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Friends with benefits  by chonipony
Friends with benefits by chonipony
Just read looool #4 in Choni - 6th sept
Riverdale group Chat  by whhy_tho
Riverdale group Chat by whhy_tho
This is a Choni story Aka Bonnie and Claire😉
Choni story by JVR996
Choni storyby JV
Cheryl and Veronica are Roommates and Best friends living in new york. Veronica gets a job as a bartender and Toni is her boss. i don't proof read so if it doesn't make...
Detention [RIVERDALE] by Strangerlove353
Detention [RIVERDALE]by offline
Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, Cheryl Blossom, Kevin Keller, Josie McCoy and Toni Topaz keep somehow getting detention together. Bughead Va...
Dream Boy - Choni by jakevkofficial
Dream Boy - Choniby jakevkofficial
A transgender guy . A someone who no one knew about to come back in Riverdale . A someone who once was there , but almost everyone forgot about him/her . A trasngender...
Twilight, but make it ✨CHONI✨ by Stxrships_Chxni
Twilight, but make it ✨CHONI✨by Lettuce 🤙🏼
Basically Twilight but a little different ;) [COMPLETED]
What did I do to deserve this? by choni_x100
What did I do to deserve this?by val_x100
The best friend and the boyfriend . The ultimate scandal. Best friend betrayal and hidden feelings.
Knight In Shining Leather by AlicateReddo
Knight In Shining Leatherby AlicateReddo
The Northside Princess has a hard time opening up and letting her walls down, especially to a certain Queen of the Buskers. When Cheryl gets in serious trouble and her...
My sensational Teacher by 22Csotomayor12
My sensational Teacherby You a sexy bitch🥵😏
Toni Topaz has it ruff,she is 18 and bisexual.She is abused by her uncle and both of her parents were murdered. She is also in a gang called the South Side Serpents. And...
when the party's over- Choni Story by thecwlover
when the party's over- Choni Storyby thecwlover
Cheryl and Toni both meet at a party both of them really didn't want to go to. Turns out when the party's over, they get closer and closer.
Off Camera by toniTOPaztoni
Off Cameraby your dad;)
This is the story of what goes down when madelaine and vanessa aren't Toni and Cheryl highest rankings!: #2 in #vanessamorgan, #1 in #madnessa, #1 in #vanessamorgan, #...
Distance - A Choni Story by H0sies
Distance - A Choni Storyby Hosie
**COMPLETED** Two girls become friends online. Join Cheryl and Toni on their online journey. Come read this light-hearted and fun Choni fic! Feel free to check out my ot...
To All My Crushes by no_one_over_here
To All My Crushesby no_one_over_here
Thinking: should I add one now or later...naaah it's ok it'll wait Anyway, I hope you remember to all the boys i've loved before, and if you do and I just embarrassed my...
Cheryl's College Survival Guide by onthegayshit
Cheryl's College Survival Guideby Tammy
Cheryl has always dreamed of going to NYU with her high school boyfriend Reggie. But when Reggie gets recruited to Ohio State everything changes. Instead of getting an a...
I'm in love with a gangster  by addiecakes357
I'm in love with a gangster by addiecakes357
Toni topaz is the multi billionaire badass that lives and rules the south side .Toni is the leader of the serpents and the south side bandits.Toni is 6"3...
A whole new world by sunflowerinjuly
A whole new worldby sunny
Life changes within a blink. We don't even realize the consequences of time passing. After seven years the former core-four has to face their past mistakes and reunite a...
Unexpected Love//Choni fanfic  by BottomshellTopaz
Unexpected Love//Choni fanfic by Nvclearsau
Still working on what to write, just read ;) [highest rank #2 in cherylxtoni] currently still writing.
enigma / bughead by buggiesheart
enigma / bugheadby buggiesheart
a new mystery lurks in the shadows of the town of riverdale, and cheerleader betty cooper is on the case. when football player jughead jones joins her on the case, a ser...
School Cliché - Choni by jakevkofficial
School Cliché - Choniby jakevkofficial
What if choni isn't gay couple and Toni is a boy who has few stitches on his heart from his childhood . Will this end up well ? Ranked number 1 #choni [COMPLETED]