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Cigarette Burns // FP Jones by jojisdad
Cigarette Burns // FP Jonesby jojisdad
'Smiling, I put the smoke between my lips, cupping the cigarette in my hands as it lit, ready to burn a hole into my youthful lungs. The taste, the exhilarating feeling...
Riverdale gif imagines by nicole777771
Riverdale gif imaginesby nicole777771
anyone you want requests are open
The Forbidden Girl by BrooklynHats
The Forbidden Girlby Rose
She was a girl that was forbidden but that just made him want her more.
VIPER • the serpent princess  by everythingsuck_s
VIPER • the serpent princess by everythingsuck_s
Just released from Juvie, Casey returns back to the Southside with her best friends Sweet Pea, Toni Topaz and Fangs Fogarty; the four having been inseparable since they...
DreamFalice One shots  by DreamFalice
DreamFalice One shots by DreamFalice
These are just a few ideas and storylines I have come up with and wanted to share. I hope you enjoy reading this. 🤞 This is my first fanfic and I'm excited about it. 😁...
Serpent Queen •>> FP Jones Fanfic by Slytherin_Serpent
Serpent Queen •>> FP Jones Fanficby Slytherin_Serpent
"I'm not some lost princess you need to save. I don't need saving. I'm a motherfucking queen and I've got this shit handled. All by myself." - she said, as she...
Riverdale Preferences  by xxkloiexxx
Riverdale Preferences by Crescent
Have you ever wondered what your life would be like in Riverdale? Trying to solve the mysteries. Would you be able to? What if you found someone? What if they liked you...
FP Jones Imagines by Ziehmer28
FP Jones Imaginesby Ava Stark
Imagines and a few other things for Riverdale's FP Jones. In my book he'll be 32. Note: I do take request but if I don't have enough idea for it then I may not wrote it...
Deaf And In Love by BrooklynHats
Deaf And In Loveby Rose
She was Deaf and he didn't care he still loved her.
Leather jackets and wandering thoughts - FP JONES by Mlissax
Leather jackets and wandering thou...by Mlissax
Riverdale was a town with pep some said. For me Riverdale was even more. My arrival in Riverdale was an accident. Even my stay in Riverdale was an accident. But everyt...
Riverdale Mafia princess (REWRITTEN) by Darlingangel200
Riverdale Mafia princess (REWRITTE...by Dela Angel Delano
For Sophie Angela Salvatore her life is perfect well in account her father being top dog leader of a Mafia gang he always treats her right and wants a new chapter so his...
Then And Now by trindisney
Then And Nowby Trinity Strong
It all happened one night when Betty Copper went to a party and 9 months later she had her baby Juliet. What happens when she decides to go back to school will people b...
Isnt she Andrews Sister ?  by serpentgirl22
Isnt she Andrews Sister ? by southsidesnake
A certain red headed boys sister finds herself amongst the snake pit .
Riverdale Imagines ( Requests Closed) by TashaAmy1803
Riverdale Imagines ( Requests Clos...by Таshа Амеlia
Reggie Archie Jughead Sweet Pea FP Jason Maybe even some Fred and Kevin
The little copper by nicole777771
The little copperby nicole777771
the daughter of Alice copper and the twin sister of betty falls for the king of the serpents
Im a snake... by serpentgirl22
Im a snake...by southsidesnake
A young serpent called Rosie seems to catch a few peoples eyes in Riverdale .
Down by the River (riverdale fan fiction)(under edit) by HiddenSyn
Down by the River (riverdale fan f...by HiddenSyn
Malaya Jones the girl who has her daddy big bad serpent king wrapped around her finger. She the one who stuck by his side when her mom, little sister, and twin brother d...
My Girl/ Fangs Fogarty Instagram Story by Lou_L6
My Girl/ Fangs Fogarty Instagram S...by Lou
Started: 26/05/2020 Finished: ----------- A story where a good girl meets a bad boy!
The Other Serpent  - Book 2 (Riverdale Season 2) by IridianSwift
The Other Serpent - Book 2 (River...by Iridian Swift
Aminity Jones, sister of Jughead Jones, has had a crazy year with her father being arrested, solving a murder, and getting invited to become a Southside Serpent. As her...
eighteen • fp jones  by toxic_lemons
eighteen • fp jones by Alicia
in which Vladimir Nabokov's novel is left behind in a diner by a pretty girl with an affinity for strawberry milkshakes and older men [age gap]