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Supernatural Imagines (Requests Are Open!) by Wayward_Stark
Supernatural Imagines (Requests Ar...by SteebnBucket
What the title says. Includes the characters and actors of Supernatural. As usual, I don't own anything from the show and I am fully aware that the actors all have their...
Si Charlie Bradbury no hubiera muerto [Supernatural] by michuuss
Si Charlie Bradbury no hubiera mue...by mich(elle)🥀
Cosas que podrían haber pasado si Charlie no hubiera muerto. // © michuuss, 2016. // •It's time to say good bye #1. •Portada por: @GENOCIDES
You're Never Weird On The Internet (Almost) [sampler] by FeliciaDay
You're Never Weird On The Internet...by Felicia Day
From online entertainment pioneer, actress, and “queen of the geeks” Felicia Day, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) is a funny, quirky, and inspiring memoir ab...
Supernatural Preferences/Imagines/One Shots by lol-its-ashton
Supernatural Preferences/Imagines...by ashton
Requests Open Now I do anything (no Sastiel i do not ship it) Destiel Sabriel Maybe a little Wincest (Not my fav ship) Dean/Jensen x Reader Sam/Jared x Reader Cas/Misha...
Not A French Mistake After All by RebeccaGarcia0
Not A French Mistake After Allby Gatito Zombie
"Imagine being friends with Jared, Jensen, Misha and the rest of the SPN cast. Now imagine a demons is after you, and Sam and Dean go to the rescue. J2 and the WInc...
101 Pilot by lifeasandie
101 Pilotby lifeasandie
This is where the story begins. The story of Sam and Dean. Sam is at college studying to become a lawyer, when he is awakened in the middle of the night by his older bro...
Learning About Ships by AddyAttacks
Learning About Shipsby Al
So my sister is doing this thing where people send her a ship and she rates it, so I thought I would do something similar to that. So my idea is basically send me a ship...
Everybody is Shipped with Everybody by chels_badass
Everybody is Shipped with Everybodyby Chelsea
I ship myself and my friend each with somebody but the other ships are all character ships.
Bradbury Sisters by LeilaniMichener
Bradbury Sistersby Leilani Michener
Bradbury Sisters This is a story about Charlie Bradbury and her long lost sister. You are of course her sister. Your first name will be your first name but your last i...
Supernatural x Reader Fanfiction by Majka1
Supernatural x Reader Fanfictionby Maja
Supernatural fanfiction. Supernatural x Reader. Because this fandom now takes up 90% of my life.
Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog, Soundtrack! by RedHeadedTyrant
Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog...by CriticalRoleObsessedNerd
A nice place where you can get all your lyric needs for Doctor Horrible's sing along blog. None of this is my work, I do not claim these songs.
Supernatural Cast Photos Yearbook! by SPNLover19
Supernatural Cast Photos Yearbook!by Tessa The Archangel
"Carry On My Wayward Son There'll Be Peace When You Are Done Lay Your Weary Head To Rest Don't You Cry No More!"
Flower For You (Sabriel) by albuquerque-story
Flower For You (Sabriel)by me
In this flower shop au, Sam Winchester storms into a random flower shop one day and accidentally stumbles upon an angel. (Cover is not mine, full credit to the artist wh...
Twenty Twelve  by PiperBrown254
Twenty Twelve by Moose Winchester
Maybe I'll stay right here Maybe I'll keep this mind Maybe I'll live in this moment forever Maybe I'll speak to you Maybe I'll walk this line Maybe I'll adjust to adjust...
The Last Adventure by avatarkuzon
The Last Adventureby Jimmy Casket
Welcome to my first fanfiction ever on Wattpad. This story is a rather interesting combination, it has taken several stories, video games, and real life people(Youtubers...
Charlie Bradbury: Redhead Next Door by kittensoph
Charlie Bradbury: Redhead Next Doorby Sophia Mothersole
Charlie Bradbury is new in town - no friends, parents who are hardly ever around; just her dog, Hermione. She's moved to Kansas to start a new life. To forget about all...
Inspirational Quotes by CanYouBelieveThatI
Inspirational Quotesby EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED
Positive and inspirational quotes about love, life, heroes, dreams, success, family... I will try to update one quote per day :)
Something Unexpected [Beatles Oneshot] by beatle_mania
Something Unexpected [Beatles Ones...by Jo-Jo
My entry for the Wattpad Oneshot contest!!! --- Being attracted to the same sex was frowned upon in Liverpool 1962. That doesn't stop Michelle Barr, a girl who didn't as...
Spaceship Earth by Desi-sensei
Spaceship Earthby Destinee
(Destiel AU) After WW4 the Earth was a wasteland that no life could inhabit. But when one of the spaceships containing a portion of the remaining humans and animal speci...