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Riverdale group Chat  by whhy_tho
Riverdale group Chat by whhy_tho
This is a Choni story Aka Bonnie and Claire😉
INSIDE RIVERDALE  by choniblaze
INSIDE RIVERDALE by choniblaze
Inside the kids of Riverdale's text messages and social medias.
Worst of You | Choni by multiwritez
Worst of You | Choniby multiwritez
Toni Topaz. Riverdale's baddest serpent girl. Openly gay and a reputation of a player, and she's damn sure proud of it. She doesn't care and doesn't love. The only thing...
Riverdale socials by choni__madnessa__
Riverdale socialsby choni__madnessa__
The riverdale groupchats, insta ect. Best rankings #1 in Choni #1 in Topaz #1 in beronica #2 in ToniTopaz #2 in Cheryl
Instagram // Choni by notallthelovehurts
Instagram // Choniby notallthelovehurts
©notallthelovehurts 2019.
Sick of losing soulmates (Cheryl Blossom & Toni Topaz) by blossomserpent
Sick of losing soulmates (Cheryl emma
"Toni looks at her - like, really looks at her - long and hard and then she nods as if she understands, as if all of Cheryl's secrets are written all over her face...
in love with a gangster [Choni Au] by lgbt_izzy
in love with a gangster [Choni Au]by ✨
Cheryl is coming to the last year of high school and she has yet to find something that gives her that buzz in life. She is one of the top students and has always lived...
Whispers of my soul | CHONI |  by RainAndThunderstorms
Whispers of my soul | CHONI | by Natalie🖤
After Baileys comet hit Cheryl wakes up in a bed that's not her own, something is off and it's the last thing in the world she expected to happen.
Complicated by chonidalee
Complicatedby Choni Stories
Toni is utterly in love with the only one, Cheryl Blossom... But what about Cheryl? There's also smut, lol English is not my mother tongue , so please be kind with me S...
This Isn't Me. by AcaTitanium94
This Isn't R.
Cheryl is married to an old man who has a fortune. He died in hospital after a health bid. The redhead seems to have been suffering from her husband. After his death, sh...
Start Again | Choni by jade_sk15
Start Again | Choniby Saff
|CHONI| Cheryl Blossom is a shy girl with a troubled past, who returns to Riverdale after years of being hidden away at the SISTERS OF QUIET MERCY. With glasses and brac...
I Loved You | CHONI | by RainAndThunderstorms
I Loved You | CHONI |by Natalie🖤
Cheryl and Toni's marriage is failing and the brunette does something she regrets. Can the couple work things out? This story is mature and isn't a straight forward love...
DOMINATED by thatunknownkid321
DOMINATEDby choni🌈
Okay so Cheryl meets Toni, the big bad and dangerous gang leader. Blah blah blah blah (READ AT UR OWN RISK)💀
Will you stay? [Discontinued] by DaddyBlossom
Will you stay? [Discontinued]by I_aM_tHe_DeFiNiTiOn_oF_GAY
Cheryl and Toni broke up a 3 years ago after graduation. Now in the present. Cheryl Marjorie Blossom is one of the most famous models in all of the states. While Antoine...
𝑴𝒚 𝑻𝒓𝒖𝒆 𝑳𝒐𝒗𝒆 | Season 1 by qtchoni
𝑴𝒚 𝑻𝒓𝒖𝒆 𝑳𝒐𝒗𝒆 | Season 1by qtchoni☾
A normal teenager labeled as the HBIC rich bitch named Cheryl Blossom lives in a normal small town called Riverdale. New kids from the south side arrive at their school...
Temporary Pleasure | Choni Smuts by NO_USER79
Temporary Pleasure | Choni Smutsby ♡Choniofcc♡
SMUT.. That's all I gotta say, Smut, smut, smut smut, smut. READ AT YOUR OWN COST.
riverdale imagines🌸 by riverdale_feed
riverdale imagines🌸by ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
collection of riverdale ships, x readers, cast ships and cast x readers smut and fluff included! leave suggestions! (F) beside fluff (S) beside smut NOT WRITTEN BY ME
A Secret - Choni by thetopaz_
A Secret - Choniby thetopaz_
Cheryl and Toni meet on a dating app and begin to text a lot. Since Toni was anonymous, Cheryl had no idea when she met her in person that the 'serpent scum' was the one...
enemies to lovers-a choni story by zaddyt0paz
enemies to lovers-a choni storyby Zaddy topaz;)
toni is 17 years of age and is intersex. she is the star leader of the basketball team (shes a badass and wont stand down for anyone) she is also openly gay and single c...