."- A Dreamsmp...by Alex
After the festival Tubbo is basically traumatized and starts having nightmares. TW! Also this is probably gonna be just a bunch of random stuff lmao ⚠️Art is not mine...
Waiting for my mate by Veikari
Waiting for my mateby Veikari
Fraxus story. Laxus is waiting for Freed to return from a mission, but Freed has no idea what is waiting for him when he would return. Dragon mating season has started a...
Late For My 105 Year Old Mate (Discontinued) by DeeDe_CoCo
Late For My 105 Year Old Mate (Dis...by Delia
Alpha Phoenix Scar is the toughest Werewolf/Alpha in the country and had just found his "mate" after waiting for 105 years. As a celebration he decided to hold...
Stuck In Place || Jaeyong by jaerontaemo
Stuck In Place || Jaeyongby 𝘒𝘳𝘺𝘴
Taeyong recently moved to a new town with his mother and saw a festival was happening nearby. Jaehyun on the otherhand was on a date with his girlfriend. They were both...
Home is where the heart is #YourStoryIndia by IamSilver98
Home is where the heart is #YourSt...by Anushka
Maina is the typical ambitious career-focused girl. She hasn't been home in three years. Running after success in the cold and ruthless corporate world somewhere she has...
The Aftermath of a Kidnapping by tubbathy
The Aftermath of a Kidnappingby tubbathy
Tommyinnit is on a walk to meet Tubbo one day when Dream kidnaps him. Will he be able to escape safe and sound or will there be consequences? *Tommy is the traitor AU*
#whoispoly by EmelineClover
#whoispolyby EmelineClover
On her 22nd birthday and fresh out of college Palila Blake makes the decision to leave her hometown in paradise and make the leap east to Los Angeles, California. By a s...
Class 1-B's Ace by Trishula97
Class 1-B's Aceby Connor Wilken
A My Hero Academia fan-made story, a look into what I would imagine class 1-B is like on a daily basis and their interactions with class 1-A , as well as events that tak...
Sun ( HinaYachi) by namjoonownsmyass
Sun ( HinaYachi)by namjoonownsmyass
HinaYachi!!! (lol I still ship KageHina tho)
Obon Festival [Genos x Reader] by alwaysgreen5550
Obon Festival [Genos x Reader]by Hannah The Human
There aren't enough Genos x reader fanfics. BUT TOGETHER WE CAN UNITE OUR LOVE FOR THIS TOASTER TOGETHER IN THE NAME OF FANFICTION ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧ So I humbly offer up my...
Your Hand in Mine ((TOGATA X MIDORIYA X OC)) by chloeellings
Your Hand in Mine ((TOGATA X MIDOR...by 📖
[Book 2 of Midoriya Izuku x OC Series] [Togata x OC] - Primarily After suffering through grueling tests and the loneliness that came with abiding by her social worker's...
Ink and Neon by DigiScript
Ink and Neonby ~ DIGI ~
Welcome to Paris, the city of light, a place full of tourists and culture. Speaking of tourists, an American photographer by the name of Blake Crest arrives in Paris to...
My Life In Ruins by writeon27
My Life In Ruinsby Ansley
Passport? Check. A book of maps of every country in the world? Check. Backpack and small suitcase that contains everything I possess? Check. The world best, internati...
Surrounded By Werewolves... by illuminacity
Surrounded By Werewolves...by illuminacity
Angel is someone who's known of as a 'Goth' by those who hardly know her. She doesn't care and instead chooses to live by her own rules. But, what happens when she meets...
*~{Wilted Roses}~* skephalo AU by Pastelocket
*~{Wilted Roses}~* skephalo AUby NatureGirlMC
(this is a ship AU of badboyhalo and skeppy so if you don't like that then please leave now!!) Zak had worked at a boring office job for quite a long time, he wants to g...
aftermath by kaspbrakluver
aftermathby alexis :]
After Wilbur blows up L'manberg at the Dream SMP festival, what will be in store for the broken nation that's in complete shambles and the survivors that emerge from the...
The Festival - Alternate Ending by EmilyRudge1
The Festival - Alternate Endingby EmilyInnit_
What would have happened if Wilbur blew up Manburg at the festival? How would the story change? Drug(s) = Potion(s) Please be aware that I have changed a few things (mem...
The Island Of Freedom[on hold] by OutOfMyImagination
The Island Of Freedom[on hold]by Gintė
Three days, two people, and one shared love for the music... Evi and Thomas connected on Twitter a year ago. Daily chats and phone calls felt not enough. Living in diffe...