It started with a text - {Choni} by Choniobvi
It started with a text - {Choni}by Choniobvi
One pink haired serpents life is slowly falling to pieces. One red heads life is only beginning. She fixed all the serpents problems, starting with a simple "hey&qu...
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Riverdale groupchat ❤️ by asia_telfer
Riverdale groupchat ❤️by Riverxvixen
Hey guys this is a riverdale group chat fanfic . Hope you like it ????????
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Riverdale's Gays - Group Chat by bitchwithmanyfandoms
Riverdale's Gays - Group Chatby Lern Jergi
Just a groupchat between Cheryl, Toni, Veronica, Josie and Betty. (+ others) This was #1 on choni at some point
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texts from riverdale by choni_riverdale
texts from riverdaleby ❤️I
~~highest ranking: #5 in choni !! ~~ Just a ton of random texts starting from the end of episode 2x14 Also some irl chapters Ps there'll be mostly Choni in this cuz they...
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Summer Secrets (Choni) by lgbtchoni
Summer Secrets (Choni)by jimslim
Summer Secrets-what happens at Camp, stays at Camp
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Knight In Shining Leather by AlicateReddo
Knight In Shining Leatherby AlicateReddo
The Northside Princess has a hard time opening up and letting her walls down, especially to a certain Queen of the Buskers. When Cheryl gets in serious trouble and her...
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Bombshell by MxEdits
Bombshellby MxEdits
"She's everything you'll never be able to have! Face it, Toni, she's not worth your time!" "She's worth everything to me."
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RIVERDALE TEXT GROUPCHAT by sarah_swedberg17
This is a groupchat between all the people on riverdale! *i do not own riverdale or the characters*
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Choni Fanfic- One Love by Burnt_Toast256
Choni Fanfic- One Loveby Burnt_Toast256
I suck at bios but I'm sure you know what the book is about.
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Detention [RIVERDALE] by Strangerlove353
Detention [RIVERDALE]by I'm literal trash.
Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, Cheryl Blossom, Kevin Keller, Josie McCoy and Toni Topaz keep somehow getting detention together. Bughead Va...
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From Different Worlds | Choni by Sweetlily100
From Different Worlds | Choniby »Lily«
Cheryl Blossom is the shy, nerdy girl at Riverdale high. She doesn't really have friends other than her cousins and her brother. That's until Toni Topaz, Riverdale high'...
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Worst of You | Choni by multiwritez
Worst of You | Choniby multiwritez
Toni Topaz. Riverdale's baddest serpent girl. Openly gay and a reputation of a player, and she's damn proud of it. She doesn't care and doesn't love. The only thing she...
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The Quarterback and The Cheerleader by MxEdits
The Quarterback and The Cheerleaderby MxEdits
"Hey! Watch where you're going." Cheryl groaned "Sorry, I'm gonna be late for football practice." "Football practice?" "Yeah I've bee...
  • serpent
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Off Camera 《Madnessa》 by riverdale_14
Off Camera 《Madnessa》by riverdale_14
vanessa and Madeleine become best friends because of the new hit TV show Riverdale. come to find out riverdale wants them to become girlfriends on the show... you'll ha...
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Sex slave (choni) by trangendersnake
Sex slave (choni)by trangendersnake
Sex Slave Toni sex crave Cheryl(choni) ⚠️ Toni G!p
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The quiet kid: (choni) by Raven666444
The quiet kid: (choni)by Chonibitch12
Toni Topaz: the quiet kid at the back of the class. Has been in and out of foster homes and has a huge secret. What is it and will it get out? Cheryl Blossom: the girl n...
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Just what I Crave by lidiap1
Just what I Craveby TOPaz
A pink hair serpent lost a bet and had to go to church. As she's about to leave church she sees a certain red head laughing and the pink hair stays to admire the beautif...
  • veronica
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  • toni
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Choni's Evolution by chonixserpents
Choni's Evolutionby chonixserpents
The evolution of Riverdales best ship.🍒🐍❤️
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Riverdale Texts by Mella1523
Riverdale Textsby ♥ Mella1523 ♥
Bughead, Choni, Varchie... possible Veggie...? Drama is in the air for the couples, but texting keeps the tension going. Read more to find out. Accomplishments: #5 in...
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Something about you by ChoniKiss123
Something about youby ChoniKiss123
Cheryl Blossom has never had anyone to love her, except her brother Jason, but after his death she's left alone in an abusive household. Nobody dares defy her because o...
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